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"Seth Rich was Murdered by Alpha Jalloh"

Who actually executes the dirty deeds of the white-collar criminals at the very apex of our government? How does the head of FBI, for instance, get rid of a person who's inconvenient to the ascent of their chosen presidential candidate?

The journalist George Webb says that FBI's Andrew McCabe let Nigerian Alpha  Mohammed Jalloh out of prison despite a history of serious crimes: instead of the projected twenty-year prison sentence, he alone was released after being arrested with twenty other people for carjacking. The release after only a few months was the first hint that twenty-seven year old Alpha Jalloh was coerced into being an FBI operative.

[Dept.Justice Loretta Lynch had the power to release Alpha Jalloh for Seth Rich's Set Up]

[Alpha Jalloh directly linked to Operation Cassandra]

Two miles from the murder, FBI reported weapons stolen a couple hours before Seth Rich was shot. Were the bullets FBI? Was that theft a cover-up? Forensic ballistics are still a secret.

[ Also a secret, even from the family's detective: the autopsy report ]

[ New Report Suggests Seth Rich “Hired Killer”]

Webb linked Jalloh to the infamous Awan Brothers via their profusion of car dealerships.
Alpha Jalloh's Hidden Identity

Profits from fencing the stolen cars apparently flowed through Jalloh's hands into terrorist channels. Because assassins like him target their diplomats, Russian intelligence had been monitoring Jalloh. Russians intercepted an email from DNC henchman Bob Creamer (or his associate) to Jalloh, and, in their report of July 2016, warned the State Department that a hit was put out on a DNC staffer for "that Sunday."

On June 17, the reporting officials were forced to leave the country on false pretenses that eventually ballooned into the #BlameRussia hoax. Obama expelled 35 more Russian diplomats and impounded their real estate "for trying to do our national security for us."

On tips from Israeli, French, Dutch, Serbian, Czech and Russian state intelligence agents, Webb unraveled the system of corruption that almost barreled Hillary Clinton back into the White House. Seth Rich became an obstruction to her when -- in his enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders that at least thirteen million of us shared -- he apparently leaked information that proved Sanders donors were being cheated of democracy and at least $228 Million.

A Clinton campaign staffer was murdered the day after Seth Rich, to no fanfare. Seth Rich's death on the other hand immediately raised suspicion. Who else but Hillary is dogged by a reputation for the "Clinton Body Count"? Someone like her who is comfortable with murder is an invaluable asset to the deep state. Did she also okay the murder of two of Seth's killers? That campaign aide of hers was apparently a member of the MS13 gang and is now dead along with a cohort: Alpha Jalloh is a suspect in that triple-murder spree. Who may have hired Jalloh for the assassinations? Was it DNC favorite Debbie Wasserman Schultz's sidekick Imran Awan?

The stolen cars were often put into freight containers and shipped to West Africa. Who helped Alpha Jalloh get through customs? Did he or his helpers use diplomatic passports?

A favorite tactic of the Deep State (CIA and their depraved billionaire masterminds) is to convince operatives that they're of royal descent. So Alpha Jalloh may believe he's on his way to receive not just seventy-two virgins but -- first -- a goverment position in his native Nigeria, if he just keeps committing crimes for them.

It wasn't until the "Awan brothers" scandal unfolded that we suspected Hillary Clinton was complicit in the Deep State's treason. Her intimates have all the mechanisms in place to funnel not just dirty cash but state secrets wherever they like, including to pernicious elements in Israel's spy agency Mossad.

Who ARE Anthony Weiner's "trusted staff"?
George Webb says he was an asset for Dutch intelligence and a courier for Wikileaks. He knew that good-intentioned agents within Mossad were helping orchestrate his exposé of the Bush/Clinton crime cabal. Webb felt Mossad protection was his best option to prevent being killed by FBI like Seth Rich.

Right now Webb could be seeking sanctuary in the Russian Consulate as he believes former Clinton-Foundation CEO Eric Braverman did... but instead he just went for an interview with Infowars' Jerome Corsi. He also asks Alpha Jalloh to come out of hiding for an interview if he happens to be innocent.

Jalloh was caught in a shooting in DC on July 12, 2016; his identity was confused and his name was changed, perhaps intentionally, in mainstream fake news. Jalloh disappeared from US record searches of those charged with and/or convicted of crimes despite being in that shoot-out with DC police that caused a lockdown.

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Alpha Jalloh courtroom sketch

[Weird $400K Lawsuit by an Alpha Jalloh car dealer in Africa] 
VIDEO: George Webb breaks down the assassination of Seth Rich

Updated Video on Alpha Jalloh's Identities

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HA Goodman attacked George Webb for making a mistake.