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"I never betrayed anyone" about "Seth Rich Files"

Defango doxxed Daniel P. Vezina

"I never revealed Rabbit's identity to anyone!" Trish the Dish is still under fire and defamed by trolls for being the courier of the "Seth Files."

Trish says she got the Seth files from someone codenamed "White Rabbit". That weekend was a "nuclear meltdown like nothing I'd ever experienced."

I'd seen her perched on a stool in live streams and thought of her as a trembling marsh harrier. I mentioned to her over the phone that I don't want our enemies to see our fear but... can I put on the record that she was scared? "I was and am terrified. But I don't care if they know. I will not stop. I'd rather die early... than regret if didn't do all I can. I just want to end the corruption destroying our planet."

Trish knows that police and FBI aren't tackling Seth Rich's murder investigation, and she's unwilling to sit by while intelligence "agencies keep raging out of control." George Webb's video journalism has given many citizens like us a channel to respond patriotically to a government run amok.

Patricia #Trish the Dish" Negron
We're defamed for our involvement with the project. Some folks vilify George Webb because he got tips from a French agent in Israel's Mossad. More on that later.

The opportunity to get the files "happened fast!" Trish promised not to mention whence she heard about them, so she didn't even inform George Webb that she knew the name of the woman whose message had alerted her.

"White Rabbit" said he's not an insider. Supposedly Rabbit had downloaded the files from Guccifer 2’s Wordpress website before they were deleted last summer. The Wikileaks tweet announcing the files still exists, with Guccifer 2's link also notably deleted. It looks as if the "hacker" (?) Guccifer 2 was a DNC/Crowdstrike operative designed to graft Russian footprints onto files already leaked by Seth Rich, not noticing at first that the "Seth Files" included incriminating documents, for instance, a PowerPoint on DNC's gerrymandering.

Trish tried to get an attorney for the DNC fraud lawsuit to retrieve the files, to no avail. So she stepped up. She met with "White Rabbit" on a bench outside the Dunkin' Donuts at a Boston suburb strip mall. She talked with him over an hour, not pressuring him since the files tend to create murder victims. Finally he gave her the thumb drive.

She rushed to publish the evidence, since anonymous sole possession of the files potentially increased the chance of being assassinated.

Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth had to walk her through the process on live stream since she didn't know how to download the files onto Google Drive.

Then a techie (presumably from Crowdstrike, possibly deep-state troll "Defango") muddied the waters by putting out a second set of files that sent researchers to Kim Dotcom's Megaupload. That same party seems to be manipulating White Rabbit's defamation of Patricia Negron and George Webb. Trish doesn't blame Rabbit though: "He's scared. Justifiably. We all are."
Defango et al may be deep-state accomplices unwittingly--just greedy for clicks--but they may "put Rabbit at risk": the deep state doesn't care how high their body count goes; they probably already know who Rabbit is; and you'd probably be less safe as their puppet than in George Webb's camp.

"How is it that George hasn't been killed?"
"Oh," goes the easy answer, "He's Mossad... a f*cking Zionist" -- which makes ~zero~ sense!

The woman who first told Trish about Rabbit's "Seth Files" dislikes George Webb because he gets some protection and tips from Mossad. It's trendy to attribute all the world's evils to Israel and the Rothschilds. For the past year, this woman had helped Trish find content for her US News Corps project to expose scandals like the Syria hoax, although Twitter apparently kept deleting Trish's popular USNewsCorps accounts. Finally the woman informant said Trish could use an old account of hers; recently she blocked Trish from that account... presumably on the grounds that George Webb has ties to Mossad.
George Webb
That (possibly immature and spiteful) woman mentioned she'd had a long talk with a CIA guy linked to Lara Logan. That's when Trish panicked: had the whole "Seth Files" episode been a CIA set up? Whom could she trust?

Then Rabbit called Trish and yelled that she'd exposed his identity. She hadn't! She's betrayed no-one! Maybe she'd only misunderstood when the woman said, "If Rabbit's okay then i'm okay."

The targeted smear campaign against anyone helping George Webb's investigations will FAIL, at any rate.

[Update: Impending Lawsuit by George Webb vs. FBI]

Love truth, and you will see truth unfold before you.

Trish mentioned that our sanctions on Russia led them to collaborate with China to drop the petrodollar. Joining them, other countries our CIA has bullied (overthrowing their democratic elections, etc) are lining up to switch standard currency. So our economy may collapse from the CIA's crimes.

George Webb exposes the criminals more thoroughly (and fearlessly) than anyone I know, despite the deviousness of the drug-smuggling murderers.

"They've simply become a mafia," Trish says. "It's not me saying that, it's ex-CIA like Robert David Steele."
Trish's phrasing sounds familiar to anyone who's seen George Webb's videos. "It's not me saying this, it's the metadata!"
Even if George's "guardian angel" is Mossad, I hope neither he nor Trish the Dish is assassinated

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