Thursday, August 24, 2017

Alt Media's Wild PsyOp against Deep State

Anyone who's followed George Webb's investigations or joined Crowdsource the Truth learned how to foil bots. Apparently there's a sort of "smart bot" that will call its buddies to swarm you online if you respond with a hostile tone. So we not only learned not to "feed the trolls" but also to confuse them with poetry.

It's hard to ignore use of the N-word or to respond, "You hate the Moor, and it is thought abroad that 'twixt your sheets, he has done your office."

But it's harder to watch a juicy comment stream get swarmed with idiotic insults.

Speaking of insults, "Trish the Dish" went off on George Webb this week.
George Webb abandoned the Crowdsource the Truth news analysis team that Trish helped found with Jason Goodman.

I was distracted with other projects (((sensed a trainwreck coming))) and temporarily stopped watching those news programs (((George never acknowledged my fabulous blog and I was in a snit)))) so I don't know the details of their disengagement. That won't stop me from having an opinion:

I see it as a brilliant psyop to confuse bots.

Like heroic Pizzagate-anchor Ben Swann, the Crowdsource team may be going dark, at least in their public communications.

This divorce enables George Webb, for instance, to declare that InfoWars commentator Steve Pieczenik tortured former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro......

........while Crowdsource may proceed to interview Pieczenik as a useful "limited hangout."

Exhibit B: Andre Taggart said George Webb doxxing him was an "asshole move"... when he granted an interview with Crowdsource!

(For the record, at one point Webb had to publish sensitive information to defend himself from low-moral "journalists" who accused him of never meeting Andre Taggart when in fact the world would not have known about the most damning evidence against the Awan spy ring had George Webb not alerted us to Taggart's find.)
HAG needs to change his bedpan

I'm an unpaid volunteer in alt media. Even those of us who make money in alt media deserve some respect. We're fighting an uphill battle against deep-state propaganda, riot-rousers, covert assassins and blood-drenched war profiteers.

We deserve the benefit of the doubt... even though doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. 
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