Saturday, August 4, 2018

NPR is "Public" Enemy #1

Yes, I was crushed in the 1990s when NPR switched from playing groovy World music to their current talk format. Then National Public Radio (NPR) alarmed liberals like me when we first noticed they’re significantly funded by “foundations” and other entities that whitewash corporate and political interests as “philanthropic.” We mumbled to ourselves through the Bush years, “Well, unless you mean they’re as ubiquitous on the radio dial as CNN is in airports... NPR isn’t really public.” NPR reminded me of national forests that are clearcut: the name “forest” is doublespeak like “public.”

NPR's formula was 95% truthiness and 5% balderdash. We liberals were grateful anyway to hear NPR; we sighed during the Obama administration: “Thank goodness for NPR, protecting our compassionate values despite those heartless, polluting, wildlife-killing, nature-bulldozing Republicans!”
CIA operative became NPR President in 1998

Then came 2016 and Bernie Sanders. Liberals who weren’t blinded by the status quo expected our darling NPR to at least give the #FeelTheBern campaign the time of day. We were a phenomenon! Bernie was drawing enormous crowds. And small (often $27) donations meant for him added up to $228 Million from an unprecedented thirteen million idealists. Not even proven Primary election fraud was worthy of their attention: NPR gave Bernie short shrift if any mention at all.

NPR’s silence joined the rest of the mainstream media’s “Bernie blackout.” They didn’t seem to want him – or us – to exist.

It wasn’t just the crowds they ignored. (I was fortunate to attend the rally in Portland, Oregon where almost twenty thousand of us saw a little bird land on Bernie’s podium. Ever hear 20,000 simultaneous gasps of delight?) The enthusiasm of volunteers like me wasn’t acknowledged by NPR except to belittle us as “Bernie Bros.” (News media pretended only college boys supported Bernie, even though the meetings I attended were dominated by grey-haired women!) But contempt for Bernie voters in 2016, while infuriating, wasn’t what appalled me:

I caught NPR using hypnosis on their listeners!

Now – two years later – I know about CIA’s mind-control techniques and Obama’s legalizing propaganda against American citizens. But back then I was just a casual student of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. NPR’s soothing female voice that addressed Hillary Clinton’s social-justice talking points was a spoonful of sugar unmistakably designed to bypass rationality and portray Clinton as something we all know she’s not: appealing.

NPR’s brainwashing scheme relies on convincing their listeners that they’re superior to other people. I was their white-collar target demographic so can confess their effectiveness: listening in my home or car, I felt intimate with the speakers and lifted up into elite membership of college graduates who are sensitive and caring. We struggle to convey nuance and altruism to boors. “NPR is classy like me. Alas, most people are selfish and ignorant.” Hillary’s campaign used the same snobbery when she dismissed half of Americans as “a basket of deplorables.”

The bigotry that NPR listeners expressed in 2016 about us “Bernie Bros” – to my face, even while they can see I’m a middle-aged female – opened my eyes to NPR’s prejudice against “deplorable” conservative voters. Now NPR’s treatment of Trump supporters takes “Trump Derangement Syndrome” into the realm of character assassination.

I had to laugh when NPR anchor Robin Young claims, "Trump has got all the power!" Ummm.... sorry, some of us noticed the eight years when NPR lamented that President Obama couldn't accomplish anything... because "Republicans!"

In her NPR interview with NBC’s Ben Collins, he claims conservatives who protest pedophilia are just duped by Russia. Decrying a popular source of research, Q-Anon, he said Q-Anon isn’t Putin per se but Q-Anon followers are just spouting "Russian propaganda.”
"Russia" is nothing but a ruse to distract from Democrats'
2016 felony election fraud... but #BlameRussia

Does Ben Collins know what pedophilia is?

Is Russia the only country where it’s not okay to rape kids?

Americans like me are trying to expose rich molesters whose status allows them to break the law. Chillingly, we’ve discovered that pedophiles are carefully groomed (or created) and placed in positions of authority so they can be controlled with blackmail. The occasional high-profile arrest is a reminder to countless officials and media stars: “Do what you’re told, or you too will plummet into public disgrace.”

Obedient pedophiles get power, wealth and protection from the "Illuminati" cabal and corrupt FBI and CIA.

NPR public radio is protecting pedophile rings. Why?

I voted for Bernie Sanders and was a fan of Big Government till his run in 2016 showed me that our government is controlled by that mafia.

Hollywood favorite Tom Hanks is the latest celebrity whom NPR and other mainstream media has rushed to protect. His accuser echoes previous whistleblowers (one of whom I know personally). Another film actor has just come forward to confirm the situation.

Since he’s been in office, Trump has spurred the arrest of many more child-rape traffickers than previous administrations. You may recall the chant of “Lock her up” when I tell you I’ve spoken to an alleged eyewitness of Hillary’s abuse of children. The germ of Trump Derangement Syndrome may lie in the failed presidential candidate’s pedophilia.

NPR listeners are scoffing at me right now. Sigh. I’m an incest survivor and can say with full cognizance that those scoffers may need to reincarnate as childhood rape victims. But I know how bad that sounds.

Would it be less offensive if I hope they’re reincarnated as (blameless, demonized) Russians?

NPR's writers are brilliant manipulaters of your feelings. I too fall for their virtue-signaling sob stories. I feel sorry for NPR listeners. The several I’ve know personally -- white-collar workers including a school teacher and university professors -- had that radio station playing at any hour of the day because the listeners live in lonely situations and want to feel connected, informed and vital. To be honest, they probably enjoy feeling superior to “deplorables.”

I don't know how to convince snobs that they're wrong except to admit that I was born in Carmel, went to fancy schools, IQ 143, grad-degree professional, and am begging:

Please, turn off NPR and connect in person with the ex-Bernie Bros and Trump supporters like me. You will be astounded how informed and alive our friendship will make you feel, if you just break your trance. I woke up when Obama okayed drilling in the Arctic: I realized he’s an utter phony.

NPR is just as fake.

And NPR was infinitely better when their emphasis was music!

Hey, after you stop hating me and half of all Americans, we can all have a sing along. Who needs radio? We’ve got each other.

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit 
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
"Find the meat of the matter"

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[Don't get me started on "Democracy Now" and Amy Goodman's controlled opposition]

No, you're lulled asleep by NPR's diversionary chant of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Trafficked Beauties used for Blackmail

The new ambassador for UNICEF (UN’s children’s fund) is a Somali refugee named Halima Aden. She interests “conspiracy theorists” like me because the then-18-year-old apparently dated “alt media” anchor Jason Goodman, founder of Crowdsource the Truth, after meeting him on Tinder.

Jason Goodman’s erstwhile source of fame and intel information, George Webb, raised the alarm that Halima’s possibly a honey pot.

The honey-pot paradigm is this: attractive youths are cultivated by our ruling crime syndicates to make anyone susceptible to blackmail. Top models compromise top targets. They may also be trained to spy. Romantic background stories are a cover.

No comment.

Halima’s cover makes her a poster girl for the Bush/Clinton cabal. Normalizing (misogynistic) Islamic culture in our country is essential to the cabal’s technique of hiding their crimes behind the shriek of “Islamophobia.”

Halima competed in a beauty contest wearing the outifit that effectively suffocates Muslim women at the beach, a burkini.

Burkinis are not bikinis

For the record, I’ve traveled in Muslim countries and enjoyed it apart from their dehumanizing women. I also dislike the motto “Death to America” and the Jihad war against “infidels.” In much of Africa and the Middle East, as a Jew, I’d be killed. That seems unfriendly.

But CIA’s mafia sees that strife as a cash cow. And desperate girls from war-torn areas are prime candidates for their trafficking.

Is Halima a honey pot for their cabal? How would a girl like her get into that position?

Deep-State operatives Denis McDonough and Peter Strzok have fingers in refugee camps in Kenya, Somalia &Ethiopia. “Humanitarian” enterprises are often a cover for elite trafficking rings like the Bush/Clinton/CIA’s.
Investigative journalist George Webb uncovers #HRCratline

وداعا جميلة

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

"Find the meat of the matter"
V.C Bestor on Twitter

Along with Somali pirates,
FBI minions like Peter Strzok help run
CIA's drugs/weapons/human smuggling


Jason Goodman defamed investigative phenomenon
George Webb. Why?
Controlled opposition is groomed meticulously
to be used for a specific event.

Calling George Webb a fraud is one sign of
Jason Goodman's poor judgment.
Is there more to this story?
PS: Just because victims of the Holocaust wore
shoes doesn't mean Nazis didn't mass-murder Jews.