Thursday, December 6, 2018

Who is spilling the radioactive beans? Flynn? Cain?

Has General Flynn turned traitor to President Trump? Let’s filet the Trump/Russia red herring: it’s a cover up of “Crossfire Hurricane” SpyGate, bipartisan trafficking and “pay to play” corruption.

Independent investigative journalist George Webb warned Flynn of the set up: Flynn may end up as the fall guy but “they want to use Flynn again” so deep state is disguising their malevolence. Flynn himself doubtless believes he was just doing his duty.

Webb explains the original rationale: “If you’re going to enable a Marshall Plan for the Middle East, you’re going to need to surreptitiously and covertly send stuff to both sides in a parity type situation…. And I’m all with Mike Flynn in doing this.” Webb introduces the caveat: “At some point, Flynn starts seeing stuff going through and going, ‘Hey wait a minute, this is kinda getting out of control. But you’re the DIA guy” responsible for monitoring logistics. “You’re seeing [indicted shipping magnate and Democrat operative] Farouki (Anham) not take the US war matériel around to Karachi or wherever it’s supposed to go…. and trucking through Iran. And they say, ‘We saved money because of less trucking.’ No, all the ship has to do is go a little bit further to Karachi. It’s more time overland.”

Farouki’s Anham took the matériel to Bandar Abbas, a port controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, so the Iranians could sort through it for “contraband” and help themselves to thousands of Piketown centrifuges, weapons for Quds Force, etc. The transparent ruse enables US deep state to sculpt Iran’s nuclear program, despite Iran’s state-sponsored terrorism against us and our allies.
Bob Levinson apparently remains detained in Iran as CIA’s key transaction agent of the nuclear deal.

It’s extremely unusual to interrogate a federal witness more than once or twice. Why did the Mueller witchhunt interview Flynn nineteen times? They were status update meetings. To ensure uninterrupted service to Iran, Flynn reportedly was compromised in Feb. 2014 by foreign agent Stefan Halper and, after March 2016, wiretapped as an informer. Now-fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, in early 2017, announced to FBI brass: “F*ck Flynn and then we f*ck Trump.” Mueller is evidently going to give immunity to all the conspirators except the entrapped General Flynn.

[Redactions suggest that Flynn, in addition to aiding the Russia witch hunt, has helped Mueller in at least two other matters, one of them criminal.]
Election-fraud Dem Lieu rubs it in

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is probably going to say Flynn gave him a “Peace Plan for Crimea” in exchange for the gossamer Trump hotel deal in Moscow. Flynn should not have signed a plea deal. President Trump’s best hope now may be to declassify the Uranium One, Flynn and Farouki trial documents and have Mueller release incriminating metadata such as how many people he wiretapped, dates of the meetings with Flynn, etc.

Webb tweets, "A year ago when I said Cohen and Bannon wore wires on Trump, i was called a conspiracy theorist. Now everyone agrees Cohen wore a wire including Trump. (Bannon soon). If you don’t look at modus operandi of the cabal, get ready to be submarined by them."

The Uranium One whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain may even have been recruited by Flynn for the clandestine service. Then-Secretary of State Clinton’s Uranium One was intended to control Iran’s supply chain of yellow cake, her cabal sacrificing twenty percent of America’s uranium for a personal payoff of $145M. Dennis Nathan Cain was witness to those “classified crimes” from 2009 till 2016. Cain obeyed formal whistleblower protocol. He is still alive. His FBI raid may even be devised to establish his “street cred.” Note that Cain's lawyer is linked to cabal (Blackwater/Brennan). Time will tell.

In related news, George Webb filed a lawsuit against arguably the most powerful DC lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, then the firm folded after he served them subpoenas. Equally prestigious a firm are the Wexler/Walker lobbyists. Walker was in Congress and has aliases tied to Swiss bank accounts, useful in illicit financing. Webb says Wexler helped establish the Awan spy ring in Congress to exfiltrate secrets that facilitate Uranium One and “Operation Cassandra” drugs and weapons trafficking. The Wexler/Walker firm also just closed, possibly due to Webb’s legal actions.

Teneo Holdings Corporation was formed inside the Clinton Foundation to oversee the Iran deal uranium scheme, Webb surmises. So, for Dennis Nathan Cain to be a whistleblower for both Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, he was probably involved with Teneo.

The second Clinton Foundation whistleblower, Justin Cooper, configured the secure Blackberries and other secure communications with the Awan spy ring.

The first known informant, William Campbell, told Congress that Russians involved in the Uranium One deal bragged about bribing the Clintons. Former AG Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein suggested the nuclear bribery case uncovered by Campbell is not connected to the Uranium One deal.

Indicted Mark Lambert on the other hand has undoubtedly given our "justice system" information on Obama's administration trafficking uranium.

In this clash of Titans, of course there are well-meaning psy-ops that argue that Gen. Flynn's latest actions are helping Trump.

Huber didn't swoop in to save the day

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit

a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

"Mommy Issues"​ died with "Bernie Bros"​

Other middle-aged ladies such as myself joked when Clinton's press painted all us 2016 Bernie Sanders supporters as naive college students: "Bernie made me millenial" we tweeted along with photos of our grey hair and wrinkles.

Then Hillary's media henchmen/henchpersons launched the narrative that fans of Bernie's compassionate, idealistic policies were just sexist.

When Clinton's minions transformed us then-"Social Democrats" into Bernie Bros, apparently her intent was to elbow actual victims of sexism (read: "irrational, hysterical women") into righteous endorsement of Hillary.

The propaganda itself was sexist and nothing more than a ploy to polarize the genders for the benefit of Clinton's corrupt cabal. But the irony doesn't end there.

In fact, the ringleader of this facet of her campaign circus was none other than David Brock, a man famous for sexist lies about Anita Hill (remember "I believe Anita"?) After Brock had assassinated Prof. Hill's character on behalf of the far right, he then ~ via a disingenuous confession ~ parlayed his absence of integrity into a neo-lib career smearing the likes of Bernie Sanders.
The "Karl Rove/David Brock playbook"

Maybe only David Brock has an accurate idea of how effective the ploy was, since his Correct the Record scheme "muddied the waters" with an army of Million Dollar Trolls who were paid to shriek sexism at anyone online who challenged Clinton's entitlement to coronation. Were any of them real people? Or were they just sock puppets like Donna Brazile? (Joke... mostly.)

When Human Rights Campaign endorsed the Primary candidate who had opposed gay marriage until 2013, I was instantly cured of identity politics... as miraculously as if Nancy Reagan had cured HIV. [Hillary said Reagan was an AIDS advocate. *Cough*]

David Brock is gay. Feel free, trolls, to accuse me of homophobia while I state the obvious: just as Clinton's crimes against democracy were disguised by exploitation of feminism, it's possible that a pedophile ring entangled in the echelons of our government is being concealed by aspects of an ordinary "gay lifestyle" and -- you guessed it -- accusations of homophobia. One of Brock's boyfriends is in the "fake news" for Instagram photos of (for instance) a guy in his pizza shop almost naked in drag makeup and covered in...

...what looks like blood. Before this election I'd have just said, "Well, that's, you know... just gay pride. Live and let live." Their sexual jokes about children are just free speech, right?
PizzaGate or PedoGate (as the pedophile conspiracy is called) may certainly be used as click bait by right-wing extremists who may hate gays. However, that doesn't mean that children are not being abused.

Where's the hip, trendy identity politics for raped toddlers?

Mainstream media are shills for the fat-cat status quo. Their response to #PedoGate/PizzaGate hasn't been to address any evidence but rather to dismiss it all as "fake news," maligning concerned adults like me as alt-right.

(Is alt-right a promotion from being a Bernie Bro? At least it's more muscular. Oh wait, now they're calling me alt-left. How dizzying.)

Comet Pizza gunman was a false flag to silence real news

News media uses a single dubious gunman (c'mon, this is USA!) to silence dissent against power brokers who are so far above the law, they've got the FBI and CIA to lie and cheat on their behalf. (#BlameRussia?)

Their propaganda minimizes the horrors of human trafficking... since they prefer to protect adults rather than children.
(One of the adults in question, the pizza shop owner, is mysteriously identical to a Rothschild.)

Is everyone who voted Trump a "racist"? Hillary propagandists even portrayed 1960s civil-rights activist Bernie Sanders as racist! What other labels do the cynical elite toss around to manipulate public opinion? Do they create gender conflict in our homes by design? Besides pitting us little people against each other, they demonize us voters to distract from their truly deplorable candidates. How much longer are we citizens and taxpayers going to let the likes of David Brock divide and conquer us Americans who really do want to make America great again?

I saw how Hillary Clinton's syndicate kept exploiting our every "identity" to her own devious ends. Identity politics can crush any inquiry into corrupt lawmakers. Remember how any criticism of Obama was "racist"? The Democrats' replacement head of the DNC had no moral compass; do you think it's an accident they picked a black woman? Never mind that shills for Democrat oligarchy are whitewashing genuine racists.
"Everywhere from the academy to the political sphere – most notably in Hillary’s playing to ethnic and sexuality blocs over the ‘deplorable’ white masses – elites have invited us to conceive of society as a vast collection of different groups whose interaction must be managed via race-relation law and hate-speech codes. It’s the opposite of the great progressive goal of elevating our shared humanity over petty biological differences." - Brendan O'Neill
CIA leaked that "Trump saw prostitutes pee" and wewere supposed to care about feminism and, say, pussy grabbing... while the CIA keeps blackmailing our new president. [See #SpyGate].

I'm a professional eco-feminist. You undoubtedly have judgments about that label. You may even question my morals. But before you dismiss me as a shrill, slutty commie (or whatever), what if we set labels aside and join together against criminal racketeers in our government?

We may even save some children from a horrible identity indeed.

I wept with joy when Obama won in 2008: I'm glad to rectify America's treatment of black people. But I watched as Obama droned and fracked the world.... and saw he was complicit in election fraud to install a criminal to replace him. Now he says I just have "mommy issues." No, that's not why I reject Hillary.

Exploiting rape for authoritarians 

Equal opportunity must not remain a special right for enemies of democracy and their dupes.

This is not a parody tweet!

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit 
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
"Find the meat of the matter"

V.C Bestor on Twitter and on GAB