Sunday, May 27, 2018

Deep State is Actual Nazis

Mainstream "news" is viewed so skeptically nowadays, social media has become a source of trusted information. To detect the latest thrust of elite propaganda, see what's allowed to flourish in apparent grass-roots narratives. Popularity may be artificial.

Now that the cat's out of the bag about the global ruling cabal's child trafficking, pedophilia, slaves and Satanism, they of course can deflect justice by misrepresenting who's the root of evil. In my circles, the prevailing rage is toward "Zionists."

Jews may not be the problem

The leftist surge of rage toward Israel may not only be due to appalling treatment of Palestinian terrorists.

The deep-state cabal controls not just the military-industrial complex but the scapegoating of Jews.

No, George Webb's critique of Iran does NOT discredit him. 

"Truthers" advocating mass murder of Jews

Research Operation Paperclip to get a glimpse of Nazis in our shadow government.
Small kids tortured by Nazis in the CIA and used to blackmail politicians

identified their CIA torturer in USA as Nazi Joseph Mengele.

Why do my otherwise well-informed friends buy into anti-Jew bigotry?

It's an old story. The same Russia famous for pogrom massacres of Jewish villagers created the "Protocols of Zion" hoax in 1897; its primary aim was to target the Jews at the forefront of the Communist revolution that ultimately succeeded in 1917.

You don't need a close reading to detect the "Protocols" bias toward Christian monarchists:

Yet activists today are still fooled in their eagerness to blame Jews.

No, Satanists are of every ethnicity.

"They call themselves the Chosen People, so of course Jews treat gentiles as inhuman and are susceptible to Satanism" goes one argument. Yet every religion I've studied portrays itself as the One Truth and its adherents as superior. Mennonites, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and other Christian sects -- for instance -- practice exclusion, yet that hardly proves bigotry. Judging an ethnic group by its most extreme gospel can shed a toxic light on anyone, even the Dalai Lama, Jesus or Mohammed. ("Chosen people" seems remarkably tame next to the motto, "Death to infidels.")

I've met several Satanists (that I know of) and a couple people from the cabal, and they expressed a significant (ie. probably average) antipathy toward Jews. Yet you think their puppetmasters are Jewish?

My own Jewish mother was (to my childhood mind) ruthless about the importance of education. We've all had an obnoxious Jewish classmate who was driven to excel. Yes, Jews have prominence in the media, but it may simply be the effect of cultural values, their historic exclusion from specific industries, and prohibition to land ownership in way-stations of the Diaspora. Of course hatred may blind you to that explanation, or to anti-Semitism.

Six Million may be an apocryphal number but
don't make me show you the mountains of corpses please.

Hateful lie

You may wonder how cabal whistleblowers can still be alive, for example Ronald Bernard and Randal Turner. Why aren't they silenced or murdered? One hint may be that they both demonize Jews.

(Such a disinfo operation is called a Limited Hangout or "controlled opposition.")

Blaming Jews for pedophilia
Or maybe you can twist your mind to believe that Israel is Saudi Arabia, Jews are Nazis, and ethnic hatred is enlightenment.

Propaganda is as much misdirection as lies. Why ignore the Jihad that literally screams "Death to America" (with a tradition of "child brides") yet blame Jews for pedophilia?

Was the spotlight on the Vatican's encouragement of pedophiles too bright?

Or are Nazis still winning World War II?

Blaming Jews for pedophilia is bigotry at best

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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CIA Jihad

John Kerry "shadow gov't diplomacy" with Iran

Disinfo agents spreading racial hatred

Economist Magazine is 50% owned by the Rothschilds
Economist Mag.

From the 2016 DNC Convention
[Off topic: Bernie is accomplice to felony election fraud]
"Palestine" is really part of Syria,
 not considered a distinct country even by Arabs

Don't help the CIA end democracies.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Soothing Bedtime Stories about Iran

You just have to laugh when taxpayers announce, "Obama gave Iran back their own money. Obama says so." What other bedtime stories have put American taxpayers to sleep?

[No, we didn't owe the ransom to Iran]

Obama protected Iranian drug trafficking and gun running in our country. Project Cassandra proved Obama's syndicate facilitated this crime by Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah.

Since 2013, Obama sent Iran more than $10 Billion in cash, gold, and other assets. Since the nuclear agreement, we have been sending Iran $700 million a month. That money includes the $1.7 billion of our taxes used to ransom U.S. sailors held hostage by Iran.

[Obama’s secret Iran deals exposed; Obama gave Iran access to US banks]

Are there kickbacks involved?

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari warned this week that, if DC elite criminals don't pressure Trump to maintain the payoffs, Iran will leak names of all who were bribed to pass the deal.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry violated U.S. laws to conspire with Iran to keep them hush. Ex-DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz (Uranium One) says he wants Iran to keep getting $700M a month and two more $250B payments.

The author VC Bestor is Director

of the non-profit
"Find the meat of the matter"

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Some insiders say Obama is an MKUltra fabrication whose CIA handler is Valerie Jarrett. (A reporter once asked Obama if he ran every decision by Jarrett; Obama answered, "Yep. Absolutely.") 

Why did Obama bend over backwards to help Iran's Hezbollah crime gang? CIA is involved in their drugs/weapons smuggling. For decades, CIA been nicknamed the Cocaine Import Agency and were integral to creating ISIS and arming terrorists in Syria.