Monday, February 13, 2017

"Pizzagate" Pedophilia Photos Hacked from Clinton-related Website

A hacker found child porn photos on a restricted page on Comet Ping Pong Pizza's website.

The pizza bistro is owned by an intimate of Hillary Clinton, James Alefantis. The scandal called Pizzagate had been derided as "fake news" amid a mainstream media blackout of child trafficking and pedophilia.

[ October Update ]

A YouTube videographer called Titus Frost just revealed that the hacker (code name Big Fish) had informed Washington DC police of the child pornography on Dec. 5, 2016. [Advice on how to report illegal porn.] The police reportedly claimed that they were unable to make arrests since the hacked information was acquired illegally. That is untrue.

DC Chief of Police smiles with Alefantis

Fortunately a false-flag shooter at Comet Ping Pong managed to lodge his single bullet into the hard-drive of a computer that the police then discovered also housed the child porn.

D.C. Police still didn't make arrests.

Concerned citizens are holding their breath.

Recent nationwide human-trafficking and pedophile busts -- 23 law enforcement agencies spanning 14 states, averaging 36 arrests per day since Trump's inauguration -- may indicate that law enforcement is closing in on the elite kingpins of these vile crimes. However, it's easy to suspect that low-level prosecutions are just a window display. Will the FBI and DHS continue to let those corrupting our government pursue their depraved vices uninterrupted?
Media blackout
Sex Trafficking Arrests 2017

What's worse, the CIA and other unelected officials are known to use child abuse as a tool for blackmailing and controlling power brokers.

One theory is that this particular porn is ammunition for planting on blackmail targets. Comet Pizza's owner Alefantis -- one of D.C's "Most Influential People" and ex-boyfriend of conniving propaganda tycoon David Brock -- may be a CIA operative abetting what's known as the "deep state shadow government"... that is, the Big-Oil warmonger military-industrial-billionaire cabal who are incidentally attempting a coup against the president of our USA.
Wikileaks founder on the "Intelligence" Community

[NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story]

Alefantis with friends

Mainstream propaganda 

 The author of this blog, VC Bestor, is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

Bestor taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in
Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.

"Find the meat of the matter"
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Clinton operatives are still covering up pizzagate!
Clinton shill wrote Rolling Stone fake debunking of Pizzagate

Mainstream Media minimizes coverage

Some citizens are impatient with the news blackout
Media may shelter Clintons by claiming
"pizzagate" pedophilia is "fake news"

Friday, February 3, 2017

Would you punch Valentine's Day in the heart?

Valentine's is almost here and it's official: I'm dating the Zeitgeist. This is a surprise. We'd been casual and "it's complicated" since Trump won the White House. Our typical conversation had been along these lines:
Me: "Black lives matter, right, honey?"
Zeitgeist: "Not all cops are bad. They don't all shoot unarmed people."
Me: "I know but... well, I am glad we're not in Hillary's nuclear war with Russia."
Z: "'Black Lives Matter' movement is bankrolled behind the scenes by George Soros. You know that, right?"
Me: "Darling, I love you but do you have to always mention Soros?"
Z: "Destabilizing society with identity politics distracts the public from noticing crimes that go right to the top."
Me: Sweetie, you get so uptight about stuff. Hey, let's go for a walk! There's a nice march downtown. Here, just put on this pink pussy hat I knitted for you--"
Zeitgeist and I took a break for about a week. I thought it was over. Then out of the blue he calls and asks if I'd punch a Nazi.

I scoffed, "No, of course not. Nazis have guns," but then he chuckled and directed me to a video online of Milo Yiannopoulos. What can I say? I'd missed the Zeitgeist, our off-the-cuff joking and the intensity of our interactions. I'd like to say I'd never punch anyone... but a floppy gay British toff who's afraid of feminists does make an easy target. "Well, I guess, if he disses me for having an abortion, I might show him my fist."
Zeitgeist: "What about his First Amendment rights?"
I said I'd get right back to him. Confused, I called a girlfriend. "Should I see Zeitgeist again?"
Friend: He's a Nazi! Punch him!
I thanked her for her free speech and hung up. She hadn't taken into account that Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I know it's corny but I just love to celebrate love.

I moonlighted for a florist one year and delivered bouquets in office buildings; it made an impression when I saw the faces of all the people at their desks who didn't get flowers. Since then, I love to greet anyone with "Happy Valentine's Day" as if it were our secret rendezvous and surprise party! Our hello can be an invisible magic flower of camaraderie. We might share a private eye roll, meaning, "Valentine's, ha! Romance ain't what it's cracked up to be. Ha ha!" In that moment we've created a sparkle of affection.

So I balk at everyone suddenly throwing punches at this time of year. Maybe they spend more time playing video games than I, so they imagine their punches are like killing Hitler as a baby and thereby saving millions of Jews, Roma, disabled people, gay guys and resisters.

Zeitgeist needs me!
"Resisters" in the current political climate is ironic. Resisting Trump is something the Democrats could have done better before they cheated Bernie Sanders and sabotaged democracy with DNC election fraud. "The (quote) Resistance" is spearheaded by shills who exemplify the entrenched corruption of the establishment. They're as counter-culture as the Starbucks whose windows their dupes and paid goons may smash.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a goon of another sort, a gay man using his skills as a stand-up comedian to trigger identity-politics clashes. But why isn't it politically correct to protest - as he does - Muslim countries that punish homosexuality with death? Maybe it's just the Valentine's mood I'm in; I'd abort his baby but Milo's judgment that Islam oppresses women seems spot-on.

Sexist clothes are a cultural imposition... but cute

So anyway... long story short... Zeitgeist and I are back together.

~~~ with best wishes from VC Bestor,
Director of the non-profit

"Find the meat of the matter"
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