Sunday, April 26, 2020

My Schizophrenia about Satanists

Poor me! I sound like a princess when I complain. But I was traumatized by researching pedophile rings, trying to help their victims, and being targeted by pedovores’ satanic minions. After a couple years, I had to step back and pamper my precious self. How could a delicate flower like me recover? Surely reading novels would fill my mind with pleasant distractions.

I discovered the escapism of Frances Mayes. Her characters seemed oddly medicated, as if their moral compass were floating in anti-depressants. There’s a throw-away comment on the lines of “incest is bad” (a statement I can confirm from personal experience); other than that, the book in question depicts only materialism and sensuality. Food is a fetish. Aspirations are all self-aggrandizing. Her escapism is escaping from what, exactly?

Of course you know that Mockingbird Media includes fiction. Books and Hollywood are laced with the propaganda that mainstream news wields as a blunt instrument. You don’t have to believe conspirators (wink) to know that, back in 1963, CIA ramped up their trauma-based mind-control methods to blindfold the public to their crimes.

Their Project Mockingbird snowballed from there. Now entire libraries are aviaries squawking jeers at actual truth.

I read that Mayes book years ago but it still nags me. It was my keyhole to how satanic elites think. I developed a “theory of mind.” Curiosity sometimes overcomes me and I can’t help fantasizing about how their “Do What Thou Wilt” tenet plays out, moment by moment. Obviously it includes the best of everything: silk sheets, polished leather, fresh flowers in every room. Nancy Pelosi’s gourmet ice cream is so obscene, it’s the perfect example. What else? I don’t want to look at gossip columns to find out. And I don’t want to think about the orgies, the Masonic ritual fucks, the human bloodline breeding, murders, and their other depraved habits. Since satanists have infiltrated my brain, I need to sanitize them.

So, what would I do, if I were they? I know some personally from growing up in Carmel and from my career in holistic medicine. By accident, I did one of their drumming and dance “healing” retreats at a farm in Tuscany. I went to Burning Man a few times. Satanic elites ride bicycles in France and go to spas in Bali. But do they eat the same foods every day that you and I might get at, say, a 25th anniversary dinner? Oysters Rockefeller, anyone?
I bet they get plastic surgery as routinely as we get a hair cut. "I'd like my ear lobes closer to my chin, and thin my knees."

Organic estates on tropical islands; private jets to elegant parties; backstage passes at music festivals; deep-sea fishing trips… 

And of course so many enjoy stellar careers in the arts, with skillful coaches, clever editors, obsequious publicists, an entourage of sycophants, biographers…

Wow! Just picture having a team to help you achieve your artistic ambitions. 
I imagine they avoid being alone with their conscience. So I’m not surprised they promote meditation groups that cultivate the dull hum of “hive mind,” chanting repetitions of repeated chants that re-repeat repetitious chants. Oh, wow, have you done ayahuasca? Zzzzzz. 

Needless to say, CIA connections get them into Oxford, et cetera. Satanic elites can afford educations that hone debate skills and subtle analysis. I wonder if they have lively conversations about things I studied in college and have barely mentioned ever since. Anthropology, physics, and all manner of biological complexities. Yea, ecosystems! 

Here is my (overly general, idealized) list of things I like about satanists:
  • Respect for nature
  • Talk about animals as “non-human persons”
  • At least lip service to objectivity and the scientific method
  • Value the intellect
  • Exploration of the arts, esp. film and music
  • Dance with abandon 
  • Cultivate ambitions and strive for “self-actualization”
I’m grateful to satanists: their egotism and other evil has driven me to learn about Christianity (I recommend More Than a Carpenter). Now I accept Jesus as God’s best creation, better even than nature, dancing, and Oysters Rockefeller.

Forget their pagan ceremonies and magic spells. I can’t bear to think about how the elite satanic cabal farms, enslaves, rapes and eats children. They harvest adrenochrome from tortured infant corpses. 
No, no, no, NO! 

I can’t stand their reality. So the essence of my vision is the troupes of monkeys I observed in Asia. I imagine the elites jockeying for status in their troupes, ignoring us peons the way monkeys ignore humans unless we get too close or have treasures to be taken. Monkeys seem affectionate as they groom one another. Elites are nice to their friends and probably are even capable of love.
The missing element is delight in deceit. Monkeys are capable of deception but elites have made it their trademark, the bulk of their culture. They probably call it “theater.” Lies are their God. Their secrets require falsehood. Con artists are welcomed into their fold. What fun it is, to trick the gullible masses! Behold how boldly we flaunt our evil (leading to the phrase, “Their symbolism will be their downfall.”)

Elites love to play us both ways. They amass wealth, then seduce us with socialist fantasies of “tax the rich,” as if they’d ever allow redistribution of their own bounteous booty. (Heroin trafficking: ka-CHING!) Their celebrities fill “entertainment” with egalitarian ideals that they privately ridicule. They point to “corporations” to distract from their true conspiracy.

They plan to depopulate us on the pretext of “saving the planet from climate change.” They're gloating that the "epidemic" lockdown is a preview of their "Green New Deal" world. Books like Mayes’ are a sort of blueprint for the sensual, conscience-free society that satanists want to inhabit after they’ve killed most of us (perhaps using viruses like Covid-19). Humans have an innate sense of justice; to counter that, minions like Mayes depict the absence of morality as a feasible lifestyle for even their non-sociopathic members. “Why, it’s simply epicurean, my dear.”

Unfortunately a lot of their “useful idiots” are blinded by simple flattery. If you feel superior because you plan to vote for Biden, that’s you. Turn off NPR.

“And when the multitudes are gone, we satanists won’t have to hide our true nature anymore,” they may reassure themselves. If their plan succeeds to decimate us, Earth will become a hell even as they paint it as a paradise that honors Mother Nature. Nature is predator and prey, no matter what their cabal pretends. They’ll always use slaves to maintain their decadence. They breed and raise slaves to know nothing but servitude. By dehumanizing anyone, satanists destroy their own humanity. By seeing themselves as gods, they darken the spark of God that can fill anyone’s life with grace. And so cabal members become a parody of a human, their lives a cheap facsimile of a soul’s legacy.

They may deck themselves in pieties (Nancy Pelosi: “I pray for Donald Trump!”) They use Christianity to deceive as well as mock believers. That’s how they become grim reapers. You can’t be alive in spirit till you too have “died on the Cross” and feel the selfless joy of God living through you. They use generosity, sex and reproduction to bond, a “fellowship and unity” that’s nothing compared to the Oneness that’s only afforded by humility and acceptance of God’s grace.
Playing dress-up helps them forget who they really are

Satanists, please come forward and admit your crimes. Now is the moment, the great awakening.

If I’m preaching, blame the lockdown’s weeks-into-months sabbatical, a long Sabbath for the prayer-prone. In this time, God’s love has been like a silk sheet draped over me. Faith shields my frailty like tough leather. God's abundance strews flowers through the mansions of my heart.

Our own “truther” movement (AKA “conspiracy realists”) exists as a testament to authenticity, leading folks away from all the “fun” novels and glossy publications in the world, till you find yourself reading a humble blog like this. Imagine reading my earnest sentiments and feeling only contempt. The satanic elites don’t realize how horrible their “paradise” would be. But I believe good shall triumph, and the future of the planet is divine.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Viral Tarot Prediction

I’m stuck at home. Like you, I’m not sure what’s really going on. So I dragged out a tool I’ve been using for decades to gain perspective. A lot of folks will crack open their Bible, revealing a “random” verse that they’ll read as guidance from on high. In that same fashion, this morning I prayed for God’s highest angels to present Tarot cards to me that elucidate this coronavirus crisis.

The archetypes on the cards are open to interpretation. Context is everything. My analysis is colored by my own situation. But I hope you are intrigued by what showed up.

1. (R)
“Limbo” is the card that represents you and me.
Lockdown is an opportunity for quietude and soul-searching.
universal-waite - The Hanged Man

We’re in painful completion of a cycle, with a new dawn on the horizon.
universal-waite - Ten of Swords

Our goal is mastery of creative solutions.
universal-waite - King of Wands

“Judgment Day” has passed, separating good from evil.
universal-waite - Judgement

As children of God, we can embrace this opportunity to serve others in a joyful, loving way.
universal-waite - Page of Cups

6. (R)
We will endure a turbulent challenge to our egos and personal identity.
universal-waite - Knight of Cups

7. (R)
Rest and regroup. Understand our limitations.
Restrictions reveal the nature of Freedom.
universal-waite - Four of Swords

8. (R) 

Mainstream media lies frazzle our nerves.
Frauds and con artists are exposed. Treasure honesty. 
universal-waite - Seven of Swords

9. (R)
Our inner diva may want to indulge in outrage and hysteria.
universal-waite - Queen of Cups

10. (R) 
This is a new beginning for the world. Plant the seeds you wish to reap!
universal-waite - Ace of Coins

Some of the cards were reversed (R), influencing my interpretation. Feel free to contact me if you know something about the archetypes that you'd like me to add.

Please enjoy the beautiful Tarot pictures and rejoice with me in this message of hope. God’s love is everywhere, dawning each day in our hearts.

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The author VC Bestor is Director of the 
"Find the meat of the matter"
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Limbo silver linings