Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Incredibly, I'm now a Troll for Trump

2017 Update: Trump is STILL the lesser evil!
[Trump won the popular vote]

[October Update: Remember how the media lied about Bernie? Hillary's minions have been twisting all our perceptions: Video of "Violent Bernie Bros"?]

I have a thing for guys with snake hips.

(Forgive my superficiality: it's just a hormonal reflex, like my attraction to thickets of facial hair and to shirtless, sweaty construction workers.)

But hip girth isn't why I find Donald Trump repulsive.

Nonetheless, I may vote for tRump.

If our national hero Bernie Sanders is side-lined, electing Trump may be the only way to prevent entrenched corruption in our government from becoming completely intractable. We all know Clinton's propensity to break the law. On scrutiny, the devil we know is looking as neo-fascist as the insurgent devil.

Clinton's goons silence dissent; the real difference from Trump is that we liberal Bernie supporters aren't armed to defend ourselves from them.

Election fraud by the Democratic Party may not be worse than the GOP's. But it certainly isn't better. Hillary Clinton has adopted Machiavellian campaign tactics; evidently pilfered Bernie's database; hired a mercenary army of trolls to shut down democratic discourse; flaunted election violations in multiple states; and now her numbers look suspicious as hell. (See #ExitPollGate on Twitter.) At least Trump didn't rig voting machines.
@LeeCamp documents #ElectionFraud
Nevada's Convention on May 14 removed any doubt. Trump is heinous; Clinton however will end democracy and squelch any chance of restoring honor or taxpayers' rights to our government.
Clinton slush fund is NOT a charity

Bernie's greatest appeal -- one reason he gets crowds of 10,000s where Clinton's lucky to get 200 -- is his insistence that we can revive real democracy. Rigged elections destroy the inclination for citizens to vote and -- unless they themselves are corrupt -- repels them from participating in our government.

However upbeat, idealistic and pure we'd prefer to remain, we need to take election fraud into account. That's why I'm trolling around with my petition and steeling myself to vote for Trump in November.

I'm not the only dedicated but anxious Bernie supporter who's starting to think this way:

Even Hillary Supporters Should Want Her Defeated: President tRump would cause liberal candidates to sweep the 2018 midterm elections.

Trump would keep us agitated and active instead of defeated. Apathetic cynicism is anathema to civilization. Hillary's "fog of lies and payola discourage civic action," I say in my petition: "Big media's collusion with President Clinton#2 would perpetuate the illusion of democracy that numbs voters into passivity." We wouldn't have that problem with populist Trump and his outrageous behavior that mainstream television won't stop displaying. He'll keep us protesting.

Furthermore, checks and balances can rein in someone like him but not the juggernaut "Clinton Machine" and the bag of ruthless tricks on which Hillary Clinton relies. And he opposes toxic trade deals like the TPP.

The 1% owns our government now. Maybe our "political revolution" can ally with genuine Trump supporters -- those belligerent yokels -- to wrest back voting rights for the 99%. They too notice rigged media and election fraud. Trump's chanting hordes frighten me. But where America's left and right are "the spineless versus the shameless," Trump voters are brawn we might enlist for the ultimate good of the whole country and (in the light of Climate Change, wars, et cetera) the whole world.

From "Never Hillary" on Facebook

I'm a lifelong Democrat but as soon as the Primary's over I'll join the exodus of disgusted Bernie supporters. Schooled by Karl Rove and David Brock, the Democratic Party has grown as depraved as the Republican frat house. Clinton has slandered Bernie repeatedly including lying that he opposes Planned Parenthood (he has a 100 percent rating from them) and lying that he opposes gun control (he has a "D-" rating from the NRA.) Proven by the hacker Guccifer 2.0, the DNC's sabotaging Bernie Sanders is a direct attack on American democracy and, as such, amounts to treason. We must do everything possible to derail their toxic gravy train... including voting for the (racist, sexist, bizarre) Trump. Bite this bullet: think of the fun that comedians will have.

It's wretched that Hillary Clinton stinks even worse.
At the very least, please share this blog and/or my petition so establishment Democrats will hear about it. Post it in response to the #MillionDollarTrolls. That'll rile 'em! It's empowering to stand up to the Clintons' arrogance and subvert their dubious narrative that "At least we aren't as bad as Trump!" Our threat to vote for Trump could even blackmail the Democrats to stop sabotaging Bernie Sanders and democracy.

"I can stomach a bad election that gives us a bombastic billionaire buffoon as president" but not a lying criminal who knows better.

Don't write-in Bernie: vote AGAINST Clinton
I adore Bernie and will be beyond heartbroken if he isn't on the ticket in November. Election fraud is precluding his success.

Let's hope for a legitimate presidential election in 2020. 
Of course I'd love a woman president. Or a guy... with snake hips.
I'm a fake Trump supporter... .......trolling to demoralize the Clinton Machine!

"Hillary must be stopped, her corruption scares me more than Trump, Jill can't stop her."

From Facebook "Dank Meme Stash"

From FB

Monday, April 11, 2016

Has Your Voter Info been Hacked? (Updated for NY)

[Update for General Election: HA HA HA HA HA

[Update for 2017: NY admits illegally purging voters]

Is this presidential primary invalid? Voters from New York to California are reporting that their registration has been altered or discarded. New Yorkers are filing a federal lawsuit because of the phenomenon. Over 100,000 voters are "missing" in Brooklyn alone. May 14, 2016 saw Nevada delegates with switched registrations unable to support Bernie.

[September #DNCleak Update: DNC has an automated system that allows them to rewrite state voter rolls]

California's issues are mounting. New York officials blamed Hurricane Sandy but there aren't hurricanes in Arizona where the same crime was committed. It happened in 2008 as well. Apparently the fraud is not just done electronically.

The voter-registration data breach is massive.
[Update May 3, 2016 - data breach]

Elections in earlier voting states are now in question. The margin between candidates was razor-thin in the case of Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Yet the extent of the fraud and data hacking is only now being revealed:

An Iowa delegate for Bernie was switched to Republican.
Suspicious issues in Illinois surfaced, most recently incriminating Clinton campaigners.
The situation is dicey in Nevada with ongoing irregularities. [Video of Clinton delegate getting "scrubbed" in Nevada]
Registration problems in Wisconsin were blamed on "a glitch."
Voters in New York are scrambling to ensure their rights. (NY had bizarre discrepancies in the 2008 Primary.)
Anecdotes emerge from Colorado to Maryland.
California has extensive voter purges. Some Californians find they're registered with a false birth year.

[Update: Chaos in California looks like fraud]

Smokescreens can obscure the real targets if, say, a few Libertarians are disenfranchised along with groundswell supporters of a Democratic "insurgent." This cyberwarfare on our democracy has wiggle room. Our next President may seem to win by just a few votes.

Echoing our country's 1776 revolution, it's "taxation without representation" for voters to pay for elections like this Primary yet be robbed of their right to vote due to the stranglehold of corrupt Party insiders on the process.

We may petition officials who are complicit in corruption:

Republicans suppress the vote. But conservatives and hackers aren't the only ones to blame for this attack on citizens' right to be involved in our own government. The mainstream media called Arizona in favor of Hillary Clinton when reportedly only 1% or at most 21% of the votes had been counted. Many disenfranchised citizens had stood for over four hours on March 22, 2016, trying to fulfill their most basic role in Democracy. Why was the Arizona vote called for Hillary Clinton when over seventy percent (possibly 99%) of the ballots had not been counted? Who ignored the people still standing outside waiting to log their choice for president? Former Secretary Clinton apparently didn't see a problem.

Incredibly, this election fraud and data breach are barely being reported in news media.

New Yorkers voting on April 19 read this if you have problems, or phone 347-379-4298.
NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office has a hotline staffed by attorneys in the Civil Rights Bureau: 800-771-7755. Complaints can also be emailed to this Tuesday between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

For help you can also contact Bernie Sanders' campaign at 515-450-6960 or email (subject: PROBLEM).

If your voter info is hacked, document as much as possible.  
Here are Election Fraud Hotlines.
2) If, for any reason, they claim you need to wait a day, CALL YOUR STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS and report to the DIRECTOR OF ELECTIONS OPERATIONS.

Then report the crime to the FBI; ACLU; Election Justice USA at;; Facebook pages like Clinton Fraud; and #SwitchedRegistration #ElectionFraud on Twitter, ex. TYT's reporter @JordanChariton.

Whatever you do, don't vote for any Clinton delegate or supporter. They are implicated in undermining democracy.

[Blame the Russians if you want to prevent Election Fraud]

U. S. Dept. of Justice is investigating voter suppression. 
New York's Board of Elections is being audited.
Independent Election Investigators are also gathering legal evidence. Lawsuits could force a re-vote enabling a beloved candidate to garner more delegates if not win outright; notify corrupt or ignorant delegates that you're aware of legal challenges to their status. The Oval Office may hang on that thread.

Even delegates are losing their party affiliation!
Tampering with voter info invalidates this Primary.
Signature forged!