Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Journalists in Hillary's Crosshairs

Like Operation Chaos (the CIA's Vietnam-era sabotage of war protesters), Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney developed special teams who illegally targeted journalists on our soil. Hillary's original aim was apparently to stifle information about her husband Bill's girl problem. A euphemism for her project is "Hillary's Hit List."

One of Cheney's secret forces was Joint Special Operations Command. Of its assassinations abroad, one of its leaders, Admiral McRaven, admitted many collateral deaths in addition to lethal torture.

Torture of the American journalist Gary Webb was more covert, involving destruction of his livelihood, gaslighting, and ultimately "suicide" via two (2) bullets to the head.

Launched in 1998, "The Program" (as these "private security" squads are nicknamed) amounts to Gladio C, an American-fragging version of the covert army in CIA's Gladio B.

The Program's targets include political opponents and enemies of political donors as well as inconvenient reporters. That may explain why USA's domestic "terrorism watch list" now numbers into millions. Ironically, Hillary Clinton seems to have hired actual Muslim terrorists' allies, including Imran Awan, as her operatives. Obedience is key in henchmen: they can be manipulated with the narrative of targeting families of our military who killed their countrymen.

War Criminal Dick Cheney
Journalist George Webb believes the Awan Brothers are helping run Hillary's cabal's drug ratline and program of D&D (disrupt and diffuse). D&D of "Deplorables" for instance could insert intruders into the White House and into other Trump family sanctuaries.

Obedient media shills (including at Rolling Stone Magazine) write hit pieces on citizen journalists -- especially George Webb -- painting courageous exposés of criminal syndicates in the alphabet agencies as... wait for it... "Islamophobia." Alt-media disinformation is more progressive: though he's targeted by FBI harassment, simple minds revile Webb for getting some protection from Israel's Mossad. (It's trendy to blame all ills in the world on Rothschilds AKA The Jews.)

[CIA's blog (WaPoo) whitewashes Awans in hit piece on George Webb]

Bernie Sanders' supporters may remember, in 2016 primaries, how "Million Dollar Trolls" would disrupt and diffuse our campaign and how Seth Rich was shot twice in the back, murdered less than 48 hours before Bernie endorsed Hillary's already proven election fraud.

[Unrecused: FBI's Andrew McCabe (right-hand to Comey) wife took $675K UNDECLARED from Hillary intimate]

Hillary Clinton "joked" about drone-killing Wikileaks' Julian Assange for revelations that incriminated her. Trump's flip flop toward Assange -- the most famous journalist in the world -- could be due to covert menacing of the top elected official of the United States.

George Webb reveals the extent of #HRCratline

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hillary's ISI Crime Gang

The cabal of Hillary Clinton is doing the same racket with Dubai/Pakistani Intelligence agents (like the Awan Brothers) that Rockefeller did with the Pinkertons, according to investigative journalist George Webb.

The Awans were hired and given clearance by top Democrats despite belonging to Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. They may belong the ISI division run by the CIA. Awans worked for a total of eighty Democrats in Congress.

Pakistan's secret service, UAE sheiks and other covert government affiliates help run opiate "ratlines" -- drug routes and markets -- in USA. Some of their operatives work in Congress (like the infamous Awans) while others are disguised as non-English speaking English teachers in Gulen schools nationwide... here. In America.

[Hezbollah's Crime Syndicate linked to Obama]

The phenomenon is nicknamed "soft jihad." Heroin is softer than a sword.

Gulen tried to overthrow his native government of Turkey. His modus operandi is to spread charter schools (136 schools in 28 US states) throughout a target nation and infiltrate control of all pertinent infrastructure -- hospitals, utilities, airports, et cetera -- before he attempts the actual coup d'état.

He's been preparing the same in USA for thirty-five years.

[Opioid Epidemic in USA]

George Webb exposes #HRCratline

"Pakistani Jamaat al Fuqra schools in US teach garroting from behind first" -- George Webb

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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Son Of Prominent Imam Was Training Children To Commit School Shootings


Sharia USA

Son Of Prominent Imam Was Training Children To Commit School Shootings

Friday, April 21, 2017

Witness to Elite Child Murder Rituals

Ronald Bernard is a Dutch financial wizard who worked at the most secret level of global currency traffic. When he launched his career, he was warned to "put your conscience in the deep freeze." Little did he know that was an understatement.

Bernard sees the murder
"You get so deep in these circles. ...I was trusted by the people playing at that level. To put it tactfully, most of those people follow a fringe religion. ...For them, it's truth and reality, and they served something immaterial that they called Lucifer."
[He describes the Eyes Wide Shut scenario]
..."It just amused me. ...Then at some point I was invited to participate in sacrifices. Abroad.
"That was the breaking point. Children."

Young people's blood is consumed for its anti-aging properties. But this may make more sense to you as a blackmail control system of power brokers.

 Watch this video .

Please do your own research on #Pedogate & #Pizzagate.

Of secret services like FBI and CIA, Bernard says, "You think they are there to serve and protect a people, country, et cetera. But they actually turn out to be criminal organizations, in fact heavily so. We're talking about financing wars, creating wars.... Secret services will stop at nothing.... They're trading in drugs, weapons, or for that matter, people.... all of them. All of them."

Roland Bernard knows because he did their finances. He risks his life to expose global Deep State "government's" vicious crimes. Of course it's possible that the elite cabal is using him as a "limited hangout" to misdirect the ultimate blame to the hoax "Protocols of Zion."

[See PART 2 of the interview on elite money laundering & debt slavery]

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a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How is Tax Day like Earth Day?

Fake tits are probably not the most revered form of feminine beauty. "Artificial" is an alternative to "natural." We look to nature for what's authentic, what fits "organically" into our ideals.

I'm no purist. I've had plenty of fun surrounded by silk flowers and gilded plastic. (And I got a fortune cookie!) Meanwhile, I imagine that many in our chattering classes are offended by "The Donald" because of his flamboyant trumpery. "And my pussy hat was hand-knitted by a vegan sister out of organic wool dyed pink with sustainably grown beet root!" Bravo. (McResistance™ via #SorosMoney ...but honestly, bravo.)

Once someone has turned on a dime and, say, campaigned and "fixed" for a known phony proven to commit election fraud and other treasonous crimes, I don't value that first person's former reputation for integrity. Integrity to me is like an ecosystem. Even with a pile of CIA syringes in the middle, an ecosystem may function. Destroying our votes and selling a war with Russia based on lies and false flags, however, is irremediable pollution. I've come to think that Bernie Sanders' nostalgic blaming of corporations (and also his #blameRussia & #SyriaHoax) serve primarily to distract us from the deep-state mafiaYet (just between you and me) his adherents cling to past glory as if they're humping a blowup doll. After endorsing rigged elections, Bernie creates the illusion that our votes will ever count. The current theater around him serves to rebuild his "street cred" for further use in the pink-color revolution. Bernie is "controlled opposition" and a toxic fraud.

Who am I to judge? Well, that's the thing.

I see your pink pussy hat and raise you a leopard print.

Leopard print isn't just for tacky wannabes. I see it everywhere as a reminder that I'm a wild beast.

Recall that I'm founding director of I focus on apex predators. It keeps my eyes on the front of my head (so to speak). I don't glance nervously from side to side, worried I'll get eaten. Why be fodder?

Though the top predators in our environment proliferate unhindered, killing indiscriminately and then preening, I don't let their displays distract me from my own hunt. I stalk, seek their weaknesses, and then dog and harry them. When my body wearies, I can still play with thoughts of my prey. I'm nobody; I'm coyote-like at best. But I'm getting better at my hunt, bringing our ecosystem back into balance. Others can see and emulate my techniques.
Stalking readers wary of gore

 And in my own mind, I'm king of the jungle, paradoxically integrated into a reality beyond illusions.

Happy Tax Day! Happy Earth Day!

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a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Awan Spies Linked to Shady Front Companies, MS13 Gang

[May 18 Update: MS13 Gang rounded up in LA ]

According to investigative journalist George Webb, covert enemies of the Western way of life have networks of fake businesses here. Webb was a Bernie Sanders donor; this is not the right-wing propaganda you may have been led to expect. Our country is under covert attack and #TrumpRussia #RussiaGate is pure distraction.

Who benefits from proven treachery to our country?

Follow the money. Suspected thieves and Congress spies nicknamed the Awan Brothers own several front businesses. One such enterprise is Lightbridge Communications Corporation (LCC). The Awans have been in Washington DC since 2004. LCC's ownership involves Dawood Ibrahim who is Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) running processed opium via Mumbai into USA. Besides profits, the aim is "soft jihad."

Webb reports that one of Ibrahim's smuggling intermediaries was Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed, a major contributor and fundraiser (about $500,000) for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Webb believes Javed is in the heroin racket with Clinton. The Awan Brothers apparently service the ratline's cyber- espionage and other IT needs.

Summary of Webb's Research

Imran Awan is apparently still employed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former campaign chair for Hillary Clinton. She just changed his title to "Advisor."

Multiple fraudulent mortgages
Imran Awan

Imran Awan's rap sheet suggests he has diplomatic immunity under UAE royalty (CIA's plan for Pakistan is to establish a royal fiefdom there).
Omar/Abid Awan

[Update: Wasserman Schultz Admits Security Violations; Blames Administrators For Not Stopping Her]

While they were supposedly working for the House, the brothers were running a car dealership full-time that didn’t pay its vendors, and after one — Rao Abbas — threatened to sue them, he began receiving a paycheck from Rep. Theodore Deutch (D-FL). Their car dealership was called "Cars International A," referred to as "CIA" in court documents--Daily Caller

Besides "CIA," Awan auto businesses include "Regional Car Centers" and "EZ Car Buying."

Awans had as a registered agent Arshad Mahmood who hired two MS13 gang members to kill a car dealer in Richmond, Virginia: there's a pattern of Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) employing gang members as hitmen in USA especially MS13.

Another pattern is Pakistani car dealers with limo services also owning retail pain clinics and pharmacies. Awans are linked to several car lots.

They also deal in real estate with companies called Avalon Mortgage, Affordable Homes and Alain. Imran Awan of course is infamous for fraudulent mortgages; it turns out his fraud is contagious.

Awan Businesses

[Timeline of Awan Mortgage/Bank Fraud]

The Awan spies' high-tech surveillance facilitates tracking of henchmen and drug ratlines.
Imran Awan

Intelligence (ISI) in Pakistan is often trained by a privatized division of the CIA called Dyncorp. Webb suspects that the numerous front companies linked to the Awan Brothers can be a cover for the human trafficking for which Dyncorp is infamous.

Most mindboggling: Dyncorp is entwined with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) permeating law enforcement throughout America. In fact, JTTF may serve primarily to terrorize law enforcement officers who disturb the ratline. Is the Sheriff compromised in your county?

How else does tainted money and top-level lawlessness affect your hometown?

CIA has other ties with the Muslim extremist Fethullah Gulen known for attempted coups against our NATO ally Turkey. Gulen has numerous schools in USA and a compound in Pennsylvania. He's protected despite calls to extradite him to justice.

In related news, Obama and Hillary Clinton armed ISIS to overthrow the secular government of Syria.

Let's pretend to fight terrorism while we harbor and arm terrorists and use them to cash in on drugs, shall we?
George Webb reveals the extent of #HRCratline

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Awan Spies Still in USA

[Update 5/22: Spy Imran Awan's Wife has Fled to Pakistan]

A U.S. Marine rented house from a man calling himself "Alex" who turns out to be the spy Imran Awan. The rental contract names Awan's wife Hina Alvi. She may still be in the country since the Marine said her van has been moved at the end of the street. A different renter in Virginia says they saw Imran Awan two weeks ago. He may be hiding behind other aliases besides "Alex." Awans own twelve houses in Virginia alone.
Imran Awan and wife Hina Alvi

[Update: Imran Awan threatens to sue the Marine]

[Awan Mortgage Loans were Fraudulent]

Suspected of stealing computer hardware and data from Congress, the Awan brothers left four government-issued laptops and servers, pried-open hard drives, and three or four ( not 20Blackberries in the Marine's home. The Marine said Awan at first claimed no ownership of the items. One theory is that Awan left the server running at the house to continue amassing intelligence from Congress.

Recall that FBI claimed not to recover all Hillary's infamous mobile devices.

Possible accomplice with Imran Awan

Marine Andre Taggart at Awan House

FBI, NCIS as well as Capitol Police have contacted the renting Marine. FBI has the computers and devices. No law enforcement has made any public report on the Awan crimes.

Police notified top Democrats on Feb. 2 that their Awan employees are suspected of espionage. Affected members of Congress have aided a cover-up of the crimes on the pretense that the investigation is "Islamophobia" despite criminal complaints against Awans by their Muslim relatives.

[UPDATE: Taggart may be a decoy for a Navy Intelligence smuggling ring: "The hard drives and blackberries could have been a stand by alibi in case investigation got too close. Just hand them over, say they were Imran's and hey presto, the investigation stops there and focuses on Awans. Awans thrown under the bus, Navy in the clear. Nobody looks any further. Hard drives if read just have some information relating to mundane but sensitive stuff, nothing classified. Real ones gone" ~ Graham95]

Another Taggart photo for the ladies

George Webb breaks the story

Reddit Notes

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Interview link below

Andre Taggart on CSTT

Saturday, April 1, 2017

You may be Republican if you Belly Dance

Watching a video of military suspected of brutal corruption, there was a problem: I started dancing. I couldn't stop myself. I've been a belly-dancer since I was eighteen and even got an award for it in Egypt. (Okay, it was a hokey tourist award, but still.) The Pakistani army video's music was wired into my nervous system: Muslim culture is a part of me.

So I feel exempt when officials say exposing crimes is Islamophobia, as top Democrats did when Muslim women appealed to law enforcement for their Muslim relatives attempting kidnapping and extortion. The guilty ones are the famous Awan Brothers, staff for the Democrats mentioned above.
Dem.Rep. Lewis protects Awans

Capital Police haven't put out any information about the investigation into the Awan kidnapping, extortion, espionage, robbery, and possible murder. The Awan gang fled back to Pakistan apparently using a dual-passport scheme including White House Diplomatic Passports they were issued under Obama. The FBI isn't investigating because that would be Islamophobic.

And why is Muslim Brotherhood not on the terrorist list?

If only more Russians were Muslim, maybe the "Russiagate" hoax wouldn't be clogging deep-state propaganda channels. The shadow government would have to use some other identity-politics ruse to push their endless war agenda.

Pakistani businessman Muhammad Tahir Javed is one of the top fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, to the tune of about $400,000. It's Islamophobic to mention he's suspected not just of murder but terrorist ties. It's just racism. Oh, and it's sexist to criticize Hillary.

Speaking of sex, I love dressing up and belly dancing. Why do rights for Muslims to oppress women trump the rights of those women? Why do I see women in burqas in America... or, I should say, I don't see them because they're concealed in plain sight. I find it abhorrent and the antithesis of American humanist values.

Fkck yeah, I'm a patriot!

Patriotism isn't always just a ploy to sell wars. The most cynical, violent people in the world also exploit ideas like feminism and tolerance to hide their crimes. I was a lifelong Democrat till Hillary destroyed the votes of "sexist Bernie Bros" like me. Now Democrats are using identity politics to cover up a crime even more craven than election fraud: treason.

Progressive candidates who think our democracy can be saved are resorting to a counter-intuitive gambit: they're beginning to run as Republicans.

The Democrats have proven they will not reform. I feel I'd sanction the obliteration of our votes and treasonous betrayal of the citizens of my country if I now back any Democrat. I have no illusions about GOP but I'm casting my support for "Anybody But DNC." Certainly anyone who pushes the ridiculous Russia narrative will never get my vote again, including my former hero Bernie Sanders.

Unelected officials are attempting to overthrow our President. As long as this "silent" coup is underway, I'll oppose anything that undermines the foundation of ALL our rights: our democracy.

I'd personally run for office as a Republican... but I'm too prone -- at any minute, under any circumstance -- to break out into a belly dance.

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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