Saturday, February 15, 2020

Corrupt FBI laugh in our faces

Taxpayers are disgusted (if Twitter comments are any indication) by the failure to prosecute former FBI honcho Andy McCabe. I’m incapable of shrugging injustice off to “trust the plan.” I have faith in Trump but won’t sit around hoping my betters get around to punishing “law enforcement” crimes like McCabe’s.

I brandish my blog.
Take THAT, corrupt swamp slime!

 “The decision not to prosecute Andy McCabe is utterly inexplicable.”
~ POTUS Trump 

Of course, followers of Q Anon (“trust the plan”) say that McCabe’s lying under oath wasn’t worth a fair verdict, since he’s eventually going down for coup sedition once all the elaborate pieces are in place to jail his co-conspirators like Comey and Obama.

Their cabal will be indicted for SpyGate, the Russia hoax, the Ukraine impeachment hoax, 2016 election interference… all those crimes against USA’s democracy… right?

Is the Q perspective "hope porn"?

"The decision not to pursue a false statements rap vs McCabe makes no sense. Even if they calculated a DC jury would acquit, an indictment would have put him under pressure to cooperate in other investigations including the FBI misconduct concerning Carter Page FISAs & Flynn 302s."~ Paul Sperry

I for one will not stop baying for their blood (in my genteel way) till they are pronounced GUILTY!

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