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"Christmas, for the children I've talked to, is one of the worst times"

[Context for PedoGate/ PizzaGate]

PizzaGate basically is a new name for the Franklin Cover-Up

A foster mother, Kathleen Sorenson risked her life to speak out about what she learned from children in her care. She soon died under suspicious circumstances.

Kathleen Sorenson gave this report on TV in Nebraska in 1989, based on her experience with over 30 children who spent months or years in her home:

"We got involved and learned about this subject because we were foster parents and worked with a number of children. And several years back, several of the children began, after a period of time and building up trust, to talk about some very bizarre events that had happened in their past and they were frightening and very confusing. I really didn't know what to think. We went to the police, and we went to social services, and there was really nothing anyone could do. These children we worked with are now adopted, in safe homes, and probably would never have talked had they not felt able to trust the people they were living with.

"There are certain things that are in common in the childrens' stories when we talk about devil worship ... There are things that come up in every single story, such as candles. They all talk about sex. Sex is without a doubt a part of every area of this, all sorts of perverted sex. That is what you will first hear, about the sex, about the incest, and it is so hard to believe. But once we get that, we have learned that we can go on and ask and find out ... and it will involve pornography; that is always part of it. Part of the reason is that they can use that to threaten the children. 'We have pictures we will show the police if you talk.' It makes the children feel that they are in great danger, and they are all very frightened of the law. They talk about the garish make-up that the people in the group wear, they talk about the singing that they didn't understand. Obviously that is chanting, and that has come up in every one of these stories, and none of them call it chanting. There will be dancing. Most often that will involve sexual acts. There will always be a leader and they will be very frightened of the leader.

"These children, from a very young age, and I am talking about children who came out of birth homes, the family they were born to, worshipped the devil. That's all I can share, and I don't pretend to be an expert. All I can tell you is what the children have told me. My husband and I say, we know things we shouldn't know. That's true, and I thought very carefully before I agreed to do the program, because we have heard so much, and it is so ugly, and so frightening, that you hesitate to tell it to people. It's very heavy to know. I don't want people running around looking in their closets and not leading normal lives. You don't want to think you are giving people ideas. I don't want people to say, if a child starts to talk about some of this, 'They probably saw it on that show Kathleen did.' But we're hearing more and more. And it is becoming very, very out in the open, and I think it's time for people to know that this is not fun and games; this is not something that we can laugh at or ignore.

"The children I have talked to have all had to murder before the age of two. That is something beyond anything I could comprehend. But in some way, whether with the help of an adult's hand over theirs, by having them practice, by getting them excited to be part of the adult scene, they do murder. And the evil thing that happens is, that they really believe that they want to. They want to do what the older people are doing, and they are praised for that. And that becomes their goal, to be like the adults. There is a little part in them, that natural good, God-given part, which knows that it is wrong. But in a group, and in the excitement of everything, they want to do that. They enjoy the sex. Children are capable of enjoying the sex. I didn't know that. Well, why would they fight against it? A child will eat a bag of candy if you give it to them. They will take part in these things willingly. When they get out and begin to talk, it is very difficult for them to realize, we didn't realize it at first, that they actually wanted to do it.

"They are told they will never get out, no one will ever believe them, that there is no freedom, that 'the law will get you,' they are hopeless before they get someone willing to listen. They are threatened with death. Every time a child is killed in their group, they are told, 'If you tell, this will happen to you.' They have every reason to believe that. So even when they are into the [foster care] system, and with another family and begin to feel somewhat safe, they still expect these people to show up on the doorstep. They believe that these people know everything they are doing, everyone they're talking to. One teenager told me that she had been told, that if she ever got married, that they would fool her, it would be one of them and she wouldn't know it ahead of time. They set them up to fail in every area.
"It is very prevalent in the midwest, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri. Some people have speculated recently that these states are headquarters ......

"As you listen to us talk about these things, there will be a natural part of you which will deny much of what you hear, and believe me, we did too. I would like to share this with you, partly in the children's words, so that you can hear the things that they said that nobody could make up, that no child could know. That's what eventually convinced me, along with the deep emotion. The grieving, screeching damage and hurt that they cry out with as they talk. The children I will be talking about, these are all children that I personally talked to. They are today between the ages of 5 and 17. When they talked they were between the ages of 5 and 15. When these things occurred to them, they were between the ages of, well birth, but of when memory enters in, I would say a year and a half to eight. So we are talking about very small children ... We are talking about children forming consciences at that time, learning right from wrong. These children do not know. They come out and do not know what is right. They are confused. What they did before, that they were rewarded for, is such a horror to anybody else, that they are shunned. And most often they have been in multiple placements, they will go to a home, they will steal, they will lie, they will hurt animals. One little guy would sharpen pencils and try to stab people. I don't mean poke, I mean stab. People don't like that in their homes. They don't have any idea what it is, they just think, 'We have a weird kid.' Many are sent to psychiatric hospitals where they are labelled psychotics, schizophrenics.....

"I will begin with the first stories that we heard, which will seem horrible to you, but are very mild to me, because we have progressed and heard far worse things. The first story is about two little boys who were 7 and 9 when they talked, and they told about sexual abuse at one point, and were very grieved. We talked about good and bad touching and we thought we really had gotten to the bottom of it, and then that afternoon the little one began to cry, and when we couldn't get the answer from him, the older brother said, 'He is probably crying because he was in the room when they killed his friend.' That was the first one we know about. And as they described that, they talked about that particular victim being brought into a room, hands and arms tied, mouth taped, and how there had been x's marked on his body, on his vital organs. That was bad enough. Within a very few weeks we learned that it was not the adults who had killed that child. It was this oldest boy, who was talking.
"The next person that we talked to was a little boy, who was very borderline mentally. He had language problems, it was very hard for him to explain himself. And when he began to come out of it, everyone was startled by the way he talked. We were real sure, we knew he had not been around these other children and heard anything, but we began to question ourselves, 'Are we asking strange questions? Is there something odd about us which makes children come and dump these things on us?'

"The part which made me believe this child's story, he talked about different babies being killed, but this particular one being stabbed, he curled up in a fetal position, he was 9 years old when he was telling the story. He curled up in a fetal position, and his eyes got real glazed, and he said, 'They cooked that baby on the grill.' And I thought, he has really flipped out. I mean, I didn't know. And he said, 'Oh, gross, it smelled like rotten chicken, or rotten deer.'

"He then went on to tell us how they would cut out the heart, or cut off the sex organs, and save them in the refrigerator. A very typical thing that these kids talk about. They worship the sex organs ... They kept it for another ceremony. I asked him where the bodies went. I did not get any answers from that child about what happened to the bodies, but the other two boys, who I spoke about first, eventually, they talked about throwing the babies in the fire. And I asked about that, 'You mean they were dead when they threw them in the fire?' And the littlest one said, 'No, no. Them was alive and them threw them.' And by this time we were really getting freaked out. What were we going to do? How can you help these kids? Where do you find a therapist who can deal with this? ......
"The next child I will share about, and I am going sort of by categories here, how we learned, and the types of killings, this little girl is 11 today, she was 9 when she first talked. It was a very painful thing when she first started to share the sex things. The sex things are so harmful to the children and they are so embarrassed and it is so personal to the children ... She began to draw pictures of cats, and the cats all had tails that were on the other side of the page, or their leg was someplace else. As we began to work with her and talk, she said that she had had to kill a pregnant cat. She had had to kill the cat. And I asked her. And her description was, 'With a knife.' ...

"It progressed, and the next time she had to kill a baby, the same way ... The baby was alive and he was screaming. And that child hears that, to this day, and has nightmares and flashbacks. And they cut the baby open, and they ... (indulged in cannibalism). They do this, so there are no bodies left, and they burn what is left and grind up the bones. And she talked about that, pouring gasoline on the bodies and burning them in the back yard. And I used to think that was nuts, but I have heard it enough times now that I know it must be so ...

"We know there are mortuaries involved, to cremate the bodies, and that makes sense ...
"The most horrible story about fire that I have to tell, and this is extremely, extremely disturbing, it was a little girl, she was a teenager when she was telling me. And she was describing a barn where they used to go to have their meetings and they used to gather outside the barn, and there would be chanting. And then as they went inside the barn they would be split into different groups. And she was never with any of her family, they all went to different places. And I asked her where she had to go and she said, 'I was always in the burning room.' And as she went on to describe the burning room, I thought, how she came out of this, with any sanity at all, I don't know. She was a very small child.
"They would take in children, probably pre-schoolers, and they would hang them from the rafters in this barn, and there would be as many as five or ten hung in a row. They would be fully clothed, which is unusual, because frequently they are naked. The children, like this girl, were all given candles. And you can picture the ceremony as she described it. And the candles were lit. Then the adults would go forward and would pour liquid from a cup on each of the children's clothing, which was obviously gasoline or kerosene. And then they would give a signal and the others would have to go forward and set the children on fire. When they were done they would cut them down. The first child that this girl had to kill was a cousin, a little cousin. What does that do to you? But you couldn't object, because the children that objected were killed. Frequently, she said, people would come in families, not knowing that their child would be sacrificed, and she described the screams when they realized that their child had been killed ...

"This child, about two years ago, just fell to the ground at Christmas time, everyone thinks that Christmas is such a wonderful time. And she confessed that she hated Christmas, she couldn't wait until everything was put away, because all she could hear was babies crying. Christmas is the time when the most babies die. And she covered her ears and cried for 2-1/2 hours, and screamed, 'Stop it, stop it, stop it! Talk to God and make Him stop it!' All she could hear is the screams and the babies crying ...

"Christmas, for the children I have talked to, has been one of the worst times.
I have had three children tell me about a very similar ceremony, and I will kind of merge that and tell you how it went. They were taken to a church, and all the children, it is a very festive occasion, and they are taken to the front of the church, and a small child is now brought in, two of them talked about babies and they put them on a platform. The adults are all celebrating, and dancing and singing, and the children are getting into the spirit of it, and what they are doing is forming a circle around the child, and of course the child represents the Child Jesus, and they begin mocking, and spitting, and calling names, and then they encourage the children to begin doing it, and you can imagine how it gets out of control. And at some point they hand all of the children knives and then they are all hacking, and slashing until the baby is dead, and then they all celebrate because the Child Jesus is dead."


"One of the most potent weapons of the satanists is the inability of the average person to comprehend such hideous events as described by Kathleen Sorenson......
"Normal people, reading Kathleen Sorenson's words, will have what psychiatrists call a "denial syndrome." Dr. Densen-Gerber addressed this phenomenon, when she testified before the Senate Franklin committee on December 29, 1990:
"It takes two to three years for the average person to get through the automatic denial that goes along with this kind of material. The first human defense mechanism against untenable horrific facts is to say that they don't exist." 
[Exerpt from John DeCamp's book The Franklin Cover-up, educational Fair Use]

New Year's Resolution: 
Believe the Victims

VC Bestor is an ordinary person, former victim of predators, and also Director of the non-profit
She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.
V.C Bestor on Twitter 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Brief History of Global Pedo Rings

We can lend a sympathetic ear to abused children, even after they grow up. 

(Dr. Phil is of course establishment elite)

CAVEAT from Randy Turner

Another victim of a pedophile ring -- this one in Belgium -- just lunged bravely into public awareness, transforming before our eyes from victim to survivor.

Anneke Lucas is apparently a survivor of what's know as the Dutroux Affair. Dutroux was a murderous child trafficker whose wife got a shorter sentence in evident trade-off for Dutroux not naming government officials who had abused the tortured children.
Belgium's UNICEF branch was also involved in child porn. 350,000 citizens of the tiny nation took to the streets of Brussels dressed all in white, demanding the reform of a system so corrupt that it would protect the rapists and killers of children.

A Belgian mayor was just murdered, reportedly because he sought to expose elite satanic pedophiles.

[Update: Elites in Italy didn't just traffic children, they tortured them with mind-control techniques.]

It's an unimaginable situation. Hence many of us in America didn't stretch our minds around the implications of our own Franklin Scandal. It didn't help that the cover-up was brutal:
Conspiracy of Silence
"Conspiracy of Silence" was in TV Guide whose magazine was reprinted to obliterate evidence when the program was pulled off the air.
TV Guide before it was reprinted

The Franklin cover-up is still under way. Law enforcement are complicit. "Call boys" were reported in the White House. Pedophiles thrive in DC.

Child-porn use in the Pentagon is extensive yet the investigation was quashed. NASA pedophiles are also protected. US government harbors too many of these sick villains.

Oh yeah, FBI ran 24 child-porn websites.

Utah's a particular hot spot for government torture of children:

Child trafficking involves U.S. Presidents. No big deal?

[ NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story ]

Mainstream media and academics in USA go out of their way to dismiss the child victims.

[ Weird 'irregularities' in McMartin Preschool case ]

Please bear witness to a similar high-level pedo ring in Britain, where BBC covered up that Prime Minister Edward Heath was a pedophile linked to a murderous cult... with Buckingham Palace involved.

Prince Charles' beloved great-uncle was known to have sex with underage boys.

England's Prince Andrew was good friends with convicted child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell.

Royal ties to BBC's famous pedophile Jimmy Savile are no longer secret. 

[ Reporter Who Exposed BBC Pedophilia Cover Up Found Dead ]

[Elite Brit Andrew Boeckman was spared jail and handed a suspended sentence for spreading toddler-rape porn]
[More British pedophile rings]

Child prostitution is organized by the highest level of the police in England.

In Canada, hundreds of thousands of Duplessis Orphans were used for whatever.

Abused orphans had to testify against prominent figures who were finally prosecuted for a pedophile ring that lasted decades in Portugal.

And, despite the mortal dangers, there are survivors in Australia who are speaking out about organized government-level pedophiles there:

Australian television from 1989 confirms the latest news about a religion involved.

The Netherlands also has violent perversions represented among (and between) government officials. Dutch Queen Beatrix stands accused of funding child murder parties.

A Dutch high-finance insider describes elite Satanic ritual child sacrifice:

[High-level government pedophile ring in South Africa]
New York Times and other mainstream media scrubbed their coverage when Norway just busted a huge pedophile ring. Fortunately in 2017 Germany arrested some elite pedos in a ring that had 87,000 members.

Pope Francis Knew His Protégé Took Nude Selfies, Abused Seminarians...
But Promoted Him to Top Vatican Post.

Icelandic government exonerated an elite serial child rapist.

Fifty "Operation Chaffinch" pedophilia suspects were just nabbed in Sweden, to mainstream media silence. And there was hardly a peep from deep-state media about hundreds of kids rescued in this huge recent international child-porn sting. PBS covers up satanic cult abuse.

Hollywood pedophile rings are hushed up; Elijah Wood claims they're shielded by powerful figures in the film industry.

Arrests of child pornographers are rarely covered in the media. Pedophilia is even portrayed sympathetically and normalized including sexualization of toddlers.

Jeffrey Epstein, convicted pedo-procurer, notoriously hobnobs with the likes of Bill Clinton. While the woman who alleged Trump raped her at age 13 at billionaire pedophile Epstein's party did fabricate the story, Hillary has certainly protected child traffickers and may have raped Cathy O'Brien.

But there couldn't possibly be any truth to "Pizzagate" pedophiles operating in Washington DC, right? Despite this evidence...

There has been no actual investigation... but trust authority anyway....?

The author of this blog, VC Bestor, is an ordinary person, former victim of predators,
and also Director of the non-profit 

She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.

V.C Bestor on Twitter

Latest exposé on child trafficker
Nothing to see here: Pizza-man Alefantis threatens to murder researcher
One weird little detail about "PizzaGate": 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

New York Times covers up Pedophile Ring

My jaw dropped. The cover-up can't be worse than the crime here, since trafficking in sex-abused children is probably the worst crime there is. But this cover-up ("fake news"?) is certainly a smoking cannon in a citizen-run investigation into children abused by the most powerful people in the world.

1) New York Times reported on a pedophile ring busted in Norway.

2) Someone just clicked on the NYTimes story.

3) NYTimes had scrubbed it.

4) Other Clinton-biased media followed suit.

Incidentally, NY Times "reporter" Kurt Eichenwald was an administrator of a child porn site.

Please help protect children from predators who have the kind of power that can erase public record of gruesome, depraved crimes.

At the very least, speak out when those in power normalize pedophilia and sexualize toddlers.

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit

a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.
"Find the meat of the matter"
V.C Bestor on Twitter

[NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story]

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Identity Politics died with "Bernie Bros"

[Updated 2017]

Other middle-aged ladies such as myself joked when Clinton's press painted all us Bernie Sanders supporters as naive college students: "Bernie made me millenial" we tweeted along with photos of our grey hair and wrinkles.

Then Hillary's media henchmen/henchpersons launched the narrative that fans of Bernie's compassionate policies were just sexist.

When Clinton's minions transformed us "Social Democrats" into Bernie Bros, apparently her intent was to spur actual victims of sexism (read: "hysterical women") into righteous endorsement of Hillary.

The irony wasn't just that the propaganda itself was sexist and nothing more than a ploy to polarize the genders for the benefit of Clinton's corrupt cabal.

In fact, the ringleader of this facet of her campaign was none other than David Brock, a man famous for sexist lies about Anita Hill (remember "I believe Anita"?) After Brock had assassinated Prof. Hill's character on behalf of the far right, he then -- via a disingenuous confession -- parlayed his absence of integrity into a neo-lib career smearing the likes of Bernie Sanders.
The "Karl Rove/David Brock playbook"

Maybe only David Brock has an accurate idea of how effective the ploy was, since his Correct the Record scheme "muddied the waters" with an army of Million Dollar Trolls who were paid to shriek sexism at anyone online who challenged Clinton's entitlement to coronation. Were any of them real people? Or were they just sock puppets like Donna Brazile? (Joke... mostly.)

When Human Rights Campaign endorsed the Primary candidate who had opposed gay marriage until 2013, I was instantly cured of identity politics... as miraculously as if Nancy Reagan had cured HIV. [Hillary said Reagan was an AIDS advocate. *Cough*]

David Brock is gay. Feel free, trolls, to accuse me of homophobia while I state the obvious: just as Clinton's crimes against democracy were disguised by exploitation of feminism, it's possible that a pedophile ring entangled in the echelons of our government is being concealed by aspects of an ordinary "gay lifestyle" and -- you guessed it -- accusations of homophobia. One of Brock's boyfriends is in the "fake news" for Instagram photos of (for instance) a guy in his pizza shop almost naked in drag makeup and covered in
what looks like blood. Before this election I'd have just said, "Well, that's, you know... just gay pride. Live and let live." Their sexual jokes about children are just free speech, right?

PizzaGate (as the pedophile conspiracy is called) is certainly being used as click bait by right-wing extremists who may threaten gays. However, that doesn't mean that children aren't being abused!

Where's the hip, trendy identity politics for raped toddlers?

Mainstream media are shills for the fat-cat status quo. Their response to PizzaGate hasn't been to address any evidence but rather to dismiss it all as "fake news" and malign concerned people like me as alt-right.

(Is alt-right a promotion from being a Bernie Bro? At least it's more muscular. Oh wait, now they're calling me alt-left. How dizzying.)
Comet Pizza gunman may be a false flag to silence real news

News media uses a single dubious gunman (c'mon, this is USA!) to silence dissent against power brokers who are so far above the law, they've got the FBI and CIA to lie and cheat on their behalf. (#BlameRussia)

Their propaganda minimizes the horrors of human trafficking... since it's apparently more important to them to protect adults than children.

Is everyone who voted Trump a "racist"? Hillary propagandists even portrayed Bernie Sanders as racist! What other labels do the cynical elite toss around to manipulate public opinion? Besides pitting us little people against each other, they demonize us voters to distract from their truly deplorable candidates. How much longer are we citizens and taxpayers going to let the likes of David Brock divide and conquer us Americans who really do want to make America great again?

I saw how Hillary Clinton's syndicate kept exploiting our every "identity" to her own devious ends. Identity politics can crush any inquiry into corrupt lawmakers. Remember how any criticism of Obama was "racist"? The Democrats' new head of the DNC has no moral compass; do you think it's an accident they picked a black woman? Never mind that shills for Democrat oligarchy are whitewashing genuine racists.
Cory Booker is up Big Pharma's entrails but RACISM

"Everywhere from the academy to the political sphere – most notably in Hillary’s playing to ethnic and sexuality blocs over the ‘deplorable’ white masses – elites have invited us to conceive of society as a vast collection of different groups whose interaction must be managed via race-relation law and hate-speech codes. It’s the opposite of the great progressive goal of elevating our shared humanity over petty biological differences." -Brendan O'Neill

CIA leaked that "Trump saw prostitutes pee" and we're supposed to care about feminism and, say, pussy grabbing... when the CIA is blackmailing our new president. [See #SpyGate].

I'm a professional eco-feminist. You undoubtedly have judgments about that label. You may even question my morals. But before you dismiss me as a shrill, slutty commie (or whatever), what if we set labels aside and join together against criminals in our government?

We may even save some children from a horrible identity indeed.

I wept with joy when Obama won in 2008: I'm eager to rectify America's treatment of black people. But I watched as Obama droned and fracked the world.... and saw he was complicit in election fraud to install a criminal to replace him. Now he says I just have "mommy issues."

Equal opportunity must not remain a special right for enemies of democracy and their dupes.
Exploiting rape for authoritarians

This is not a parody tweet!

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
"Find the meat of the matter"
V.C Bestor on Twitter

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is the PizzaGate Clinton Pedo Ring "Fake News"?

[Updated; for Pizzagate in greater detail, see link here]

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous here. But instead of cavorting in piles of leaves, I spent the day glued to the computer, researching pedophilia in Hillary's circle. In horror, I studied all the links on this impressive analysis.

1) "Lolita Express"

Although he got a obscenely light sentence, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a registered pedophile whose Boeing 727 is called the “Lolita Express." Bill Clinton flew on the sex offender’s infamous jet at least 26 times, even ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights to to such destinations as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, Brunei, London, New York, the Azores, Belgium, Norway, Russia and Africa.... though none of Clinton's trips seem to be logged to Epstein's 72-acre island in the (unfortunately named) U.S. Virgin Islands.
Mosque on Epstein's Island
WJC with Rachel Chandler  

[Bill Clinton caught lying about pedo Epstein]

[Update: Epstein Victims Sue Gov't for violating the Crime Victims Rights Act]

[Feds justify Epstein's Sweet Deal]

[Epstein paid $5.5 million to settle lawsuits with three of more than two dozen teens]

[NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story]

2) Clintons rescued a Child Trafficker

Linda Silsby was caught smuggling 33 kids after almost getting away with 40 other kids. Wikileaks revealed that Hillary intervened against justice. Silsby now goes by her married name, Laura Gayler, and works at AlertSense which includes Amber alerts for abducted children.

Media covers up this Clinton link to child trafficking. Former DNC chair Ed Rendell is also accused of pedophilia and trafficking kids out of Haiti.

3) "Spirit Cooking" is depraved


Wikileaks exposed the Clinton circle's involvement with an artist/witch. Live and let live... but this sort of popular "magick" looks less innocuous in the light of official apathy, possible Dept. of Justice complicity and the FBI condoning crimes committed in this circle of politicians and celebrities.

Dutch Queen Beatrix with "Spirit Cooking" artist

Politicians have been known to harbor pedo rings and protect molesters; there's even evidence that Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder has been lax with child porn.

[Public figures with ties to the Clinton Foundation are dogged by allegations of child sex abuse]

At the very least, pushing the envelope of art and religion isn't child's play. Kids shouldn't be around "spirit cooking" but they are.

Here's an idea: if you don't want to be target of a "witch hunt," don't practice black magic.

[Update: Abramovic collaboration with Microsoft causes public outrage]

4) Clinton intimate Tony Podesta has pedo art

I'm not going to show it all but here's some of the artist's work. It freaks me out. And it may get even worse (is murder worse than pedophilia?)

Art can be used as a Brownstone blackmail reminder that you've been compromised. It's also used to launder funds: "I didn't bribe him, I bought his son's fridge crayon masterpiece!"

Tony Podesta's international "business" dealings are shady.

Breitbart's death may have been suspicious

[Tony Podesta payoff from Russia]

[Hillary Clinton promotes spirit-cooking artist/pornographer Jeff Koons]

Who says, "children that are available"?!
(from #PodestaEmails)

5) Tony's brother, Clinton intimate John Podesta, was accused of trafficking in pedophilia in 2011

....not that Breitbart was a reliable source but he was hardly uninformed, either.

Democrat big wig John Podesta

Inside UNICEF's Bizarre 2018 Masquerade Ball

6) The pizza shop owned by Hillary's buddy has child porn on its website and also flirts with satanic rituals

I try not to judge anyone for what they do in private. However I would not eat pizza there. And, though I'm a novelist and prone to speak imaginatively, I can't imagine a run-of-the-mill reason to discuss a handkerchief map that "seems pizza-related." The criminal underworld uses codes, so why not the criminal over-world?

Notice especially the symbol for "boy love."
You have to admit it's strange!

Pedophile code
"Comet Ping Pong" Pizza is owned by a boyfriend of one of the slimiest people on Earth, David Brock. Brock works for Clinton.

The owner Alefantis himself was noted to be one of DC's most powerful people.

The online presence of his enterprises include satanism and undeniable sexualization of infants and kids.

The art associated with Comet Ping Pong is overwhelmingly gruesome.
Alefantis' instagram is jimmycomet

Alefantis threatens to murder researcher

Penis cake hashtag #Podesta

Family friendly

Another tidbit from Alefantis' lifestyle: NXIVM cult slaves
[VIDEO of Pizzagate evidence]

Alefantis may be disguised in drag as "Majestic Ape" in a Comet Pizza band.

Why (the average person wonders) would politicians traffic in children? After power-mongers suck the susceptible into abuse of children, they're in a world apart, "thick as thieves" only more fully committed to corruption and compelled to comply via blackmail or fear of justice. "A pedophilia/satanism ring makes sense because it is a way of getting sociopaths to trust each other." You can control people who have skeletons in their closet.

Another possibility: odd code words in the hacked Podesta emails may refer to illegal arms trade and drug smuggling.

Severed-Heads Mural in "Comet Ping Pong" Pizza

More art by Muralist for"Comet Ping Pong" Pizza

7) Podestas look amazingly similar to these police sketches.... does Jeffrey Epstein's ex (of "Lolita Express" fame). John Podesta cleaned out his emails the same day Madeline McCann went missing and evidence suggests he was travelling at the time of her abduction and could easily have been at a pedophile friend's house in the same Portuguese location. 

2017 Lawsuit against Maxwell
One possibility is that the "police sketches" were a warning to Podestas to keep them in line! The McCanns may be guilty of manslaughter. Or they may have sacrificed their little girl to a ring. One cop says it looks like trafficking.

Another odd coincidence: fox in the henhouse? 

Brian Podesta, Senior Analyst at the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

8) News Media is scrambling to damage-control "PizzaGate" to protect the powerful

...despite the explosion of interest in it demonstrably helping save children from rapists.
Mainstream media that shilled for Hillary is spinning this story, pretending Hillary herself (rather than her associates) was accused of child trafficking. Reddit banned the topic. New York Times and other mainstream news even cover up and normalize pedophilia and sexualize toddlers.

Twitter is censoring #PizzaGate
[Update: a gunman helps mainstream media paint this possible pedo ring as "fake news"]
The alleged gunman is an actor

[Woman who alleged Trump raped her at age 13 at billionaire pedophile Epstein's party fabricated the story]

Who knows the truth? What's already proven is that Hillary Clinton has a "charity" that disguises a number of crimes. She's covered sex crimes up before, including elite pedophilia. Let's hope that she doesn't continue to cover for molesters and child trafficking... although the evidence against her is mounting.

With corruption as profound as in the Clinton cabal, kids are probably just a tool to use for blackmailing and silencing rats in her ratline.

The author VC Bestor is an ordinary voter and also Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.

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Video of pizza violence toward kids: