Saturday, March 25, 2017

Muslims have Some of the Best Organs

You may ask yourself in private: "Do certain kingpins in the Deep State want the Muslim Brotherhood entrenched in USA? That facilitates the Cocaine Import Agency's heroin smuggling... but doesn't it also create the terror that maintains their lucrative policing industry?"

Don't be shy. The question above is what increasing numbers of Americans are whispering among themselves. Speak it out loud, even if (like me) you're liberal!

"Why did Obama arm terrorists? Why did Hillary send sarin gas to Syrian rebels despite their organ-harvesting children? Why was an Oscar awarded to White Helmets who are a front for Al Qaeda?" Before your CNN-befuddled loved ones confidently inform you that's  "Russian propaganda," ease back into the basics: the CIA is known for toppling governments worldwide.

Don't strain yourself: relax while CIA links to the Awan Brothers' scandal sink in.

The Awan Brothers are spies with top-secret clearance from the Obama White House. Two of them attempted to flee back to Pakistan after menacing family members and apparently stealing computer equipment from Congress. Their security clearance had ignored obvious red flags including massive debt and suspicious activities. But, despite Hillary Clinton's connection to Muslim Brotherhood while her right hand is Huma Abedin, any comment on the Awan crimes is just racist Islamophobia.
 Anthony Weiner won't testify against his wife Huma

Many of us wouldn't be aware of the extent of our "racism" if we hadn't stumbled on George Webb's coverage of this treasonous crime syndicate.

Webb reminded us that CIA's repurposed Phoenix Program has "interrogation" centers in America including Chicago's Homan Square, linked to thousands of disappearances still awaiting a Sting ballad. The privatized division of CIA called Dyncorp is known for organ trafficking.

Organ harvests have become an industry. Young people's blood is consumed for its anti-aging properties. Black people in Chicago may especially be unwilling organ donors funneled via this site. Believe it!
What, not in the news?!

[The Body Trade]

Organ Harvest USA

Case: Plaintiff claims that in some instances, organs were taken from individuals who were still showing clear signs of life
Awan Brothers' Uncle in Pakistan, Saeed Akhter

Casinos can be used to launder organ-trafficking pay-offs.

Another twist: microloans are used to get already desperate people into debt and tricked into the hands of traffickers.

[Elite Whistleblower Ronald Bernard confirms organ trafficking of children]
Dick Cheney, Criminal

The Awan Brothers nefarious associations hearken to evidence not only of Pakistani military brutality and disappearances but actual human meat. Organ trafficking requires refrigeration and other infrastructure, while butchery calls only for proximity to a restaurant. The meat, if identified as human, can command higher prices.
Also, he met with McCain

Meat is also a perfect cover for smuggling drugs.

Do you know anyone who's asked, "What happened to the people on the planes on 9/11, since it's now evident that the 'crashes' were simulated with special missiles?" Do you yourself suspect that there are criminals at the top level of our government who are willing to commit unimaginably gruesome crimes?

Why hasn't America's mainstream media reported on these abominations? Is it the same reason for covering up elite pedophilia, as Hillary Clinton famously did in the State Department?

The answer is much bloodier than you think.
George Webb risks his life to expose our gov't Deep State's criminal networks.

The author VC Bestor is a voter and also Director of the non-profit,

a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

How Politicians get Funded with Drug Money

Originally dismissed as "conspiracy theory," one man's daily reports on Youtube have exposed how top politicians get funded with money from crimes like organ harvests, heroin and human trafficking.

Yesterday, independent journalist George Webb investigated a suspected drug ratline from Chicago's O'Hare Airport to Sioux City. Already nicknamed "Drug Route USA," the area includes numerous casinos.

Buy chips with dirty money, gamble a little away, and then cash in your chips: infamous inside traders Boesky and Milken used casinos to launder money in the 1980s. Jailed and fined many millions of dollars, the mistake of those "Junk-Bond Kings" was not to cut Air America in on the action. Hillary and Bill Clinton didn't repeat that mistake. Evidence mounts that the $1.2 Billion Hillary spent on her recent failed campaign included cash from CIA-facilitated drug smuggling.

[Hezbollah's Crime Syndicate linked to Obama]

Follow the money... and the mangoes
Hillary has an odd obsession with mangoes

The smell of fruit throws off drug-sniffing dogs, so traffickers can bury heroin inside wax mangoes unnoticed in a shipment designed to get past uncorrupted law enforcement. Meat is also used. Perishables are also used because "anything that has to be cleared quickly though customs is better than something that can sit and be inspected through time."

“We’ll get a lot of people hooked on Pakistani mangoes” - Hillary Clinton

Pakistani spies installed at the heart of Congress can control not only politicians but, via them, also hinder local law officers trying to do their jobs along the domestic and international drug routes.

Hillary's Pakistani "revenue collection"?!

The spies in this instance, of the Awan clan, may also have tipped off the Muslim Brotherhood about the recent Seal-Team raid.
Heroin eventually gets to your neighborhood
When Seal Team 6's family members "see their sons died so Hillary could reopen her line of wax Pakistani mangoes filled with refined heroin shipping to Chicago, they will be none too happy." [George Webb comment on Youtube with typos fixed]

You may gamble that none of this is true... while drug traffickers are gambling in Iowa casinos to launder money for CIA-backed politicians.

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Democrat and the Spy

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, former chair of the DNC, hired a Pakistani with terrorist ties in 2005 and, with the help of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, went out of her way to ensure Imran Awan's access to Classified Information. Four Awan family members and a friend were also hired, eventually amassing about $5Million taxpayer dollars and apparently stealing computers and servers from Congress.
Imran Awan with serial rapist

[Update: Impeach D.Wasserman Schultz]

After police notified the top Democrat Wasserman-Schultz on Feb. 2 that the Awans are suspected of espionage, she continues to keep them on the payroll, circumventing the ban by re-titling Imran as an “adviser” instead of technology administrator.

June 7, 2018 Update: Trump spotlights this treason at long last!

The Awans appeared to have fled back to Pakistan or disappeared under their other aliases.

[Update: Imran Awan didn't flee till July 25; arrested at airport & DWS finally fired him]
Imran Awan (con)

Omar/Abid & Jamal Awan (?)

George Webb investigates the #AwanBrothers

Wasserman-Schultz is well known to Bernie Sanders voters as the face of election fraud. In a lawsuit, the DNC explained that "Sanders voters knew it was rigged so therefore it wasn't fraud."

Fooled by theTrump/Russia #BlameRussia ruse?
But this style of defense doesn't carry over to abetting spies. Destroying our votes may have just been business as usual, unlike helping foreign criminals infiltrate Congress to steal sensitive data.

Top Democrats -- even those directly affected by the crimes -- have been looking the other way, complicit in what appears to be overt treason.

Wasserman-Schultz should be in prison

Ordinary citizens, on the other hand, are ready for America to begin to see genuine justice.

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

CIA, Wikileaks and George Webb

A week ago, Wikileaks dropped 1% of their CIA treasure trove called "Vault 7". The scandal -- from the CIA endangering the private information of anyone with a cell phone, to their secret-agent ability to hack cars to crash -- sharpened the division in America:

~ Wikileaks Hero ~

Some folks cheer the CIA's deceptions, while others decry their history of coup d'├ętats against democracy.

Enemy to Democracy

~ Hollywood Meathead ~

Citizen journalists are a counter-balance to CIA propaganda. Using the resonant alias "George Webb," a software engineer has not just captivated a Youtube audience but also engaged them in his research.

You can ask questions and also comment (via google docs and Twitter as well) and join a distinguished peanut gallery. Such pick-up-game contributors have enhanced Webb's investigations exponentially.
...and George Webb is 6'8"

George Webb is tracing networks of corruption from, for instance, a privatized division of Bush/Obama's CIA called Dyncorp (famous for human trafficking in Bosnia)... to the Haitian goldmine of the Clinton Foundation... to Pakistani spies installed by top Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz to gain access to Congress emails and computer documents amid various money-laundering schemes that tie into drug smuggling as well as organ harvests.

Webb encourages audience members to forward his discoveries to appropriate authorities. Your confidence in said authorities may weaken, however, as you're initiated into our fraternity of genuine conspiracy cognoscenti.

 "A macabre tale of unbridled greed, corruption, and unspeakable violence, Webb’s series peels back the layers of a decades-old, deeply embedded organized crime syndicate to rival those of empires long ago.  The story is simultaneously intriguing and revolting, one rife with drugs, sex, weapons, blackmail, and countless assassinations, but also the gruesome deaths of many millions of innocents." -- Patricia Negron

Wonder how such a great man came into existence? A WWII hero, his dad earned a patent for inventing an early "mobile phone."

If you have the grit to watch the series, here's a good midstream point for you to jump in:

Blog author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit, a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

She drives carefully; has no predisposition to heart attacks; is not suicidal; and doesn't crush her windpipe while lifting barbells on the eve of formal inquiries into Hillary Clinton.

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