Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rats are a Pizza Topping

Why did the Democrats' whip deliver pizzas to the office of Rep. Steve Scalise?

GOP Whip Scalise was shot at Congress' baseball practice yesterday. He has recently been vocal about combating human trafficking, publishing a video on May 25.

"Pizzagate" refers to Washington DC elites and government officials trafficking children. ("Cheese Pizza" is code for "Child Porn.) In fact, another Congressman on the baseball field was U.S. Representative Brad Wenstrup. He wrote an article a week ago called "Human Trafficking: as Easy as Ordering a Pizza."

While child sex abuse is nonpartisan, Democrats are strongly associated with pedophilia lately since the cover up of Presidential candidate Hillary's intimates like Jeffrey Epstein, Anthony Podesta, and James Alefantis being associated with child trafficking.

The "HRC ratline" refers to Hillary Rodham Clinton's crime ring, its henchmen like rats running a rope into a ship filled with goodies. In HRC's case, the goodies aren't just pay-to-play funds laundered through the Clinton Foundation. Citizen investigators have used crowd-sourced intelligence to amass evidence that Hillary knowingly smuggles opiates through Pakistan with the help of foreign spies. If we "lock her up," it won't just be for the old Mena-Arkansas-CIA drug smuggling; it will be for treason.

What's news today is that elite Democrats are so emboldened by their syndicate criminals in the CIA -- so smug about their immunity to prosecution -- they made a "pizza" joke about Rep. Scalise (who's in critical condition, his pelvic bones shattered) and his dedication to end child trafficking.

This sort of joke has precedents. Former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta joked about pizza and also taunted Wikileaks for exposing his emails that show how top Democrats disabled our votes to prevent any chance for us to elect Bernie Sanders. No Democrats have been arrested for that crime against our country.

Sometimes a pizza is just a pizza.

To top Democrats, though, it's become a symbol of their contempt for the rule of law.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"I never betrayed anyone" about "Seth Rich Files"

"I never revealed Rabbit's identity to anyone!" Trish the Dish is still under fire for being the courier of the "Seth Files."

Trish says she got the Seth files from "White Rabbit" last Thursday. That weekend was a "nuclear meltdown like nothing I'd ever experienced."

I'd seen her perched on a stool in live streams and thought of her as a trembling marsh harrier; I mentioned to her over the phone that I don't want our enemies to see our fear but... can I put on the record that she was scared? "I was and am terrified. But I don't care if they know. I will not stop. I'd rather die early... than regret if didn't do all I can. I just want to end the corruption destroying our planet."

Trish knows that police and FBI aren't tackling Seth Rich's murder investigation, and she's unwilling to sit by while intelligence "agencies keep raging out of control." George Webb's video journalism has given many citizens like us a channel to respond patriotically to a government run amok.

Patricia #Trish the Dish" Negron
We're defamed for our involvement with the project. Some folks vilify George Webb because he's protected by an agent in Israel's Mossad. More on that later.

The opportunity to get the files "happened fast!" Trish promised not to mention whence she heard about them, so she didn't even inform George Webb that she knew the name of the woman whose message had alerted her.

"White Rabbit" said he's not an insider. Apparently Rabbit had downloaded the files from Guccifer 2’s Wordpress website before they were deleted last summer. The Wikileaks tweet announcing the files still exists, with Guccifer 2's link also notably deleted. It looks as if the "hacker" Guccifer 2 was a DNC/Crowdstrike operative designed to graft Russian footprints onto files already leaked by Seth Rich, not noticing at first that the "Seth Files" included extraordinarily incriminating documents, for instance, a PowerPoint on DNC's gerrymandering.

Trish tried to get an attorney for the DNC fraud lawsuit to retrieve the files, to no avail. So she stepped up. She met with "White Rabbit" on a bench outside the Dunkin' Donuts at a Boston suburb strip mall. She talked with him over an hour, not pressuring him since the files tend to create murder victims. Finally he gave her the thumb drive.

She rushed to publish the evidence, since anonymous sole possession of the files increases the chance of being assassinated.

Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth had to walk her through the process on live stream since she didn't know how to download the files onto Google Drive.

Then a techie (presumably from Crowdstrike, possibly "Defango") muddied the waters by putting out a second set of files that sent researchers to Kim Dotcom's Megaupload. That same party seems to be manipulating White Rabbit's defamation of Patricia Negron and George Webb. Trish doesn't blame Rabbit though: "He's scared. Justifiably. We all are."
Defango et al may be deep-state accomplices unwittingly--just greedy for clicks--but they may "put Rabbit at risk": the deep state doesn't care how high their body count goes; they probably already know who Rabbit is; and you'd probably be less safe as their puppet than in George Webb's camp.

"How is it that George hasn't been killed?"
"Oh," goes the easy answer, "He's Mossad... f*cking Zionist" -- which makes ~zero~ sense!

The woman who first told Trish about Rabbit's "Seth Files" dislikes George Webb because he gets some protection and tips from Mossad. It's trendy to attribute all the world's evils to Israel and the Rothschilds. For the past year, this woman had helped Trish find content for her US News Corps project to expose scandals like the Syria hoax, although Twitter apparently kept deleting Trish's popular USNewsCorps accounts. Finally the woman informant said Trish could use an old account of hers; recently she blocked Trish from that account... presumably on the grounds that George Webb has ties to Mossad.
George Webb
That (possibly immature and spiteful) woman mentioned she'd had a long talk with a CIA guy linked to Lara Logan. That's when Trish panicked: had the whole "Seth Files" episode been a CIA set up? Whom could she trust?

Then Rabbit called Trish and yelled that she'd exposed his identity. She hadn't! She's betrayed no-one! Maybe she'd only misunderstood when the woman said, "If Rabbit's okay then i'm okay."

The targeted smear campaign against anyone [go ahead, try me, you scum] helping George Webb's investigations will FAIL, at any rate.

[Update: Impending Lawsuit by George Webb vs. FBI]

Love truth, and you will see truth unfold before you.

Trish mentioned that our sanctions on Russia led them to collaborate with China to drop the petrodollar. Joining them, other countries our CIA has bullied (overthrowing their democratic elections, etc) are lining up to switch standard currency. So our economy may collapse from the CIA's crimes.

George Webb exposes the criminals more thoroughly (and fearlessly) than anyone I know, despite the deviousness of the drug-smuggling murderers.

"They've simply become a mafia," Trish says. "It's not me saying that, it's ex-CIA like Robert David Steele."
Trish's phrasing sounds familiar to anyone who's seen George Webb's videos. "It's not me saying this, it's the metadata!"
Even if George's "guardian angel" is Mossad, I hope neither he nor Trish the Dish is assassinated

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a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Is "Trish the Dish" a Spy?

The worst part about following George Webb's investigation is that you get in the habit of scanning the comments on his videos. Youtube comments are notoriously inane. But with Webb, they often point to unexplored evidence for the crimes he's exposed.

However, last week's events took an odd turn that led to an onslaught of deep-state trolls who frothed dross topped with this cherry: "Trish the Dish is a Lithuanian spy."

Her real name is Patricia Negron. She sprang into the battle against "HRC ratline" because someone needed to meet with a whistleblower to get files that further incriminate the DNC in the murder of Seth Rich. Ms. Negron rendezvoused with "White Rabbit" in the suburbs of Boston and, after over an hour of no-pressure discussion, was entrusted with a thumb-drive revealing political corruption in USA.

Sounds like something a Lithuanian spy would do!

Is there substance to the accusations now flung through Trollville? I tried to research the Webb investigation's detractors, for example, Defango. He said Jason Goodman's a pervert and "George Webb is into some nasty shit too." My gag reflex prevented me from seeking Defango's wisdom about "Trish the Dish" (or, as another troll called her, Yoga Pants.)

Patricia Negron
She attended Harvard, has a BS in Criminal Justice, and her resume frankly looks tedious to me but I'm sure Defango could make her about "nasty shit" too.

Her history of business analysis is the perfect front for a foreign spy. Or maybe she just is what she says, a "Fighter of  and advocate for journalists & whistleblowers" who had the "distinct honor of having our original accounts quickly suspended by Twitter."

The odd turn of events last week saw George Webb -- already targeted for harassment by FBI -- intimidated by thugs in a hotel elevator. His new sidekick Jason Goodman established a live stream to alert followers to any attack. Live, Webb disclosed he got help from international espionage including "French Mossad." In that raw atmosphere, Trish went to meet that stranger whose thumb-drive may have been involved in a murder.  For some of Webb's audience, their first introduction to Trish was a sort of third wheel between the guys, perched on a stool in sexy leggings. Some distrusted her and blamed her for confusion about technical details.

Others of us have known Trish at least since Bernie Sanders' campaign and recognize her dedication to democracy and the rule of law.

I think she's brave.

Fear is a normal result of confusion. There's a lot to be insecure about lately. Can we prosecute Debbie Wasserman Schultz for treason? Will Trump be overthrown by a CIA coup? What if our currency collapses? Many "news" commentators grow their popularity by giving listeners the reassuring illusion of certainty. "That [hero's] into nasty shit" layers superiority over our fear of leaderlessness.
 "Many people think that you're doing this to draw out people who know things. Then, stop them any way you can. Much misdirection and long drawn out orchestrated stories never getting to the bottom line on anything, especially drawing people away from the Clinton Crime Cabal. Scattered everywhere, but toward them. You have every good researcher going down different rabbit holes to keep them occupied until what?"-- Deep-State minion sowing obfuscation

One reason for the character assassination of (Jewish) George Webb and his associates is his confession that he supports "old guard" elements of Israel's Mossad, agents who see firsthand and oppose the gruesome crimes from which covert powerbroker cabals profit worldwide.

Jew-haters smear Rothschilds on whoever dares not vilify everything Israeli. Why this jihad against Jews?

One may as well ask, "Why express contempt for yoga pants?"

The world is full of haters. It's also replete with lovers of truth. I think "Trish the Dish" is a lover.

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a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Did Clinton Foundation CEO leak to Wikileaks?

Explosions took place in the street near his apartment when Eric Braverman was CEO of the Clinton Foundation. Those September 17 "Chelsea bombs" may have been a warning to him to stay mum about Clinton pay-to-play corruption... or worse.

If Braverman knew that Seth Rich had handed off the DNC leak to Wikileaks, we may speculate that Rich's murder amounted to another warning.

Braverman is identified in an email released by Wikileaks on October 22: Clinton campaign manager John Podesta named him as the "source close to the Clintons tell[ing] @ron_fournier to 'follow the money' and find the real HRC scandal.Supposedly Braverman was hired by Chelsea Clinton to diminish corruption within the FoundationDid he become a mole who could expose crimes that would curl your bones?
Where is Eric Braverman?

Insiders fingered Braverman as a leaker. He hasn't been heard from publicly since October 12. A Wikileaks courier received Podesta emails in September, and Braverman was purported to make a run for the Russian embassy on October 23.

The September 17 blast at Manhattan's 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue may have had nothing to do with Braverman, just like the sarin gas that Obama/Clinton gave to ISIS may have had nothing to do with Syria's Assad.

But it makes you think. Suicidal rebels do "our" bidding abroad, why not here? When a witness can testify and put Hillary Clinton into prison, don't you think a billionaire like her has multiple means to silence him?

The journalist George Webb believes that Eric Braverman did try to get more damning evidence to Wikileaks. Webb says he's been fed tips from multiple foreign-state agencies to guide his investigation into what he calls the "HRC ratline" mafia that encompasses elements of our law enforcement, State Department, the DNC, a street gang, and Hillary Clinton herself. Webb's informants may include "old guard" members of Israel's spy agency Mossad who are disgusted by Israel's involvement in lucrative crimes like drug smuggling and organ harvesting. The global "Deep State" has become an almost omnipotent crime ring.

Maybe, with the help of Wikileaks, Eric Braverman made a stab at stopping it. Webb says Braverman's on a kibbutz in Israel now. Our work begins.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit FangedWilds.orga project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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George Webb under attack by Crowdstrike trolls

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"Seth Rich was Murdered by Alpha Jalloh"

Who actually executes the dirty deeds of the white-collar criminals at the very apex of our government? How does the head of FBI, for instance, get rid of a person who's inconvenient to the ascent of their chosen presidential candidate?

The journalist George Webb says that FBI's Andrew McCabe let Nigerian Alpha Jalloh out of prison despite a history of serious crimes: instead of the projected twenty-year prison sentence, he alone was released after being arrested with twenty other people for carjacking. The release after only a few months was the first hint that twenty-seven year old Alpha Jalloh was coerced into being an FBI operative.

Two miles from the murder, FBI reported weapons stolen a couple hours before Seth Rich was shot. Forensic ballistics are still a secret.

[ Also a secret, even from the family's detective: the autopsy report ]

[ New Report Suggests Seth Rich “Hired Killer”]

Webb linked Jalloh to the infamous Awan Brothers via their profusion of car dealerships.

Profits from fencing the stolen cars apparently flowed through Jalloh's hands into terrorist channels. Because assassins like him target their diplomats, Russian intelligence had been monitoring Jalloh. Russians intercepted an email from DNC henchman Bob Creamer or his associate to Jalloh, and, in their report of July 2016, warned the State Department that a hit was put out on a DNC staffer for "that Sunday."

On June 17, the reporting officials were forced to leave the country on false pretenses that eventually ballooned into the #BlameRussia hoax. Obama expelled 35 more Russian diplomats and impounded their real estate "for trying to do our national security for us."

On tips from Israeli, French, Dutch, Serbian, Czech and Russian state intelligence agents, Webb unraveled the system of corruption that almost barreled Hillary Clinton back into the White House. Seth Rich became an obstruction to her when -- in his enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders that at least thirteen million of us shared -- he leaked information that proved Sanders donors were being cheated of democracy and at least $228 Million.

A Clinton campaign staffer was murdered the day after Seth Rich, to no fanfare. Seth Rich's death on the other hand immediately raised suspicion. Who else but Hillary is dogged by a reputation for the "Clinton Body Count"? Someone like her who is comfortable with murder is an invaluable asset to the deep state. Did she also okay the murder of two of Seth's killers? That campaign aide of hers was apparently a member of the MS13 gang and is now dead along with a cohort: Alpha Jalloh is a suspect in that triple-murder spree. Who may have hired Jalloh for the assassinations? Was it DNC favorite Debbie Wasserman Schultz's sidekick Imran Awan?

It wasn't until the "Awan brothers" scandal unfolded that we suspected Hillary Clinton was complicit in treason: her intimates have all the mechanisms in place to funnel state secrets wherever they like, including to pernicious elements in Israel's spy agency Mossad.

Who ARE Anthony Weiner's "trusted staff"?

George Webb says he was an asset for Dutch intelligence and a courier for Wikileaks. He knew that good-intentioned agents within Mossad were helping orchestrate his exposé of the Bush/Clinton crime cabal. Webb felt Mossad protection was his best option to prevent being killed by FBI like Seth Rich.

Right now Webb could be seeking sanctuary in the Russian Consulate as he believes former Clinton-Foundation CEO Eric Braverman did... but instead he just went for an interview with Infowars' Jerome Corsi. He also asks Alpha Jalloh to come out of hiding for an interview if he happens to be innocent.

VIDEO: George Webb breaks down the assassination of Seth Rich

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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HA Goodman attacked George Webb for making a mistake.

Monday, May 29, 2017

"False-Flag Company" Would Look Like This

If you owned a huge business interest and wanted events to boost your profits, wouldn't you feel jealous of organizations like the CIA?

The "intelligence community" -- CIA, FBI and other ICky alphabet agencies -- can stage a false flag to smooth all deep-state logistics. And nothing beats a realistic-looking terror attack to distract from, say, your chosen candidate getting caught in crimes like election fraud. (Fomenting racial conflict worked even better for creating anti-Trump fervor to overwhelm Bernie-Sanders voters with an urge for an imagined lesser evil who's in CIA's pocket.)

Say your corporation needs to postpone Brexit. Or you need to prove to investors that your power is diabolically immense. Whom would you hire? Would it look like this company?

~ IGNORE THE 666 ~
"Internet was used to create a multi-channel interactive experience for the participants so that, during the course of the exercise more than 2000 players from more than 80 companies were able to rehearse their roles in a highly realistic environment.  A series of live websites were created to give all the players the same information at exactly the same time representing news media, financial data, and information from the emergency services."
You can see the video here... with commentary from Ole Dammegard here.

Fake terror attacks can justify financing the police state to oppress all citizens.

Maybe companies like "Crisis Solutions" are fronts to disguise operations of the worldwide "intelligence community." Maybe the intelligence of life-loving, truth-loving communities is equal to ending the blood-drenched sham of false flags.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Monday, May 22, 2017

An Int'l Hero like Assange: Garzón

The Spanish judge who pushed to get George Bush's administration prosecuted for torture now climbs another perilous peak: defend Wikileaks' Julian Assange.

Garzón was the judge whose prosecution of Chilean dictator Pinochet led to the torturer's arrest in Britain in 1998. From Spain, Garzón boldly spearheaded criminal proceedings against six senior officials in the Bush administration for the use of torture against detainees in Gitmo/Guantánamo Bay. Obama obstructed the process and derailed that torture lawsuit.

Now Garzón is head of the legal team protesting Assange's illegal detention in the Equadoran Embassy in London. Assange is targeted for publishing the leaks of government whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and possibly Seth Rich.
"Baltasar Garzón, 58, is an analogue man, barely speaks English, is bad with computers. But he is defending in this case freedom of press but also fundamental human rights. ...[versus]
  • the growing influence of intelligence services [CIA etc],
  • the lack of transparency, 
  • the role of the mass media and the difficult balance of individual rights and state security."

Besides being Spains's leading counter-terrorism judge, Garzón also pursued corruption cases in his own government and other organized crime. He was expelled from the judiciary on the charge of illegal wiretapping. Yeah, you betcha.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit FangedWilds.orga project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Updated Evidence: DNC's Motive to Kill Seth Rich

Unless he's in witness protection, he's dead.

That dead 27-year-old Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks, according to a private investigator.

The P.I. Rod Wheeler says his FBI source found evidence of Rich's communication with Wikileaks.

Rich's family member (or a DNC representative) complains now that Wheeler's contract bars him from speaking to the press without their authorization. Nonetheless, Rod Wheeler divulged that he was not allowed to see the autopsy report. How often does that happen in a murder investigation? "It doesn't happen. I mean.... you're gonna learn so much about the victim." Wheeler said, "The autopsy report, to a detective, is the Bible."
Rod Wheeler, PI, with Crowdsource the Truth

Why keep secrets? Why wouldn't family want help finding the killers, especially a year later?

“I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” an anonymous federal investigator told Fox News. How? Hillary Clinton may have had her friends in the FBI search Rich's laptop; also, it's not unusual for police to employ FBI for forensics of electronic devices. Fox now retracts their story.

Also on Fox, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: "This young man who worked for the DNC, who apparently was assassinated.... having given WikiLeaks something like 53,000 emails and 17,000 attachments"...

Wikileaks published correspondence from the hacker Guccifer2 (Jevgeni Bogatsjov?) who named “Seth” as his source for #DNCleak.
"Ohio lawyer Bob Fitrakis confirms personal conversation with 2nd DNC leaker. If you haven't seen the #sethrichfiles you may still believe in conspiracy theories from the main stream news." - Jason Goodman [Fitrakis said the second leaker contacted him as soon as Seth Rich was killed.]

Kim Dotcom says Seth Rich was a source of the Democrats' leaks. Dotcom invented a way to share huge files like those Rich may have leaked. Or is the Kim.Com angle just the latest CIA "school play"? He became an FBI informant two years ago, apparently, and seems posed to plant a version of what Seth Rich leaked that is less incriminating to Clinton and the DNC.
Kim Dotcom will conditionally testify to US authorities

Wikileaks "Podesta Emails" and "DNC Leakproved Bernie Sanders voters were cheated of fair primaries and defrauded of about $228M in donations. Hours after Seth Rich's murder, many news outlets (including CNN) reported that there were "rumors" that Bernie would endorse Hillary at a joint rally in two days. Like clockwork, Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton in a bizarre betrayal of his donors and his decades-long political stances.
Understandable Hearsay

Many Bernie supporters found their voter registration hacked, often preventing their voting in the 2016 Primary. 

"Did the Sanders campaign have a plant, or was it the other way around? Did Rich lower the firewall for 4 hours to give Uretsky a chance to swipe [Hillary voter] files? Not only was Rich one of few people who had the ability to lower the firewall (maybe the only one), he was also one of the people who recommended the guy who knew EXACTLY when that firewall would be down."
Seth Rich worked as DNC's voter expansion data director using the NGP VAN program. He described his work as "voter protection": an "impassioned data analyst. I have an enormous interest in public service."

Did Seth "Feel The Bern"? Anyone who did was spurred to 100% dedication: Berners, you get me. Rich apparently supported Bernie Sanders... though most guys his age were entranced with Hillary Clinton. /Sarcasm/. Reddit just censored proof that Seth Rich was a BernieBro.
"His motto was, ‘Go big, go bold or go home’” -- Joel Rich

Rich was shot twice in the back near his home at about 4:19 AM on July 10. The bartender Joe Capone at Lou's City Bar implied he spoke with Seth the last time at 1:40 AM. It was actually Bernard (Brendan?) Warren, a part-time manager, on duty that night.

You may recognize Joe Capone from this ad for the mayor of DC. IncidentallyJoe Capone was inside a private room at the White House four days before. Did you know that drinking establishments can be an intelligence-community collection spot or "proprietary" confidential watering hole for agents who don't want to leave traces? Spooky.

"Out of town" Joe Capone implied it
was he who offered  a ride
 & said it was "definitely" a robbery
The bartender Capone described Rich's mood that night to media... but now says he was out of town. So Capone couldn't have offered to give Rich a ride as he'd implied on TV: Seth "was here just by himself that night, and even asked him if he wanted to stick around and get a ride home," said Capone. "He was like 'No, I'm going to go somewhere else and then I'll go home.'" Capone also claimed people talked to Rich in the ambulance.

According to the official tale, Rich is physically unaccounted for from the chat with Bernard Warren at 1:40 till an inept random mugging at 4:19 AM.
"After I heard them try to convince me that a 27 year old man during a night of bar-hopping and walking the streets calls his father at 2 in the morning to wake up Dad to slur what? I knew there was something wrong with this story."-William Petitt
Supposedly two assailants were seen on surveillance camera from the convenience store across the street but that footage was not released. DC police -- who arrived at once, wearing body cams -- contend that it was just a robbery gone wrong. Yet it appeared nothing valuable was missing; Seth Rich was conscious when found, and he spoke to his family when at the hospital.
"No bullet casings were found. The crime scene was very organized to the point of being sanitized. This would indicate careful planning on the part of the offender, control of the entry to and exit from the crime scene as well as in-depth understanding of law-enforcement investigative processes." -- Profiling Project
Nothing seemed stolen. Why did police call it a "botched robbery" instead of "successful murder"?
"A competent hit man would have taken a moment to make it look like a robbery, but this didn’t happen in this case. My guess is that the hit man had orders not to make the crime look like a robbery. I believe this was done to send a message to future would-be leakers." -- Joseph Magil
Neighbor Mark/Mike Mueller (Scott Roberts?) heard "two sharp gunshots," said he talked to cops tending to "the man in the street" (a walking Seth Rich?!) and also sells the notion that it was just a robbery scenario.

DC police proceeded essentially to refuse to cooperate with the private investigator and deny FOIA requests. Why didn't police release whatever information they had on the murder weapon? Was it a 22? 9mm? 10mm? 45? Did one bullet match an FBI gun that was reported stolen? The investigator Rod Wheeler says yes! Was it a subsonic solid-point 22 to preserve the organs for harvesting? At any rate, the "stolen weapons" story of the FBI defies logic: they use sophisticated locks and other security measures. The FBI bullet suggests an FBI hit.

If Seth was unaware that he'd been shot, he might have been shot from a distance. Where is proof that anyone was near him?
"D.C. police officers never interviewed the bar’s staff or requested any evidence from the bar, including the bar’s surveillance video from that night, as part of an investigation into Rich’s murder."
Heather Podesta, Tony Podesta's ex-wife, sits on the Washington DC Police Foundation. Of the first officer at the scene:
"Officer Robinson responded to Seth Rich shooting. Robinson went to Georgetown U when Podesta taught there. Robinson's sister worked for HRC." -- /pol/newsforever

DNC created the entire "TrumpRussia" folly as a distraction from their proven fraud. Former British ambassador Craig Murray told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off for Wikileaks; the source was a D.C. insider; hence blaming Russia for the DNC leaks was wrong. Certainly no hack occurred, despite what Democrats contend.

  • "American deep state (which the corporate media is generally considered part of) wants you to shut up about Seth Rich is because it is devastating to the Russiagate narrative they’ve been pumping all their energy into since the November election." -- Caitlyn Johnstone

[ New Report Suggests Seth Rich “Hired Killer”]

Independent citizen journalist George Webb suspects Rich was drugged, interrogated, then dumped on the corner and shot: "They propofoled him.... he gave up everything under drugs, and they rolled him out of the car at 4:15 AM." From Michigan, his "two year" girlfriend Kelsey Mulka reportedly had a phone call at 2:03 that lasted 89 minutes. Perhaps she fell asleep, ignored long silences, is auditioning for Donna Brazile's job, and/or attributed Seth's condition to alcohol. Why does she not report where he was for those 89 minutes? Had he been at her home as his roommate told TV? At any rate, Seth's parents said he did not have a good cell signal in his apartment so he'd go outside. But his girlfriend implied he'd been walking home during the conversation and hung up just before getting shot.
Hillary Clinton & Seth's girlfriend K.Mulka

George Webb's conjecture: "He went to the hospital at 4:20 AM, and he talked with his parents and brother. He was sitting up and talking with them, but he was still a bit groggy from the propofol." The police report said Seth, confused, told them his old address at 1222 Euclid Ave -- much closer to Joe Capone's bar -- instead of his current home, 2113 1st St. NW, near Flagler Place where he was found.

Why don't we know which hospital he was taken to? (It was apparently Medstar.) Why no coroner's report? The attending physician that night (Dr. Sava/Ateljevich?) may have been foreign and "didn't know" the exploratory laparotomy procedure, according to a (trustworthy?) surgical resident to whom George Webb spoke. Seth Rich's death was certified at 6 AM, over 90 minutes after the shots. Maybe "the nurse anesthetist took him out at 5:59 AM" or an EMT finished him with an undetectable overdose of potassium: "Trainees are a favorite. They are gone in a couple of days. No footprints. Off to another hospital.... I can take an ex-con, train them in two weeks to hang a drip bag..." Or possibly Seth Rich had been drugged with something designed to interact with anesthesia.
"If there was the slightest possibility that Seth might be anywhere near close to death, the hospital would have had him on a heart monitor, a breathing ventilator, all sorts of drips, and literally everything a person needs to stay alive after being shot. What happened at the hospital makes no sense." -- rockguitarnow
“They were very surprised he didn’t make it,” Aaron Rich said emergency responders told him. “He was very aware, very talkative. Yep, that was 100 percent my brother.”  
Odd gossip, eh?
"So, an assassin(s) pushed a drugged Seth Rich out of their vehicle and shot him while they remained inside? That may explain the bruises and why no shell casings were recovered. They landed on the floor of the vehicle. The police were there in a little over a minute. Anyone on foot would have been caught. Who has possession of that convenience store video? Scary thought... Some operative was surveilling the scene and saw that Seth was still alive when the police came, and called ahead to someone at the hospital." -- Lane Change 
“First thing I said when my Dad told me was he knew something and he was murdered."--Jonathan Rich

  • Daily MailRich was unusually drunk. The 27-year-old DNC staffer could normally throw back Bell’s beer for hours without a problem, but that night he was uncharacteristically unsteady on his feet as he made his way out the door.”
  • “That was just not Seth. I never saw him drunk or even tipsy.” (Newsweek) Was he drugged?
The more you know about the mafia running our "government," the more plausible this conjecture: maybe Seth was never taken to a real hospital, and/or the interrogation may have taken place in the ambulance. A Clinton-campaign aide was killed the next day in a double homicide; were the killers killed? The entire cover-up could be one of CIA's "school plays" orchestrated by friends of Hillary Clinton.
Seth was panda4progress... partly due to data analysis.
One of Seth's handles was not @pandas4bernie

George Webb explains the possible set-up"You can do the extraction off the street in a number of ways. Usually a pretty girl needing help with a tire, etc. You have the accomplice come from behind with the chloroform or whatever they use now. You usually explode something or stage a loud fight at the end of the street. Big move covers the small move. Once in the car, you go to a garage. He never leaves the back seat. He gives up [the name of Assange's now-dead lawyer] Ratner first (but I believe they already know that from [Clinton Foundation's former employee Eric] Braverman), and then he gives up Jones and MacFayden." MacFadyen is a deceased American investigative reporter and deceased director of WikiLeaks. Does he name Shawn Lucas (DNC lawsuit server, RIP) or maybe the woman who was killed at Russell Square"The grogginess means Seth dissipates the propyfol.... When the police withhold the details, you know something is up. I think the two shots are necessary to signal the JTTF team to come pick him up."

Russian intelligence revealed a specific name for who did the actual hit: Alpha Jalloh.
"Seth's parents said his watch (which supposedly had the strap ripped during the assault) was a Fit Bit (tracks steps taken, time, distance, etc...). Would be interesting to examine the Fit bit watch for the data it holds regarding Seth's movements that night!" -- Amalia G.
"The important thing to focus on is the metadata of his phone and laptop and the police bodycams and all the hospital cams/hospital monitors." -- George Webb

Webb also surmises, "Somebody leaked the NSA trace of Seth's calls to Ratner and Jones. I don't think he is killed just for emails. Usually, there has to be a meeting. ...It is after he gives Murray the thumbdrive in the park. He is going to call somebody in London to make sure they got the stuff. Hillary doesn't care about the intermediary. She didn't know who the contact point was in London. That's what they wanted. MacFayden recruited stringers every year at his journalism camp, and their feed point was Jones. That's what CIA didn't know was the feed point."

Why would Seth Rich be interrogated before killed? "They need to make sure he hasn't contacted any additional people and check for a dead mans switch release."--
Upside Down
"Everyone is focusing on [Seth's] emails to Wikileaks right now," Webb adds, "but it was Seth's phone call to Jones that killed him." Jones is also deceased.

Wikileaks' Assange retweeted
Wikileaks does not identify sources but offers a reward of $20,000 for information on Seth Rich's murder, ostensibly on the basis of proving their commitment "if there is any question about a source of WikiLeaks being threatened." Assange said: 'Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks as a 27-year-old, works for the DNC who was shot in the back - murdered - just a few weeks ago for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington."

Wikileaks published an email of DNC's John Podesta: "I'm definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have a real basis for it."

Seth Conrad Rich
January 3, 1989 - July 10, 2016
Condolences to Seth Rich's loved ones, to all citizens nationwide, and to everyone in the world who loves democracy.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the non-profit FangedWilds.orga project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
"Find the meat of the matter"
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Ya gotta wonder...

Seth worked for VOTER PROTECTION

Friend the day after the murder -->
'Seth's best friend, Michael Cass-Antony.... telling Crime Watch Daily he's disgusted by the reports. "All those lies that are being bandied about in the news are just that, and the reason that nobody close to him has refuted them is because there's no reason to," said Cass-Antony. "Because he spoke for himself. Because anybody who knows him knows how good of a person he was, knows how much he cared for the DNC and for where he worked and how much he believed in his cause."'

The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth

Video: "Why Seth Rich Investigation Should Terrify"