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A year ago, I might have been Antifa

I'm a fan of Crowdsource the Truth so am crowdsourcing this analysis of Charlottesville. Honestly I suspect our unelected "government" officials of many false flags. I do strive to gather data in an impartial manner. Of course that makes me a racist, or something.

"There's a chance that the driver didn't know there were other cars ahead of him in the street, as they were low profile vehicles, obscured by the thick crowd of pedestrians just behind them. In this scenario, he built up enough speed to 'run the gauntlet,' obviously a very reckless move. The presence of cars became known as they were revealed by fleeing pedestrians, who having only two directions of egress, parted like curtains behind the stationary vehicles. The stopping distance/impact velocity at 30 mph is quite significant."
Bike rack obstructs street
Bike rack obstructs street; driver backed up past it at high speed

"Why on Earth was this street not barricaded to all traffic? Why were the other two cars parked at the intersection? .... There's evidence that the local authorities encouraged conditions that would lead to injury for political benefit!" 
Extremely steep four-degree grade of road;  six-foot-wide curbs
The collision was at 4th and Water but
the protest was at Emancipation Park.

Bottleneck alley site: death trap

"Reckless endangerment by authorities who decided to route all the counter-protesters down this street; they closed all the normal streets but opened this one on the protest day. It's is almost always closed during festivals."--Local

Extremely steep grade of road in this alley site

Extremely steep road: 4 degrees gradient at 4th and Water Street

Total width the alley is only 31 ft 6 in

This could have just been reckless driving combined with several unexpected factors in the way the scene was managed by emergency authorities. 

A CIA guy was on the spot to video the collision.

A local said that the assailant's car looked like a police car with tinted windows, a type of car sometimes used for traffic enforcement.

I've never been paid squat for my activism so this is another odd detail: a 'Crowd Hire' Company recruiting $25/hour 'Political Activists'. in Charlotte:
"Charlotte NC was the location of organized riots in 2016 . The radicalized groups there are already trained, primed, indoctrinated against law and order and ready to go. I doubt you will find that anywhere else within 500 miles of Charlottesville and therefore it is absolutely logical to run ads there for paid protests ( riots ) participants in a neighboring state."
Yes, I personally would drive five hours to get $25/hr. But I will never resort to violence unless trapped in self-defense.
Why the riots, why now?

Obama put it into law: instate the emergency FEMA government if there are RIOTS in at least five cities SIMULTANEOUSLY: "deep state set it up so that they could seize power just by fomenting riots in five cities. They're still trying to illegally seize power in an ongoing coup d'etat."

"Occupy Democrats head Jason Kessler, who in Nov 2016 had a change of heart and became a neo nazi ( who does that?) and plans a freedom of speech march, but has Antifa and cops kick the protesters out and stages a white supremacy rally, airing it as though it is real. They bus in 6 charter buses with "KKK" members and BLM members on the same buses together. Yeah. And in the crowd, just happens to be ex-CIA operative and loyal democrat Brennan Gilmore, who just happens to be in the right place at just the right time and captures footage of the charger and puts out the first viral tweet about it and also gets the first interview. Shady, nah... The original protesters who were herded and kicked out didn't know Kessler was a plant. A cop came out corroborating the stories of them, and it is really looking staged."
 "The cops wouldnt help them leave and had them boxed in. [The witness] also said that almost everyone who was with her was hit to some degree. Curiously, she says that one of the ladies who was stuck with her struck the car and then threw herself down on the ground like she had been hit. So, IMO there were actors amongst them and they used these innocent bystanders and actually put them in harms way hoping one would get seriously injured."

All I know is this: 9/11 was an inside job. What else is?

Quotes above are all from Facebook friends. 
Antifa arrested in C'ville;
just a year ago, it could have been me
Thank you everyone! 

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

How Can We Get This Message Out?

Expose scandals to make our government function. Why not? Why do some folks care less?

It seems so easy: just share these stories, and our tax dollars will go to making our communities better, not worse. We'll have fewer potholes in the streets, happier cops, less violent crime. Corruption thrives behind all the distractions and disinfo vomited into our brains by mainstream media.

Whistleblowers try to alert us to reality.

Does anyone have an idea why we don't listen? For instance, anyone who follows the #Pedogate phenomenon knows that politicians perpetuate war and ignore our real needs because of the blackmail system controlling them. Why do so many otherwise concerned people dismiss Pedogate?

As a friend puts it:
It is hard for me to accept or get my brain around this actually happening at the highest levels and at the frequency with which it is suggested. I just can't make sense of it. It strikes me almost as an urban legend. Pizzagate and all that. As soon as someone told me about it or I read about it, it just didn't pass the smell test for me. It struck me as propaganda. But maybe I am naive in this regard. 
I would like to believe this type of behavior is aberrant and my sense is it tends to happen where education and IQ is wanting.
I said: "Nope, it's simple as pizza pie: blackmail politicians. Period!"

He responded,
I understand but I have to believe that the vast majority of these politicians are not perverts. they might be power-hungry but not perverts. it just doesn't make sense.
There has been a system in place for many decades. Here's a hint:
Please share information about this whistleblower if you want a government that works for us ordinary taxpayers, not for the worst criminals in the world.

Your friends have probably already shared info like this about CIA's pedogate.
In that case, please ❤️THANK❤️ them for me!

Post a comment about why you do not share it if you don't plan on it. We need to understand what are the barriers: do you not believe? Are you afraid that friends will think you're a "conspiracy theorist"? 

There certainly IS at least one conspiracy...
Why would such a history-changing story not be shared? Do you not believe it's real? If not, please comment so the whistleblower Randal Turner understands how only 1 out of a 1000 people who view the blog make a comment. "If you think it's some crazy hoax, say so in comments."

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Awan Spy Ring and Stolen Cars

Why haven't the six known spies been arrested in the growing Awan scandal? Were some of them just names on the payroll for $160K a year of our tax money?

[Update: Awan Grand Jury Was November 13th, 2016!]

Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi are the only ones in the news. Investigative journalist George Webb thinks that "Jamal Awan" is up to five underlings who run the Awan doped Blackberries to members of Congress at parties or receptions where they won't be recognized.

[Update: Awan News in NY Post]
"Awans" -- Imran and Abid may be the same person

Nataliia Sova is one spy we know to be an actual human. Sova is named as a principle in Awans' car companies ("Cars International A," referred to as "CIA" in court documents; "Regional Car Centers" and "EZ Car Buying") that may be involved in an auto-theft ring.
The stolen cars serve multiple purposes. They can be disguised to allow the spies to travel leaving fewer traces; they're sold for cash; they're sold to diplomats pre-bugged; and they can be transported abroad hiding weapons inside protected from official scrutiny by "diplomatic immunity."

Besides those who hold Diplomat shipping privileges, who else has such special rights? "Art in Embassies Program" gave the Podestas, Jeff Koons, Rockefellers, Marina Abramovic, Rothschilds and even James Alefantis (#Pizzagate Comet Ping Pong owner) access to a private shipping channel that could bypass any port security.

The use of a diplomatic pouch to send weapons is illegal under international law yet the CIA has done it.

The totality of this espionage/smuggling ring is what we call "HRC ratline" in honor of the #2 rat, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Autos carry weapons out & heroin/opiates back to USA

The author VC Bestor is an ordinary voter and also Director of,
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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Identities are obfuscated and the dead may still live!

Possible link to Alpha Jalloh

"Alpha Jalloh, High-Level Auto Fence - Three Felonies in Six Months - No Mug Shots but Photos Much Later That Aren't Him"

Monday, August 14, 2017

Inside the Enemy

A new whistleblower just came forward to expose the most depraved people running our government. I think now is the moment in history when we're ready to listen to him.

Randal Turner was in Washington DC when Reagan was shot. He may be shot himself for knowing who arranged that 1981 assassination attempt. Even more shocking: he was only sixteen and carrying the nuclear codes beside the President when Hinckley became what many of us now suspect to be a patsy.

[At the Reagan shooting] "you can see me reach over and stop them from opening the door of the police car to place Hinckley inside the car. I had the nuclear codes inside the briefcase. I was taken to the police station where they took the codes from me. They used the codes to force Reagan to give Bush Sr. control over the US-China trade agreement. Bush wanted to sell arms to China.
"Nobody but those who covered it up knew or mentioned anything about me being in the back seat relocking the door after that officer unlocked it. Think about that if you question my claims of what happened that day..... it was actually covered up by the mainstream media claiming the lock on the door was broken." -- Randal Turner
Randal Turner in 1981

In 1982, New York Times published proof that teenage boys were trafficked in DC as part of espionage rings. In 1989, "call boys" took tours of the White House at midnight. What those articles fail to mention was the extent of domestic intelligence agencies exploiting children with the aim of blackmailing powerbrokers, a scheme the CIA has used in the overthrow of democracies worldwide for decades.

Randal Turner could have been involved in a similar blackmail scenario. But it appears that at the Reagan shooting he was staged to be one of the patsies. From the age of fifteen, he was under the control of a DC-linked crime ring; he reports that they used MK-Ultra techniques to mold him into a Manchurian candidate. One piece of substantiating evidence: audio of the Reagan shooting includes a first shot that sounds different from the rest.
Original photo retouched
but still unmistakeable

Turner says he sued the government for exoneration and was indeed awarded $10 Million in compensation. It's credible that the case was sealed for "national security" reasons and that the crime ring then incapacitated him to steal the cash:

"I was drugged and tortured to the point I was begging for them to kill me so I didn't have to suffer from the pain any longer. I was used as a sex slave, drug mule and worse. I was sodomized.... Years later I proved my case and was supposed to get a 10 million dollar settlement but my family with the help of the FBI and local law enforcement drugged me and took my settlement money then split it between them. My Mother, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncle, cousins, brother-in-law and his family took part of the money. Two FBI Agents helped them along with some Snohomish Co. Sheriff's deputy's all of which were paid off using portions of my settlement money. Evil does not begin to describe the people involved. They have done things to me over the years to keep me quiet via threats to my life and framing me for crimes I didn't commit.

"I was one of the teens they used when [Franklin Scandal victim] Paul Bonacci was there. I met Paul and was one of the kids with him when .... they sodomized me and tossed me around like a sack of potatoes then threw me to the ground and fired a gun at me." -- R. Turner

How does it feel to have your own family and government complicit in criminal abuse of you and other children?
Randal Turner wrote a song with the lyrics, "Follow the blind into the dark.... Don't let the past tear you apart.... You.... me.... inside the enemy..." 

The enemy can be an alternate personality created by torture-based MK-Ultra mind control.

Yet we're all "inside the enemy," paying our taxes to people who ensure we have perpetual war and pointless suffering instead of thriving communities.

If not for the children, let's do it for ourselves:
Let's stop their crimes.

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She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pedogate is Atomic

The establishment now uses "pizzagate" as a code word to imply "conspiracy theory." If you paid attention when the story broke (before the pizza place in question scrubbed its incriminating evidence), you know that a true conspiracy exists: mainstream media does cover up pedophiles in DC government and worldwide.

One of the kids who was used in DC has grown up and made videos to prove what the most powerful perverts in the world did to him. Of course his story is dismissed by anyone squeamish or brainwashed by mainstream media.

Randal Turner deserves a moment of your time. He was a child. Politicians used him.

And I believe he was carrying the nuclear codes beside Reagan when the President was shot in 1981.

But YOU decide.

The briefcase with the codes is nicknamed the "atomic football" and functions as a mobile hub for our "strategic defense systems." The aide-de-camp who would have carried it normally for Reagan was on vacation that day, or perhaps whoever staged the shooting considered young Randal Turner more dispensible.

Several sources besides Randal Turner claim George H.W. Bush was behind the assassination attempt. President Reagan was shot by a "stray" secret-service bullet apparently but I digress.

Agents evidently altered the original but that chin is unmistakeable
Randal Turner later filed a successful $10M lawsuit against the government for being used in the Reagan shooting incident.

But in 1980, a year before the shooting, his mom sold him to a pedophile. (As reference: on September 19, 1982, Michael Aquino was said to purchase Johnny Gosch for $35K.The man made videos for the CIA to entrap politicians having sex with children. They drugged the fifteen-year old apparently with a plant-based "devil's breath" probably including scopolamine from the borrachero plant. The pedophile grew the plants at his house. Young Randal used the drug on the man who enslaved him and regained some measure of freedom but remained entangled with the elite pedophile ring. Once again they drugged him and he was attacked by then-Vice President George H.W. Bush.

Bush Sr. has been fingered as a pedophile by other victims and witnesses. Pedophilia is almost impossible to comprehend for most people; what's essential is to see it as a tool for CIA (Deep State) to blackmail and control powerbrokers.

CIA programming of mind-controlled slaves -- MKUltra and other styles of programming -- is publicly documented by the CIA themselves. Randal Turner describes techniques in detail that they used to crush his will (and testicles).

It's horrible just to know about their crimes. Those of us who haven't been crippled by the perpetrators have a moral responsibility to speak out against them. Too many of the victims are silenced, one way or another.

Why is Randal Turner still alive? I don't know. One reason may be that he says "some people who claim they were victims were in fact not victims but part of" the "Franklin Scandal" and similar Pedogate crimes. I imagine that the perpetrators like having victims discredit one another.

Or someone may be holding a video that proves Randal Turner is a victim and, if he is killed, that video would be released.

The criminals in question may implant lies and memories that sound outlandish. The general scenario in question however has been amply documented.

[1982: Prostitution rings are providing young boys to male customers in Washington and are reportedly selling information about their clients' sexual preferences to foreign intelligence services: New York Times]

Time to "drain the swamp" of these predators.

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit

a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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My Text Chat with Randal Turner:

Message Fiona [Barnett] and ask her why she doesn't reply to my messages. Kind of weird she claims to be a victim yet doesn't reply to a fellow victim with a story like mine.

Another few more things about the videos you posted in your links. The girl who was on Dr Phil made a statement to other victims: don't leave! If you watch the whole video you will see she makes that statement. Dr. Phil may have met people who are involved in the group and not even know it. Whoever set up the interview may have staged it as a message to those who are still captive. 
The girl said in the interview if she had a choice she never would have left

Did you know Clinton and Bush Sr. were buddies way back in the 80s?

they are all in the same party, the pedoparty

Fiona went dark for many months & I don't think she trusts many folks!
Trust is a rare, precious and much abused trait... so it's a very difficult situation even if the people involved aren't MKUltra.
At any rate, I do hope you get some satisfaction from knowing the truth and speaking it! (((Hugs)))

Thanks VC, I sure hope I get justice for what was done to me somehow soon too.

Well, there's no compensation big enough to make up for what they put you through. I keep fighting for justice but secretly look at my own (small) victimhood as the membership card into the "club" of the bravest, strongest and deepest people on the planet. My soul wound is like a graft and we victims are like a multi-color tree of human resilience. Sorry to get poetic 😉

Thanks VC I like the poetic part 🙂

I'll try to blog about you but as you know, I'm an amateur so will mess it up!

Thanks, Nothing could hurt me anymore than I have already been hurt, just get the word out and hope people start taking notice and realize how important this is to the future of the country. They are still running things.

Ok! Hey, do you have any link or documents to prove your court case existed? I'm lazy about searching for it 😉
No they covered it all up. If the nation knew the shit they did to me people would be up in arms.
They claimed they had to seal the case due to national security then they paid everybody off and destroyed the case files is what I figure
The last case was rigged, they told me they would place me on a pension while everybody paid back the money then gave me that drug

The things that came out on court would shock people.
[One thing they do] is
called doubling.
As an example, these celebrities did some crap to me but before I met with them my friends and a few family members drugged me at a bar and did the same type of thing to me. [Redacted, celebrity #1] told them what to do and they did it. Then when it was over I had no memory of what they did and a week or so later I meet some guys at a bar who invite me to a party, that is when all the celebrities showed up, they did something very similar to what was done to me at the bar. This confused the MkUltra victim but somehow I recalled and made sence of it all in court, I recall [celebrity #2] saying how the fuck did he remember that?

Wow, fascinating. They really are as devious as their Nazi mentors! I've just been reading about operation Paperclip
The CIA did that to us MkUltra victims if they were going to use us for a mission, they would have actors play out a scene close to what we were supposed to do on the mission, so if we were caught and interrogated it would make no sense etc.

Randal Turner makes plenty of sense to me!

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"Awan Spy Ring run by Gen. Petraeus"

Most folks know Petraeus as the general who leaked classified information to his biographer-slash-girlfriend and lied to the FBI and CIA about how he had handled the secret files including binders of "regime change" plans for taking over countries. He was sentenced to a $100,000 fine and two years of probation. Adultery alone is a crime for active duty officers.
Petraeus extramarital frd Broadwell

Former CIA Director (2011-12) David H. Petraeus is a retired general called by CIA mouthpiece Washington Post "one of the greatest military minds of his generation" for heading the surge of 20,000 US troops into Iraq for WMDs that didn't exist.

That does make him the greatest... something. He's perpetrated our military-industrial blood-for-profit. So let's not dismiss George Webb's theory that Petraeus masterminded the Awan spy ring that has read all Congressional emails and documents for twelve years as blackmail leverage to ensure our tax money going toward perpetual wars.

Petraeus' sex scandal was first exposed when Jill Kelley (nÊe Gilberte Khawam of Lebanese extraction) told FBI she was being cyberstalked by someone she later discovered to be Petraeus' girlfriend Paula Broadwell. Kelley apparently didn't realize she herself would fall under suspicion: why did she send 30,000 emails to a CENTCOM general?
Petraeus and Kelley

30,000 emails is a LOT.
Petraeus and Kelley

Kelley's identical twin sister Natalie Khawam runs a strange "whistleblower" law office, is rumored to be a spy, and had a relationship with a major fundraiser for Democrats who we know commit felony election fraud. Yeah, I'll tar y'all with that brush. You negated my vote for Bernie Sanders and poison democracy to death!


Petraeus and girlfriend Broadwell exchanged messages without encryption tools: they shared an email account, with one person saving a message in the drafts folder and the partner deleting after reading. Everyone thinks that's cool, except for the unencrypted part. It reminds us of how Hillary Clinton and her accomplices sell state secrets using unsecured servers that automatically sync to doped Blackberries of the Awan spy ring.

Independent journalist George Webb is spearheading a crowdsourced investigation into the implications of that modus operandi. 

Remember those 30,000 pages of emails from Jill Kelley? They point to an ostensible entertainment agency using women from war-torn countries like Lebanon to control the world's powerbrokers, much like the CIA's Brownstone operations but possibly with a twist. Kelley's sister Khawam is a principal in Fullproof LLC in TampaFullproof is apparently a HRC ratline cut-out company that Petraeus and other CIA created to entertain, spy on and compromise top military with "laced love letters" using phishing malware in, for instance, the 30,000 emails that Kelley sent to General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is ground zero of the heroin smuggling that fuels our country's opiate crisis.

But back to those splashy high-society parties with top brass in Tampa. Frequent hostess Jill Kelley was an "honorary Consul General" of South Korea and was reportedly an unpaid social liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), a secretive counter-terrorism unit tied to JTTF.

When Gen. Allen lost his job because of the Kelley scandal, Petraeus became the head of CENTCOM.

Despite her connections, the Kelleys were foreclosed on a $1.8 million mortgage in 2010 and defaulted another $2.1 million loan. Her doctor husband and she had a non-profit with dubious finances:

30,000 emails......
that's a smoking gun.

George Webb believes Petraeus uses Jill Kelley's house for Brownstone operations to blackmail and control other military brass. 

The author VC Bestor is a taxpayer and also Director of the non-profit, 
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

George Webb exposes Awan Spy from Ukraine

Nataliia Sova is one of the "Awan Brothers" spy ring who hasn't received any mainstream attention. Why is mainstream media so SEXIST?

One hallmark of spies is the difficulty of
nailing down their bonafide identity
Ha ha, I'm joking: of course "news" like NY Times is just a mouthpiece/diversion of the same criminal masterminds who created the top Democrats' spy ring. CNN and other MSM only tell the truth to maintain the illusion that everything is fine, just fine: don't worry, they're looking into... 9/11, or JFK, or whatever.

Meanwhile, foreign spies like Nataliia Sova endanger our national security. The "Awan Brothers" even ensure the arming of ISIS on our soil. Just think of it as JTTF job security.

By the way, it's not Islamophobic to decry Jihad, mass murder or treason. If you want to feel patriotic, consider that Awans may have started off as Pakistani spies but then been flipped by CIA to blackmail/control our Congress members.

A Ukrainian, Nataliia Sova was ostensibly the wife of Abid Awan (who may also be Omar or Ayasha Awan.)
You may notice the weird double "i" in Nataliia's name; I think it's just a Ukrainian quirk.

Omar/Abid Awan

Slightly off topic: Hillary Clinton profited from organ harvesting in the Ukraine.

Deep-state/Clinton's Awan spy ring was known for Imran Awan doing the actual IT tasks while the others just collected the huge paychecks of taxpayer money. Sova was paid in 2011 as a temporary hire for neolib Ted Deutch of Florida.

[Two new addresses for Imran Awan are connected with "sister in law" Nataliia Sova]

Sova was apparently only in USA for six months. So how does Nataliia Sova spend her time? George Webb links her as an Awan contact to the NADRA Pakistani surveillance system and 11th largest bank in Ukraine. NADRA launders funds as well as monitors opium/weapons/uranium trafficking via satellite.

Nataliia Sova is also associated with three businesses in Canada near the port of Montreal. She's named as a principle in Awans' car companies ("Cars International A," referred to as "CIA" in court documents; "Regional Car Centers" and "EZ Car Buying") that may be involved in an auto-theft ring exporting Bentleys and other luxury vehicles avoiding scrutiny under "Diplomatic Pouch" status. Stolen cars do fund terrorism.

Why the port of Montreal? Any port in a storm of stolen car smuggling!

[Update: Uranium in Stolen Car in Baltimore]

George Webb thinks the Awan smuggling/spy ring was
masterminded and installed by General 
David Petraeus.

[Update: Debbie Wasserman Schultz pressured officials at Congressional Federal Credit Union to write a loan to Awans, according to federal law enforcement sources.]

Another stray spy in the ring is Rao Abbas. One of Abid Awan’s creditors, unqualified Rao Abbas, 37, began working on Capitol Hill in 2012 after Abid Awan declared bankruptcy.

Where is Rao Abbas now? Where is Omar and/or Abid Awan? Where is Jamal Awan? Is Nataliia Sova in Ukraine?

But enough about these creeps.
Ciao Scrunchies!

The author VC Bestor was a Bernie voter. 
She's Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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George Webb Video