Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cheerful Man Commits Arkancide with Helium

Peter Smith was an anti-Clinton activist found dead.
Peter Smith

No, this isn't a story you've already read. The echoes aren't in your memory: this is history repeating itself.

Less than a day before his death, Republican Peter Smith had chatted for twenty-five minutes with Charles Ortel, another investigator into Clinton corruption. Smith had tried and failed to obtain Hillary's 33,000 missing emails. However, in their many conversations, he gave no indication to Ortel that his disappointment would lead to being “found with a bag over his head with a source of helium attached” on May 14 with a note saying, “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” ten days after publicly admitting to Wall Street Journal his search for Clinton's incriminating emails.

Walmart only carries a brand of helium that's diluted with oxygen so not used for euthanasia. A Walmart sales receipt for the helium was from 12:53 p.m the day before, when Peter Smith, age 81, was indisposed. He wrote two blog posts that day anyway.

Blood-drenched cheater lost the election ANYWAY
Smith was used by Democrat operative Mike Kempner to help elevate Trump above all other GOP candidates; he didn't know Trump had been identified as the most easily defeatable Republican for 2016.

In related news, "Fast & Furious" actor Paul Walker discovered Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti before his car was bombed; Monica Peterson and Klaus Eberwein also could have testified about Clinton-Haiti misdeeds but died suspiciously.

A statistician declares an anomaly.

[Prosecutor Beranton Whisenant death was caused by a gunshot to the head. The weapon has not been found, but the death has been ruled a suicide. His body was found in the district of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Clinton election-fraud and AwanGate fame.
Whisenant autopsied by Craig Mallak. Mallak was in the Navy, did work for the FBI in Iraq & Kosovo, and supposedly falsified records before; Mallak identified Saddam Hussein and his sons in Iraq.]

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hillary's Spies Smuggle Depleted Uranium

"Diplomatic immunity" allows lethal radioactive material to be smuggled into our ports without the usual security screening (USA scans about 4% of incoming cargo with monitors that can detect nuclear devices)

Arms are also smuggled to ISIS worldwide using the "diplomatic pouch" loophole.

What helps: a $250 Million bribe in Hillary Clinton's pay-to-play arrangement for a nuclear-linked, terrorist-tied Middle Eastern company to manage key ports in Florida and ship weapons to ISIS. 

The only person arrested for this crime was the independent journalist George Webb who had alerted his audience to the peril after receiving tips from multinational intelligence agencies. Why the injustice? Domestic authorities are protecting U.S. government leaders involved in the smuggling rings

Implicated are the top Democrats who hired foreign spies to work as information-technology staff for a total of eighty Congress members since 2004. The ISI-based spies had clearance with access to committees that are the most sensitive for national security. CIA sometimes imports foreign agents to commit crimes under the liaison loophole. The CIA's history of drug smuggling explains some of these spies' activitiesThough there is question as to their real identities, the Pakistani spies are known as the Awan Brothers; the scandal, #AwanGateThey're suspected now of using the stolen data for blackmailing Congress members into silence.

Steve Pieczenik confirms the Awans are tied to Pakistan's secret intelligence ISI.

[U.S. Pays $50 Million for Luxury Cars, Weapons, Booze for Afghan Intel Officers]

Imran Awan

Imran Awan was finally arrested on 7/24 but only for bank fraud! Capitol Police arrested Awan, instead of DC police who answers to the president. His wife Hina Alvi was allowed to leave for Pakistan despite being caught at the airport having failed to declare her excess of cash, a felony.

[FBI blocked the arrest of Awan wife Hina Alvi]

[Update: Debbie Wasserman Schultz pressured officials at Congressional Federal Credit Union to write a loan to Awans, according to federal law enforcement sources.]

Imran Awan and Hina Alvi

[Update: Awan Investigation advances glacially; FBI or DC Police apparently destroyed evidence]

[Spy Imran Awan demands his cash back from police: offense is the strongest defense!]

[Alias names facilitate crimes in Pakistan as well as USA]

Married to the niece of Awan intimate Debbie Wasserman Schultz,

M$M #FailingNYTimes

Now spinning the treason as (you guessed it) conspiracy theory, mainstream media had hushed the scandal for months.

Who is this? Omar/Abid/Ayasha Awan
McCain, war criminal

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are mum for a different reason: they own interest in Arsenal factory in Bulgaria funneling weapons to ISIS in order to destroy Syria's government. Records are kept in disguise. Exploiting diplomatic immunity, they use Silk Way Airlines to transport white phosphorus and other weapons to war-torn regions worldwide. They use operatives tied to the Awans to supply their munitions with devastating and illicit depleted uranium.

[Reporter exposing illegal arms is fired]

[Bulgarian manufacturer supplied terrorists in Syria]
How can our "public servants" commit such atrocities to sabotage democracy here and abroad? Just as in Mena, Arkansas where (from the Governor's mansion there) the Clintons helped the CIA import cocaine, Hillary as Secretary of State apparently enabled foreigners from hostile or war-torn countries to run the enforcement and hacking ratlines for heroin and other drugs; fake visas; child trafficking, sex trafficking; and organsTrusty henchmen are brought into USA after proving themselves abroad. They're managed by covert agents in JTTF nationwide. 

Now coming to light is the extent of Clinton's involvement with weapons smuggling including depleted uranium into America that can be used in dirty bombs against civilians in a false flag even more devastating than 9/11.

"The thirty-three Jamaat al-Fuqra sites.... Muslim training centers [in USA].... are actually weapons caches" --  George Webb (progressive Bernie supporter, by the way)

George Webb thinks the Awan smuggling/spy ring was masterminded and installed by General David Petraeus.
Whether you worship Allah or Lucifer, power is divine

Why did Obama and Hillary Clinton arm ISIS? Was it only to overthrow the government of Syria? Their crime syndicate was created by CIA "Deep State" with county-level maintenance of the ratlines in USA supervised by Dyncorp-affiliated sheriffs. Dyncorp is like middle management with a (garotte) twist. For instance, Dyncorp-affiliated operatives might fly heroin into Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and deliver the goods to Somalis in Dayton who distribute it in Columbus and Cincinnati. Ensuing opioid overdoses supply young donors (still alive) for organ harvesting. Apparently oil sheikhs can rent out a whole floor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and get to the front of the line for organ transplants. Young victims' blood is also consumed or transfused for its anti-aging properties. The opiates may be adulterated and sold to compromised pain clinics or diluted for use in infiltrated VA hospitals.

Drugs, Organs, Guns, Sex: DOGS. Is there any wonder that this rabid cabal doesn't hesitate to use radioactivity against Americans?

The author VC Bestor is a voter and also Director of the non-profit,
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Let's Dissolve Corruption that's Amalgamated

Can a single bank be the flimsy keystone that brings down the house of cards? Top government officials -- like Clinton intimate John Podesta -- teeter at the teeth of blackmail and racketeering schemes. We can unravel the snakes' tails by tracing the movement of money.

[FEC: Hillary's campaign laundered $84Million]

Podesta, who's in the news today, uses a union SEIU as a political gang, for instance, to "step on Bernie" Sanders. SEIU banks at Amalgamated and has packed its board.

The longtime treasurer of DNC, Andrew Tobias, funneled ill-gotten gains from defrauded Bernie-Sanders donors and state Democrat coffers into Hillary Clinton's personal "Victory Fund" via Amalgamated Bank.

[Update: DNC Chair Brazille nails Clinton]

The corruption that cheated Bernie-Sanders supporters included identifying us with NGP VAN and targeting us with fake "look alike" phishing websites set up by the Awans and/or Crowdstrike. NGP VAN donation amounts won't match up with bank account totals due to illicit diversion. Meanwhile the genuine Democrat donation website, Act Blue, is known for unauthorized withdrawals that may recur monthly.

When FBI investigations loomed last year, the DNC's voter-data program NGP VAN moved its domain to Germany and connected monthly to the Bank of New Zealand. Nothing to see there.

Clinton circumvented FEC donation limits by laundering donations through state Democrats. Of course a lot of the money in Clinton's "Victory Fund" is arms-deals pay-to-play cash from the Middle East laundered through fake donations from Hollywood celebrities.

[ Hillary Clinton’s violations of campaign finance laws ] 

It's possible that the DNC spies the "Awans" used stolen data to blackmail superdelegates out of showing any support for the Democrats' viable presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Investigative journalist George Webb had the pertinent bank account numbers and tried every possible way to get the data to authorities but Amalgamated had an unscheduled "maintenance" last night and probably scrubbed the evidence to obstruct justice.

How many of us Berners donated our vacuum pennies to DEFEAT Hillary, not to enrich her further?

Did any employees notice the illicit dealings and huge money transfers? Wanna come cleanPodesta has bolted to leave you holding the bag. Co-conspirators who want a reduced sentence should spill the beans NOW!

Expose "Awanalgated Bank"

If nothing else, complicit FBI/CIA and Congressmen can send Bitcoin or Ethereum to investigative journalists to prove their covert support for justice when -- at long last -- it's their turn on the witness stand.
Amalgamated suspects
George Webb exposes gov't crimes
Also illegal: DNC moved our private voters' information to the Clinton Foundation using the Catalist app by Harold Ickes.

How do I know? I crowdsource the truth with George Webb!

The author VC Bestor is a voter and also Director of the non-profit,
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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[Update: Debbie Wasserman Schultz pressured officials at Congressional Federal Credit Union to write a loan to Awans, according to federal law enforcement sources.]

Videos on the entire ratline:


#DNCfraudLawsuit is just a drop in the bucket -- in fact, in a tsunami of justice heading toward DNC

DNC's John Podesta front & center


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Election-Fraud Democrats use Spies in Congress

The cover-up of the Awan scandal dissolves: it's no longer a secret that top Democrats who cheated us with election fraud use Pakistani spies in Congress. What's now coming to light is the danger to national security.

Imran Awan's access to top-secret classified information (Congress emails, et cetera) was facilitated by Hillary Clinton's colleagues despite his history of drunk driving and other crimes. He apparently had immunity for driving under a suspended license, suggesting that he has a diplomatic passport.
Who is an Awan?

Investigative journalist George Webb has been reporting on the diplomatic-immunity loophole that allows smuggling cargo like depleted uranium for munitions.

Webb's view on Imran Awan's status is that he's associated with royal families of United Arab Emirates. His Pakistani nationality doesn't conflict with UAE because the CIA intends to establish a royal fiefdom in Pakistan. CIA overthrows democracies worldwide and loves royalty; authoritarian rule in countries they control gives free rein to their crimes like drug smuggling where democracy would encumber them with human decency. Imran Awan's young age at the time when he should rightfully have been jailed for traffic violations is the clue: his diplomatic status wouldn't be due to years of proven merit but rather conferred as a puppet "royal" accessory anointed by the CIA.

George Webb
 thinks the Awan smuggling/spy ring was masterminded and installed by General David Petraeus.

The illicit activities of the Awans first came to public attention on February 2 when the DC police named them as suspects in robberies of computer equipment in Congress. Why has there been [only one] arrest? Why were some of the Awans free to flee back home?

[Update: Imran Awan arrested at airport on July 25 for "Bank Fraud"]

[Update: Awan Investigation advances glacially]

Imran Awan

One overlooked piece of evidence is the position that Omar Awan -- IT employee of Congress -- holds in the DC government.

Omar Awan also infiltrated DC local Gov't

Omar/Abid Awan

The Awans' favorable treatment from Democrats (from whom they're accused of stealing computers) has led to allegations that the Awans can blackmail Congress into silence. Are they blackmailing Congress... and more?

The stalled investigations into their crimes suggest that Omar (alias Abid) Awan's access to DC data may be fodder for blackmailing members of DC government.

Omar Awan's scheme may include getting diplomatic visas for Pakistani/HRCratline spies.

Hart-Lovell gets Florida Visas for Awans đŸ‘‰ they go to work for DWS and others in Congress đŸ‘‰Congressional Credit Union loans huge amounts of our tax dollars to Imran Awan and his wife Hina Alvi... and law enforcement slow-foots any investigation and destroys evidence to obstruct justice

The DC Police Department were remiss at best in the Seth Rich murder investigation. Top Democrats are implicated there as well.

One of the architects of 2016 Primary election fraud, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, sits on the Congressional committee that sets the budget for Capitol Police. She recently threatened the police chief for keeping evidence: how dare the police hold evidence against the Awans?
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Why have the DC Police arrested [only one] Awan?

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Who is Shahid Imran?