Friday, April 8, 2016

Is Anonymous behind Switched Voter Registrations?

Who is tampering with voters' registrations across the nation? Sabotage of democracy is well-documented in the Republican erosion of voters' rights. But how extensive is this phenomenon of "switched affiliation"? Was it widespread already in 2008? Are we just noticing its prevalence because of the rise of social media and
grassroots political involvement?

In any case, it's election fraud.

Thousands of Americans are finding their records altered. For instance, lifelong Democrats find they're listed as Green and therefore disqualified from voting in this year's Primary.

New York is the immediate focus of concern. A groundswell of new voters and "independents" have been essential to Bernie Sanders' success so far. Yet legions of them have registration issues that can collapse his numbers in the April 19 election. New York officials may blame voters' confusion or a "DMV computer glitch." Of course hackers can easily be that "glitch."

In a just world, New York voters would be granted an open Primary to compensate for the fraud that extensive "switched registration" constitutes.

What to do in the face of such an injustice? Someone suggested to the hacker collective Anonymous, "What if the New York voter database got hacked and changed EVERYONE to 'no party designated' so no one could vote in the closed primary?"

Idealistic hackers could alter databases to prove the point that democracy in the USA is an illusion.

What cyber-criminals are messing with voters' info? Garage anarchists; Mafia-like manipulators of our corrupt politicians; or Romanian mercenaries hired by Putin or China?

We all know it's Hillary.

Ha ha.

If mainstream media gets wind that "Anonymous" is behind it, maybe they'll cover the fraud.

Seriously, America's media -- notably CNN, MSNBC and New York Times -- are flagrantly smearing Bernie Sanders. And now there's hardly any coverage of this voter-registration issue. Odd. Non-stop news about Trump could be accented by cute teenagers telling TV cameras that excitement about voting for the first time ended with the discovery: "No record of my file! I was crushed!"

Mainstream media is complicit in manipulating elections and destroying democracy. Their guiding principle is that their rotten golden-egg goose keeps laying.

Hillary Clinton's reputation for morality took a vulture-like dive this week when she exploited the kids' murders at Sandy Hook in order to depict Bernie Sanders as a gun-slinger.
Murky too: the "Panama Papers."

Her blithe dismissal of the March 22 fiasco in Arizona (also known as voter suppression) fails to reassure us of her concern for the democratic process. There's a lady who should go where she belongs, into hedge funds. (I don't know what a hedge fund is, and I don't want to know. I just imagine Clinton as a bustle in the hedgerow like a weasel stealing finch eggs.)

She's buying a stairway to heaven. And Bernie's off to the Vatican.

I was at the Portland rally where "Birdie Sanders" entered the limelight. Audubon announced it was a female house finch. Right now through my window, I hear birds as I write: two great horned owls, a robin, crows, my neighbor's chickens, and juncos who sound like tiny machine guns. I love them all, with all my soul, the way I love Bernie. Natural forces like love are the true Anonymous that commercial careerists and corporate oligarchs disregard.
Birds are flocking. Expect The Birds.