Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Has Your Voter Info been Changed by Hackers?

[Update for November: HA HA HA HA HA]

[Updated for New York here on April 19]

Is this presidential primary invalid? The voting fiasco in Arizona was orchestrated in part by the official responsible for Phoenix, Helen Purcell, who reduced the number of voting locations. But she is a tiny pustule in an infection that is virulent nationwide.

Voters from New York to California are reporting that their registration has been altered or discarded. The same crime happened in Arizona, where members of both parties complained. It happened in 2008 as well. Apparently the fraud is not just done electronically.

The voter-registration data breach is massive.

Elections in earlier voting states are now in question. The margin between candidates was razor-thin in the case of Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Yet the extent of the fraud and data hacking is only now being revealed:

Suspicious issues in Illinois surfaced, most recently incriminating Clinton campaigners. The situation was dicey in Nevada but ongoing irregularities are being aced. Registration problems in Wisconsin were blamed on "a glitch." Voters in New York are scrambling to ensure their rights. (NY had bizarre discrepancies in the 2008 Primary.) Anecdotes emerge from Colorado to Maryland. Some Californians find they're registered with a false birth year.

Smokescreens can obscure the real targets if, say, a few Libertarians are disenfranchised along with groundswell supporters of a Democratic "insurgent." This cyberwarfare on our democracy has wiggle room. Our next President may seem to win by just a few votes.

California voters are on high alert and keep checking their registration. What else can we do?

We may petition officials who are complicit in corruption:

United States Supreme Court's conservative majority gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013. Before that, changes in voting practices (such as Phoenix’s drastic cut in the number of polling places) would have needed to be cleared in advance with the Justice Department.

But conservatives and hackers aren't the only ones to blame for this attack on citizens' right to be involved in our own government. The mainstream media called Arizona in favor of Hillary Clinton when reportedly only 1% or at most 21% of the votes had been counted. Many disenfranchised citizens had stood for over four hours on March 22, 2016, trying to fulfill their most basic role in Democracy. Why was the Arizona vote called for Hillary Clinton when over seventy percent (possibly 99%) of the ballots had not been counted? Who ignored the people still standing outside waiting to log their choice for president? Former Secretary Clinton apparently didn't see a problem.
[Democrat insiders belatedly bring a lawsuit 4/14/16]

Incredibly, this election fraud and data breach are barely being reported in news media.

Arizonans can report irregularities here. New Yorkers, read this if you have problems voting.

For help you can contact Bernie Sanders' campaign at 515-450-6960 or email (subject: PROBLEM). 

If your voter info is hacked, document as much as possible.  
Here are Election Fraud Hotlines.
2) If, for any reason, they claim you need to wait a day, CALL YOUR STATE BOARD OF ELECTIONS and report to the DIRECTOR OF ELECTIONS OPERATIONS.

Then report the crime to the FBI; ACLU; Election Justice USA at; Documenting Democratic Primary Election Fraud; Facebook pages like Clinton Fraud; and #SwitchedRegistration #ElectionFraud on Twitter, ex. TYT's reporter @JordanChariton.

 And there are these routes:

U. S. Dept. of Justice is investigating voter suppression.

Independent Election Investigators are also gathering legal evidence. A lawsuit could force a re-vote enabling a beloved candidate to garner more delegates if not win outright. "150 thousand voters in Maricopa County were disenfranchised." The Oval Office may hang on that thread.

Tampered voter info invalidates this Primary.

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