Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving on the Rez

North Dakota isn't my #1 choice for a winter vacation spot. Friends have gone there though to support the indigenous inhabitants trying to keep the DAPL oil pipeline out of their local river.

Did Obama chuckle at the irony of police using water cannons on those Water Protectors?

What bromides will Obama say over his turkey dinner this Thursday? "The Pilgrims had a feast
with the native tribe who had taught them how to cultivate food there and survive. Fast forward a couple centuries and we've stuck those natives in North Fucking Dakota and blasted them with weaponized water in the freezing cold. Michelle, pass the gravy."

I personally like cranberry sauce with a hint of orange zest and crude black gold. But why is Obama allowing the attacks on folks who don't want their drinking water to become more disgusting than Flint's? More importantly, will he have champagne with his pumpkin pie on Thursday?

Obama is a puppet with the hand of Big Oil thrust up his Access Pipeline. He's not just a phony who tricked us, he's a paid actor. He's a Trojan Horse with Dakota Access Pipeline Swat Teams streaming out his ass while billionaires toast his performance with Dom Pérignon Rosé 1966. "Do you know what we labeled media that reports our assaults on the Standing Rock protesters? Fake news!" Roars of laughter. Ching ching! "Cheers. To your health."

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