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Is the PizzaGate Clinton Pedo Ring "Fake News"?

[Updated; for Pizzagate in greater detail, see link here]

Sunday afternoon was gorgeous here. But instead of cavorting in piles of leaves, I spent the day glued to the computer, researching pedophilia in Hillary's circle. In horror, I studied all the links on this impressive analysis.

1) "Lolita Express"

Although he got a obscenely light sentence, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is a registered pedophile whose Boeing 727 is called the “Lolita Express." Bill Clinton flew on the sex offender’s infamous jet at least 26 times, even ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights to to such destinations as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, Brunei, London, New York, the Azores, Belgium, Norway, Russia and Africa.... though none of Clinton's trips seem to be logged to Epstein's 72-acre island in the (unfortunately named) U.S. Virgin Islands.
Mosque on Epstein's Island
WJC with Rachel Chandler  

[Bill Clinton caught lying about pedo Epstein]

[Update: Epstein Victims Sue Gov't for violating the Crime Victims Rights Act]

[Feds justify Epstein's Sweet Deal]

[Epstein paid $5.5 million to settle lawsuits with three of more than two dozen teens]

[NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story]

2) Clintons rescued a Child Trafficker

Linda Silsby was caught smuggling 33 kids after almost getting away with 40 other kids. Wikileaks revealed that Hillary intervened against justice. Silsby now goes by her married name, Laura Gayler, and works at AlertSense which includes Amber alerts for abducted children.

Media covers up this Clinton link to child trafficking. Former DNC chair Ed Rendell is also accused of pedophilia and trafficking kids out of Haiti.

3) "Spirit Cooking" is depraved


Wikileaks exposed the Clinton circle's involvement with an artist/witch. Live and let live... but this sort of popular "magick" looks less innocuous in the light of official apathy, possible Dept. of Justice complicity and the FBI condoning crimes committed in this circle of politicians and celebrities.

Dutch Queen Beatrix with "Spirit Cooking" artist

Politicians have been known to harbor pedo rings and protect molesters; there's even evidence that Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder has been lax with child porn.

[Public figures with ties to the Clinton Foundation are dogged by allegations of child sex abuse]

At the very least, pushing the envelope of art and religion isn't child's play. Kids shouldn't be around "spirit cooking" but they are.

Here's an idea: if you don't want to be target of a "witch hunt," don't practice black magic.

4) Clinton intimate Tony Podesta has pedo art

I'm not going to show it all but here's some of the artist's work. It freaks me out. And it may get even worse (is murder worse than pedophilia?)

Art can be used as a Brownstone blackmail reminder that you've been compromised. It's also used to launder funds: "I didn't bribe him, I bought his son's fridge crayon masterpiece!"

Tony Podesta's international "business" dealings are shady.

Breitbart's death may have been suspicious

[Tony Podesta payoff from Russia]

[Hillary Clinton promotes spirit-cooking artist/pornographer Jeff Koons]

Who says, "children that are available"?!
(from #PodestaEmails)

5) Tony's brother, Clinton intimate John Podesta, was accused of trafficking in pedophilia in 2011

....not that Breitbart was a reliable source but he was hardly uninformed, either.

Democrat big wig John Podesta

Inside UNICEF's Bizarre 2018 Masquerade Ball

6) The pizza shop owned by Hillary's buddy has child porn on its website and also flirts with satanic rituals

I try not to judge anyone for what they do in private. However I would not eat pizza there. And, though I'm a novelist and prone to speak imaginatively, I can't imagine a run-of-the-mill reason to discuss a handkerchief map that "seems pizza-related." The criminal underworld uses codes, so why not the criminal over-world?

Notice especially the symbol for "boy love."
You have to admit it's strange!

Pedophile code
"Comet Ping Pong" Pizza is owned by a boyfriend of one of the slimiest people on Earth, David Brock. Brock works for Clinton.

The owner Alefantis himself was noted to be one of DC's most powerful people.

The online presence of his enterprises include satanism and undeniable sexualization of infants and kids.

The art associated with Comet Ping Pong is overwhelmingly gruesome.
Alefantis' instagram is jimmycomet

Alefantis threatens to murder researcher

Penis cake hashtag #Podesta

Another tidbit from Alefantis' lifestyle: NXIVM cult slaves

Alefantis may be disguised in drag as "Majestic Ape" in a Comet Pizza band.

Why (the average person wonders) would politicians traffic in children? After power-mongers suck the susceptible into abuse of children, they're in a world apart, "thick as thieves" only more fully committed to corruption and compelled to comply via blackmail or fear of justice. "A pedophilia/satanism ring makes sense because it is a way of getting sociopaths to trust each other." You can control people who have skeletons in their closet.

Another possibility: odd code words in the hacked Podesta emails may refer to illegal arms trade and drug smuggling.

Severed-Heads Mural in "Comet Ping Pong" Pizza

More art by Muralist for"Comet Ping Pong" Pizza

7) Podestas look amazingly similar to these police sketches.... does Jeffrey Epstein's ex (of "Lolita Express" fame). John Podesta cleaned out his emails the same day Madeline McCann went missing and evidence suggests he was travelling at the time of her abduction and could easily have been at a pedophile friend's house in the same Portuguese location. 

2017 Lawsuit against Maxwell
One possibility is that the "police sketches" were a warning to Podestas to keep them in line! The McCanns may be guilty of manslaughter. Or they may have sacrificed their little girl to a ring. One cop says it looks like trafficking.

Another odd coincidence: fox in the henhouse? 

Brian Podesta, Senior Analyst at the
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

8) News Media is scrambling to damage-control "PizzaGate" to protect the powerful

...despite the explosion of interest in it demonstrably helping save children from rapists.
Mainstream media that shilled for Hillary is spinning this story, pretending Hillary herself (rather than her associates) was accused of child trafficking. Reddit banned the topic. New York Times and other mainstream news even cover up and normalize pedophilia and sexualize toddlers.

Twitter is censoring #PizzaGate
[Update: a gunman helps mainstream media paint this possible pedo ring as "fake news"]
The alleged gunman is an actor

[Woman who alleged Trump raped her at age 13 at billionaire pedophile Epstein's party fabricated the story]

Who knows the truth? What's already proven is that Hillary Clinton has a "charity" that disguises a number of crimes. She's covered sex crimes up before, including elite pedophilia. Let's hope that she doesn't continue to cover for molesters and child trafficking... although the evidence against her is mounting.

With corruption as profound as in the Clinton cabal, kids are probably just a tool to use for blackmailing and silencing rats in her ratline.

The author VC Bestor is an ordinary voter and also Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.

"Find the meat of the matter"
V.C Bestor on Twitter

Video of pizza violence toward kids:

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