Thursday, March 23, 2017

How Politicians get Funded with Drug Money

Originally dismissed as "conspiracy theory," one man's daily reports on Youtube have exposed how top politicians get funded with money from crimes like organ harvests, heroin and human trafficking.

Yesterday, independent journalist George Webb investigated a suspected drug ratline from Chicago's O'Hare Airport to Sioux City. Already nicknamed "Drug Route USA," the area includes numerous casinos.

Buy chips with dirty money, gamble a little away, and then cash in your chips: infamous inside traders Boesky and Milken used casinos to launder money in the 1980s. Jailed and fined many millions of dollars, the mistake of those "Junk-Bond Kings" was not to cut Air America in on the action. Hillary and Bill Clinton didn't repeat that mistake. Evidence mounts that the $1.2 Billion Hillary spent on her recent failed campaign included cash from CIA-facilitated drug smuggling.

[Hezbollah's Crime Syndicate linked to Obama]

Follow the money... and the mangoes
Hillary has an odd obsession with mangoes

The smell of fruit throws off drug-sniffing dogs, so traffickers can bury heroin inside wax mangoes unnoticed in a shipment designed to get past uncorrupted law enforcement. Meat is also used. Perishables are also used because "anything that has to be cleared quickly though customs is better than something that can sit and be inspected through time."

“We’ll get a lot of people hooked on Pakistani mangoes” - Hillary Clinton

Pakistani spies installed at the heart of Congress can control not only politicians but, via them, also hinder local law officers trying to do their jobs along the domestic and international drug routes.

Hillary's Pakistani "revenue collection"?!

The spies in this instance, of the Awan clan, may also have tipped off the Muslim Brotherhood about the recent Seal-Team raid.
Heroin eventually gets to your neighborhood
When Seal Team 6's family members "see their sons died so Hillary could reopen her line of wax Pakistani mangoes filled with refined heroin shipping to Chicago, they will be none too happy." [George Webb comment on Youtube with typos fixed]

You may gamble that none of this is true... while drug traffickers are gambling in Iowa casinos to launder money for CIA-backed politicians.

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