Tuesday, March 14, 2017

CIA, Wikileaks and George Webb

A week ago, Wikileaks dropped 1% of their CIA treasure trove called "Vault 7". The scandal -- from the CIA endangering the private information of anyone with a cell phone, to their secret-agent ability to hack cars to crash -- sharpened the division in America:

~ Wikileaks Hero ~

Some folks cheer the CIA's deceptions, while others decry their history of coup d'├ętats against democracy.

Enemy to Democracy

~ Hollywood Meathead ~

Citizen journalists are a counter-balance to CIA propaganda. Using the resonant alias "George Webb," a software engineer has not just captivated a Youtube audience but also engaged them in his research.

You can ask questions and also comment (via google docs and Twitter as well) and join a distinguished peanut gallery. Such pick-up-game contributors have enhanced Webb's investigations exponentially.
...and George Webb is 6'8"

George Webb is tracing networks of corruption from, for instance, a privatized division of Bush/Obama's CIA called Dyncorp (famous for human trafficking in Bosnia)... to the Haitian goldmine of the Clinton Foundation... to Pakistani spies installed by top Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz to gain access to Congress emails and computer documents amid various money-laundering schemes that tie into drug smuggling as well as organ harvests.

Webb encourages audience members to forward his discoveries to appropriate authorities. Your confidence in said authorities may weaken, however, as you're initiated into our fraternity of genuine conspiracy cognoscenti.

 "A macabre tale of unbridled greed, corruption, and unspeakable violence, Webb’s series peels back the layers of a decades-old, deeply embedded organized crime syndicate to rival those of empires long ago.  The story is simultaneously intriguing and revolting, one rife with drugs, sex, weapons, blackmail, and countless assassinations, but also the gruesome deaths of many millions of innocents." -- Patricia Negron

Wonder how such a great man came into existence? A WWII hero, his dad earned a patent for inventing an early "mobile phone."

If you have the grit to watch the series, here's a good midstream point for you to jump in:

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