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Splash with the Clinton "charity" awash in cash

[2017 Update: Clinton Foundation entities were not properly organized nor operated lawfully ]

[Update: FBI harasses CF Whistleblower]

I wept for the head of the DNC Donna Brazile who, as she said, is "persecuted" because a journalist asked her a question. My tears leaked as fast as #PodestaEmails from Wikileaks.

Hillary wanted to rig Palestine election

Besides proof that poor persecuted Donna sneaked Hillary debate questions (to further their sabotage of then-Democrat Bernie Sanders), the "Podesta emails" flooding the news include another gem.

These emails are from the campaign chief for Hillary, John Podesta. Swimming like a dolphin in the luxurious seas of government corporations, Podesta was on the Executive Board of and owned stock in an energy corporation we'll call Joule Global. (Money laundering often involves one financial entity with many different names.)
Podesta failed to disclose fully his involvement in this offshore company. Joule Global is cited in the Panama Papers money-laundering probe. Wikileaks exposed that Podesta hid his multi-million-dollar shares in this company by transferring them to his daughter. Furthermore there's evidence of insider trading.

What is "money laundering"? I wish it were natives washing conch shells in a stream. No, it's dirty ...with the BAD kind of dirt.

Joule money apparently flowed from Russian Metcombank via Germany's Deutsche Bank through a holding company (registered at a Utah apartment) to Podesta. Splish splash!

The Podesta Emails are more than one smoking gun. Why does the smoke disappear? Hillary uses Russia as a bogus distraction.

Money Laundering

Foreign governments do manipulate our national security. We must hinder Americans who increase that danger.

Despite mainstream media propaganda to the contrary, Trump is not implicated.

On the other hand, Hillary is drowning in the muck of bribes.... payola from nations hostile to our citizens and to the very idea of democracy.

Clinton Foundation took bribes from countries known to be funding enemies of the State (ISIS).

While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made a personal call to pressure Bangladesh’s prime minister to aid a donor to her husband’s charitable foundation despite federal ethics laws that require government officials to recuse themselves from matters that could impact their spouse’s business.
[Four-Star Rating for CF is Pay-to-Play]

How does the Clinton Foundation hide foreign donations? Besides calling them "speaking fees," it:
1. Creates a separate foreign "charity," for instance in Canada.
2. Foreigners donate millions to this Canadian charity.
3. The Canadian charity then bundles the separate sums into a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation.
4. Foundation claims Canadian law prohibits the identification of individual donors.
5. The Clintons then spend less than 10% of this money for legitimate charity. Scrutinize their expenditure in Haiti. The earthquake was much more of a business opportunity than philanthropy. The balance goes to enrich Hillary and cronies basically tax free.
6. The Clinton Foundation somehow fails to report much of this to the IRS, blaming "clerical errors." If you see their tax returns for 2013, you grasp how great is the temptation for omissions.

[Clinton Body Count in Haiti may include "loose ends"]
Peterson was murdered in Haiti

There seem to be many of these way-stations for suspicious funds. The Canadian "charity" above involves Frank Giustra. He also helped form a company Uranium One which was eventually acquired by Russia's state-owned nuclear corporation. This transaction was approved by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton... with Podesta as a liaison. Some people think Hillary keeps shrieking about Trump being a Russian puppet to deflect from her having profited from giving uranium to Russia.

[2017 Update: Uranium One Radioactive Fuel at Iran Embargoed Black-Market Premium]

Podesta of Pizzagate fame is a lobbyist for Ukraine

We know about some of the elements of this money-laundering scheme in part because Wikileaks published documents that Hillary claimed were lost or that she intentionally tried to destroy.
From Podesta Emails

The "charity" whitewashes another profitable venture:

In exchange for discounting drugs to distribute abroad, pharmaceutical companies form an alliance with the most politically powerful couple in the world.

And the Clinton tax-free "philanthropic" organization paid for Chelsea Clinton's wedding... under the guise of helping Haiti!

Even more dubious is the pay-to-play with Ukraine billionaire Victor Pinchuk; other Ukrainian interests launder IMF funds to Clinton Foundation. Along with the usual big-oil subplot, Ukraine's strife with Putin puts Hillary's red-baiting in new light.

[Fake Congressional Hearing on Ukraine]

She even profited from illegal human organ harvesting in the Ukraine.


Victor Pinchuk with George Soros

Another Wikileaks bombshell:

[ CF bullied Bangladesh over Yunus Corruption ]

[Twitter Takedown of Clinton Foundation]

Canada to give $20Million to Clinton Foundation ]

[ Clinton Foundation violates Foreign Agents registration act ]

CGI closure signals that the organization’s clout was predicated on donor access to the Clintons rather than on philanthropy; CGI is reborn for pay-to-play alone]

[ CHAI is not palatable to New Zealand taxpayers ]

If the Clinton Foundation were legitimate, why would donations drop & CGI be discontinued when Hillary lost the election?

Would Hillary spur war with Russia to cover up her crimes? Does the Clinton Foundation amount to organized crime? Should we stop her?

Please go with the flow here and say, "Yes, yes and yes."

The author VC Bestor is an ordinary voter and also Director of
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