Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hillary's ISI Crime Gang

The cabal of Hillary Clinton is doing the same racket with Dubai/Pakistani Intelligence agents (like the Awan Brothers) that Rockefeller did with the Pinkertons, according to investigative journalist George Webb.

The Awans were hired and given clearance by top Democrats despite belonging to Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. They may belong the ISI division run by the CIA. Awans worked for a total of eighty Democrats in Congress.

Pakistan's secret service, UAE sheiks and other covert government affiliates help run opiate "ratlines" -- drug routes and markets -- in USA. Some of their operatives work in Congress (like the infamous Awans) while others are disguised as non-English speaking English teachers in Gulen schools nationwide... here. In America.

[Hezbollah's Crime Syndicate linked to Obama]

The phenomenon is nicknamed "soft jihad." Heroin is softer than a sword.

Gulen tried to overthrow his native government of Turkey. His modus operandi is to spread charter schools (136 schools in 28 US states) throughout a target nation and infiltrate control of all pertinent infrastructure -- hospitals, utilities, airports, et cetera -- before he attempts the actual coup d'état.

He's been preparing the same in USA for thirty-five years.

[Opioid Epidemic in USA]

George Webb exposes #HRCratline

"Pakistani Jamaat al Fuqra schools in US teach garroting from behind first" -- George Webb

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Son Of Prominent Imam Was Training Children To Commit School Shootings


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Son Of Prominent Imam Was Training Children To Commit School Shootings

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