Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I had an amazing opportunity when a boyfriend with an airlines job let me use his flight benefits to travel the world. But flying stand-by meant my "plans" included sleeping on the floors of airports and listening to CNN all night.

That's only one reason I detest CNN.

President Trump apparently has a tiff with them as well.

I worked my @$5 off to elect Bernie Sanders (I was naive and idealistic). Fellow Berners agreed that CNN was complicit in the "Bernie Blackout." Anyone who could "Feel the Bern" grew bitter toward the "Clinton News Network."
Among us, Trump's ridicule of CNN has raised a

Bernie Sanders once made us believe that Big Government could function for the common good. Now we ex-Berners see government as Big Extortion: taxation without representation. Our ruling criminal cabal creates the illusion of democracy via mainstream media.

Distractions and distortions are dressed as "news and entertainment." CNN's aim isn't to inform. They are a tool for CIA to ensure that ordinary folks worldwide have no power so democracy dies. If We the People did have power, we'd indict them all for depraved crimes.

Oh, hey, look over THERE! Trump can't feed fish! Trump can't drink water! He has tiny hands! The Cheetoh in Chief!

Trump calls out their propaganda and inspires many to see past the illusions that befuddled us too long. CNN really is fake news!

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit 
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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[CIA spies on Congress to get dirt]

CNN edits out the CROOKED for Hitlery Clitler

CNN race-baiting in order to divide & conquer Americans

CNN & fake news are integral to CIA coups
overthrowing democracies, like when they shot JFK

I gotta remember to -CNN when I search for REAL news!
PS--Fact check: Snopes is lies