Friday, July 7, 2017

Let's Dissolve Corruption that's Amalgamated

Can a single bank be the flimsy keystone that brings down the house of cards? Top government officials -- like Clinton intimate John Podesta -- teeter at the teeth of blackmail and racketeering schemes. We can unravel the snakes' tails by tracing the movement of money.

[FEC: Hillary's campaign laundered $84Million]

Podesta, who's in the news today, uses a union SEIU as a political gang, for instance, to "step on Bernie" Sanders. SEIU banks at Amalgamated and has packed its board.

The longtime treasurer of DNC, Andrew Tobias, funneled ill-gotten gains from defrauded Bernie-Sanders donors and state Democrat coffers into Hillary Clinton's personal "Victory Fund" via Amalgamated Bank.

[Update: DNC Chair Brazille nails Clinton]

The corruption that cheated Bernie-Sanders supporters included identifying us with NGP VAN and targeting us with fake "look alike" phishing websites set up by the Awans and/or Crowdstrike. NGP VAN donation amounts won't match up with bank account totals due to illicit diversion. Meanwhile the genuine Democrat donation website, Act Blue, is known for unauthorized withdrawals that may recur monthly.

When FBI investigations loomed last year, the DNC's voter-data program NGP VAN moved its domain to Germany and connected monthly to the Bank of New Zealand. Nothing to see there.

Clinton circumvented FEC donation limits by laundering donations through state Democrats. Of course a lot of the money in Clinton's "Victory Fund" is arms-deals pay-to-play cash from the Middle East laundered through fake donations from Hollywood celebrities.

[ Hillary Clinton’s violations of campaign finance laws ] 

It's possible that the DNC spies the "Awans" used stolen data to blackmail superdelegates out of showing any support for the Democrats' viable presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Investigative journalist George Webb had the pertinent bank account numbers and tried every possible way to get the data to authorities but Amalgamated had an unscheduled "maintenance" last night and probably scrubbed the evidence to obstruct justice.

How many of us Berners donated our vacuum pennies to DEFEAT Hillary, not to enrich her further?

Did any employees notice the illicit dealings and huge money transfers? Wanna come cleanPodesta has bolted to leave you holding the bag. Co-conspirators who want a reduced sentence should spill the beans NOW!

Expose "Awanalgated Bank"

If nothing else, complicit FBI/CIA and Congressmen can send Bitcoin or Ethereum to investigative journalists to prove their covert support for justice when -- at long last -- it's their turn on the witness stand.
Amalgamated suspects
George Webb exposes gov't crimes
Also illegal: DNC moved our private voters' information to the Clinton Foundation using the Catalist app by Harold Ickes.

How do I know? I crowdsource the truth with George Webb!

The author VC Bestor is a voter and also Director of the non-profit,
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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[Update: Debbie Wasserman Schultz pressured officials at Congressional Federal Credit Union to write a loan to Awans, according to federal law enforcement sources.]

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#DNCfraudLawsuit is just a drop in the bucket -- in fact, in a tsunami of justice heading toward DNC

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