Tuesday, November 14, 2017

No-one Died in NASA Challenger Explosion

Talk about explosive news! Of course it's not in mainstream media; they just cover up information like this:

We assumed that crisis actors got cosmetic surgery... but some on the Challenger "Space Shuttle" didn't even bother to change their names!
"Dead" one on left; on right, live Judith Resnik!

There are not one but at least SIX "astronauts" alive and well after the Challenger "accident."

NASA took our tax money to create an EXPLOSIVE hoax!

How did they get away with it? By counting on you to scoff, "Impossible; how could they get away with it?" Don't LET them!

Original photos may be airbrushed. Hey, does anyone still have questions about the moon landings?

[ Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 50 Years Ago Than They Can Today? ]

NASA is as phony as Tang!

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Thanks to Bookmarker on Imgur for these photos:

“The sound alone was worth the $24 billion!” - Nixon speechwriter, about Apollo 11 lift-off

Just astroNots

 And all film of the first "moon walk" magically disappeared

...And about that moon landing...

Photos were done in a studio, as proven by shadows

[Astronaut admits we didn't go to the moon]