Friday, July 6, 2018

Hampstead Cult Victims

Two kids in Hampstead, England reported their dad's satanic cult rituals to police. Instead of justice, they got permanent custody with their dad.

More shocking (or, if you follow #PedoGate news, not surprising at all): their history is whitewashed by mainstream media.

But the most seasoned researcher into this cult may have to sit down and swallow some nausea at the latest development. The kids are used to sell slimy goo on Ebay. That's not the sickening part; look at the videos of them and assure me that these young kids have NOT been recently transgendered.

The choker reminds us
what this child has endured
Boy was on the left, girl was on the right... till now?

Child transgendering is the "nihilistic destructuring of human relations."

While I'm not an expert in satanism or the current fad of transgendering children, these comments compel me to speak up:

When you've researched the depraved practices of pervasive Luciferian culture, you'll also consider the most appalling possibilities.

I'm not religious, I just care about kids. And you? Please don't pamper yourself too much. Join the "satanic panic." The topic is horrible. But exposing these elite cult crimes might enable us to make the world a beautiful place, free from their slimy goo.

The author VC Bestor is an ordinary voter and also Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.

"Find the meat of the matter"
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