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Brief History of Global Pedo Rings

We can lend a sympathetic ear to abused children, even after they grow up. 

CAVEAT from Randy Turner

Another victim of a pedophile ring -- this one in Belgium -- just lunged bravely into public awareness, transforming before our eyes from victim to survivor.

Anneke Lucas is apparently a survivor of what's know as the Dutroux Affair. Dutroux was a murderous child trafficker whose wife got a shorter sentence in evident trade-off for Dutroux not naming government officials who had abused the tortured children.
Belgium's UNICEF branch was also involved in child porn. 350,000 citizens of the tiny nation took to the streets of Brussels dressed all in white, demanding the reform of a system so corrupt that it would protect the rapists and killers of children.

A Belgian mayor was just murdered, reportedly because he sought to expose elite satanic pedophiles.

It's an unimaginable situation. Hence many of us in America didn't stretch our minds around the implications of our own Franklin Scandal. It didn't help that the cover-up was brutal:
Conspiracy of Silence
"Conspiracy of Silence" was in TV Guide whose magazine was reprinted to obliterate evidence when the program was pulled off the air.
TV Guide before it was reprinted
The Franklin cover-up is still under way. Law enforcement are complicit. "Call boys" were reported in the White House. Pedophiles thrive in DC.

Child-porn use in the Pentagon is extensive yet the investigation was quashed. NASA pedophiles are also protected. US government harbors too many of these sick villains.

Oh yeah, FBI ran 24 child-porn websites.

Utah's a particular hot spot for government torture of children:

Child trafficking involves U.S. Presidents. No big deal?

[ NBC: Hillary Clinton Threatened Staff Over State Dept. Pedo Ring Story ]

Please bear witness to a similar high-level pedo ring in Britain, where BBC covered up that Prime Minister Edward Heath was a pedophile linked to a murderous cult... with Buckingham Palace involved.

Royal ties to BBC's famous pedophile Jimmy Savile are no longer secret. 

[ Reporter Who Exposed BBC Pedophilia Cover Up Found Dead ]

[Elite Brit Andrew Boeckman was spared jail and handed a suspended sentence for spreading toddler-rape porn]
[More British pedophile rings]

Child prostitution is organized by the highest level of the police in England.

Canada's hundreds of thousands of Duplessis Orphans were used for whatever.

Abused orphans had to testify against prominent figures who were finally prosecuted for a pedophile ring that lasted decades in Portugal.

And, despite the mortal dangers, there are survivors in Australia who are speaking out about organized government-level pedophiles there:

Australian television from 1989 confirms the latest news about a religion involved:

The Netherlands also has violent perversions represented among (and between) government officials. Dutch Queen Beatrix stands accused of funding child murder parties.

A Dutch high-finance insider describes elite Satanic ritual child sacrifice:

[High-level government pedophile ring in South Africa]

New York Times and other mainstream media scrubbed their coverage when Norway just busted a huge pedophile ring. Fortunately in 2017 Germany arrested some elite pedos in a ring that had 87,000 members.

Icelandic government exonerated an elite serial child rapist.

Fifty "Operation Chaffinch" pedophilia suspects were just nabbed in Sweden, to mainstream media silence. And there was hardly a peep from deep-state media about hundreds of kids rescued in this huge recent international child-porn sting. PBS covers up satanic cult abuse.

Hollywood pedophile rings are hushed up; Elijah Wood claims they're shielded by powerful figures in the film industry.

Arrests of child pornographers are rarely covered in the media. Pedophilia is even portrayed sympathetically and normalized including sexualization of toddlers.

Jeffrey Epstein, convicted pedo-procurer, notoriously hobnobs with the likes of Bill Clinton. While the woman who alleged Trump raped her at age 13 at billionaire pedophile Epstein's party did fabricate the story, Hillary has certainly protected child traffickers and may have raped Cathy O'Brien.

But there couldn't possibly be any truth to "Pizzagate" pedophiles operating in Washington DC, right? Despite this evidence...

There has been no actual investigation but trust authority anyway.

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She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.

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