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Identity Politics died with "Bernie Bros"

[Updated 2017]

Other middle-aged ladies such as myself joked when Clinton's press painted all us Bernie Sanders supporters as naive college students: "Bernie made me millenial" we tweeted along with photos of our grey hair and wrinkles.

Then Hillary's media henchmen/henchpersons launched the narrative that fans of Bernie's compassionate policies were just sexist.

When Clinton's minions transformed us "Social Democrats" into Bernie Bros, apparently her intent was to spur actual victims of sexism (read: "hysterical women") into righteous endorsement of Hillary.

The irony wasn't just that the propaganda itself was sexist and nothing more than a ploy to polarize the genders for the benefit of Clinton's corrupt cabal.

In fact, the ringleader of this facet of her campaign was none other than David Brock, a man famous for sexist lies about Anita Hill (remember "I believe Anita"?) After Brock had assassinated Prof. Hill's character on behalf of the far right, he then -- via a disingenuous confession -- parlayed his absence of integrity into a neo-lib career smearing the likes of Bernie Sanders.
The "Karl Rove/David Brock playbook"

Maybe only David Brock has an accurate idea of how effective the ploy was, since his Correct the Record scheme "muddied the waters" with an army of Million Dollar Trolls who were paid to shriek sexism at anyone online who challenged Clinton's entitlement to coronation. Were any of them real people? Or were they just sock puppets like Donna Brazile? (Joke... mostly.)

When Human Rights Campaign endorsed the Primary candidate who had opposed gay marriage until 2013, I was instantly cured of identity politics... as miraculously as if Nancy Reagan had cured HIV. [Hillary said Reagan was an AIDS advocate. *Cough*]

David Brock is gay. Feel free, trolls, to accuse me of homophobia while I state the obvious: just as Clinton's crimes against democracy were disguised by exploitation of feminism, it's possible that a pedophile ring entangled in the echelons of our government is being concealed by aspects of an ordinary "gay lifestyle" and -- you guessed it -- accusations of homophobia. One of Brock's boyfriends is in the "fake news" for Instagram photos of (for instance) a guy in his pizza shop almost naked in drag makeup and covered in
what looks like blood. Before this election I'd have just said, "Well, that's, you know... just gay pride. Live and let live." Their sexual jokes about children are just free speech, right?

PizzaGate (as the pedophile conspiracy is called) is certainly being used as click bait by right-wing extremists who may threaten gays. However, that doesn't mean that children aren't being abused!

Where's the hip, trendy identity politics for raped toddlers?

Mainstream media are shills for the fat-cat status quo. Their response to PizzaGate hasn't been to address any evidence but rather to dismiss it all as "fake news" and malign concerned people like me as alt-right.

(Is alt-right a promotion from being a Bernie Bro? At least it's more muscular. Oh wait, now they're calling me alt-left. How dizzying.)
Comet Pizza gunman may be a false flag to silence real news

News media uses a single dubious gunman (c'mon, this is USA!) to silence dissent against power brokers who are so far above the law, they've got the FBI and CIA to lie and cheat on their behalf. (#BlameRussia)

Their propaganda minimizes the horrors of human trafficking... since it's apparently more important to them to protect adults than children.

Is everyone who voted Trump a "racist"? Hillary propagandists even portrayed Bernie Sanders as racist! What other labels do the cynical elite toss around to manipulate public opinion? Besides pitting us little people against each other, they demonize us voters to distract from their truly deplorable candidates. How much longer are we citizens and taxpayers going to let the likes of David Brock divide and conquer us Americans who really do want to make America great again?

I saw how Hillary Clinton's syndicate kept exploiting our every "identity" to her own devious ends. Identity politics can crush any inquiry into corrupt lawmakers. Remember how any criticism of Obama was "racist"? The Democrats' new head of the DNC has no moral compass; do you think it's an accident they picked a black woman? Never mind that shills for Democrat oligarchy are whitewashing genuine racists.
Cory Booker is up Big Pharma's entrails but RACISM

"Everywhere from the academy to the political sphere – most notably in Hillary’s playing to ethnic and sexuality blocs over the ‘deplorable’ white masses – elites have invited us to conceive of society as a vast collection of different groups whose interaction must be managed via race-relation law and hate-speech codes. It’s the opposite of the great progressive goal of elevating our shared humanity over petty biological differences." -Brendan O'Neill

CIA leaked that "Trump saw prostitutes pee" and we're supposed to care about feminism and, say, pussy grabbing... when the CIA is blackmailing our new president. [See #SpyGate].

I'm a professional eco-feminist. You undoubtedly have judgments about that label. You may even question my morals. But before you dismiss me as a shrill, slutty commie (or whatever), what if we set labels aside and join together against criminals in our government?

We may even save some children from a horrible identity indeed.

I wept with joy when Obama won in 2008: I'm eager to rectify America's treatment of black people. But I watched as Obama droned and fracked the world.... and saw he was complicit in election fraud to install a criminal to replace him. Now he says I just have "mommy issues."

Equal opportunity must not remain a special right for enemies of democracy and their dupes.
Exploiting rape for authoritarians

This is not a parody tweet!

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
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