Thursday, July 6, 2017

Election-Fraud Democrats use Spies in Congress

The cover-up of the Awan scandal dissolves: it's no longer a secret that top Democrats who cheated us with election fraud use Pakistani spies in Congress. What's now coming to light is the danger to national security.

Imran Awan's access to classified information (Congress emails, et cetera) was facilitated by Hillary Clinton's colleagues despite his history of drunk driving and other crimes. He apparently had immunity for driving under a suspended license, suggesting that he has a diplomatic passport.
Who is an Awan?

Investigative journalist George Webb has been reporting on the diplomatic-immunity loophole that allows smuggling cargo like depleted uranium for munitions. Webb's view on Imran Awan's status is that he's associated with royal families of United Arab Emirates. His Pakistani nationality doesn't conflict with UAE because the CIA intends to establish a royal fiefdom in Pakistan. CIA overthrows democracies worldwide; authoritarian rule in countries they control gives free rein to their crimes like drug smuggling where democracy would encumber them with human decency. Imran Awan's young age at the time when he should rightfully have been jailed for traffic violations is the clue: his diplomatic status wouldn't be due to years of proven merit but rather conferred as a puppet "royal" accessory anointed by the CIA.

The illicit activities of the Awans first came to public attention on February 2 when the DC police named them as suspects in robberies of computer equipment in Congress. Why have there been no arrests? Why are the Awans free to flee back home?

One overlooked piece of evidence is the position that Omar Awan -- IT employee of Congress -- holds in the DC government.

Omar Awan also infiltrated DC local Gov't
The Awans' favorable treatment from Democrats (from whom they're accused of stealing computers) has led to allegations that the Awans can blackmail Congress into silence. Are they blackmailing Congress... and more?

The stalled investigations into their crimes suggest that Omar Awan's access to DC data may be fodder for blackmailing members of DC government.

The DC Police Department were remiss at best in the Seth Rich murder investigation. Top Democrats are implicated there as well.

One of the architects of 2016 Primary election fraud, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, sits on the Congressional committee that sets the budget for Capitol Police. She recently threatened the police chief for keeping evidence: how dare the police hold evidence against the Awans?
Democrat/ISI agent Imran Awan

Why have the DC Police arrested no Awan?

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