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Democrats, imagine the entire world is JFK's skull

JFK had promise
Are you following the lawsuit against career Democrats who cheated ex-candidate Bernie Sanders donors like me? You may fall mute with disbelief at our pathetic situation. I wasn't cynical enough to expect the DNC's legal statement, to wit: those who could #FeelTheBern were "aware that the primaries were rigged and that neutrality is a political promise that cannot be enforced by a court."

Whom do we voters have in our corner?
Who rescues our votes? Not Bernie

Well... I've lead a cloistered life so I cringe when our scrappy election-fraud lawyers stoop to slinging obscenities on social media. Harvard Law graduate Jared Beck needs to join Toastmasters so he stops saying "uhy'know." We the People deserve the slickest attorneys in the universe for the toxic travesty that was 2016 Democrat Primaries. But I jest: it's perfect that our actual DNC Fraud Lawsuit legal team couldn't be more down-to-earth, and WE LOVE THEM.
The Becks interview with Crowdsource the Truth
[Jan. 10, 2018: the case to proceed on appeal]

What did DNC do to cheat? "Changing a rule to help the Clinton campaign’s fundraising; Democratic Party officials perpetuating false, divisive narratives; ....liberal media spreading fake stories that Sanders supporters threw chairs at the Nevada Democratic Party Convention; and then-DNC Vice Chair Donna Brazile giving Clinton debate questions ahead of time."--Michael Sainato

Ordinary folks like me strain to comprehend the extent of elite corruption hiding behind our sham of "democracy." Why did the FBI really let Hillary off? Do you dare to see what's really behind the richest Democrats' curtain? Your head may explode.

For starters, have you heard of the Awans?

They were hired starting in 2005 to service the computers of a total of eighty Democrats in Congress, getting top-secret clearance for information technology that included (per Wikileaks) the password to the personal device of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. These staffers also had salaries two to three times the norm.
Who are Weiner's "trusted staff"?
The oddest thing about the Awan spies' access to classified information is that they aren't even Americans. Mainstream media has barely mentioned the Awans in accordance with the Democrats' stance that investigating the crimes is Islamophobic.

I'm a born liberal so I may have swallowed that line of reasoning long ago. But in 2016, Bernie Sanders supporters like me were bombarded with DNC's exploitation of identity politics. So I'm ready to see what improprieties are hidden behind sanctimonious invocation of Muslim victimhood.

Oh wow. Maybe I'm NOT ready!

Thanks to unpaid citizen reporter George Webb, the extent of those evil deeds is no longer hidden. The gore, death, and inhuman depravity beggars belief.

Webb's investigation has lead his thirty-eight thousand Youtube followers through a daily unfolding of what lies behind Hillary Clinton's politics. Scrutinizing the Awans opened a panorama of a crime syndicate that makes the Sicilian mafia look like cannoli. Remember the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Imagine the covert government agents who pulled off that false flag, then expand exponentially for each decade since. The CIA that JFK wanted to "scatter to the winds"... well, just imagine the entire world is JFK's skull. That shocking image is not too far from the truth.

The military-industrial complex, for instance, is truly at war with ordinary Americans. Those ISIS soldiers that Obama and Hillary were proven to arm with sarin gas and other lethal weapons? They may now be living in your town, "teaching English" at a Gulen charter school.

No, I am NOT what I used to smugly call a RWNJ (right-wing nut-job)! I'm a professional eco-feminist and I'm declaring that Obama and Hillary installed ISIS in America to serve as enforcers for their crime syndicate. Our "liberal leaders" know the near-omnipotence of deep state/CIA now, so they may calculate that, when convenient to them, the ISIS genie can be put back into the bottle.

Whatever the rationale of these top Democrats, we progressive patriots who have studied the Awan scandal are clamoring for this treason to come to light. As the DNC fraud lawsuit stumbles in court, our outrage will be eardrum-shattering... and maybe justice will finally come for our Democratic president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, whose head was exploded by a slickly coordinated team of Americans.

The author VC Bestor is a voter and also Director of the non-profit, 
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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