Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cheerful Man Commits Arkancide with Helium

Peter Smith was an anti-Clinton activist found dead.
Peter Smith

No, this isn't a story you've already read. The echoes aren't in your memory: this is history repeating itself.

Less than a day before his death, Republican Peter Smith had chatted for twenty-five minutes with Charles Ortel, another investigator into Clinton corruption. Smith had tried and failed to obtain Hillary's 33,000 missing emails. However, in their many conversations, he gave no indication to Ortel that his disappointment would lead to being “found with a bag over his head with a source of helium attached” on May 14 with a note saying, “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” ten days after publicly admitting to Wall Street Journal his search for Clinton's incriminating emails.

Walmart only carries a brand of helium that's diluted with oxygen so not used for euthanasia. A Walmart sales receipt for the helium was from 12:53 p.m the day before, when Peter Smith, age 81, was indisposed. He wrote two blog posts that day anyway.

Blood-drenched cheater lost the election ANYWAY
Smith was used by Democrat operative Mike Kempner to help elevate Trump above all other GOP candidates; he didn't know Trump had been identified as the most easily defeatable Republican for 2016.

In related news, "Fast & Furious" actor Paul Walker discovered Clinton Foundation corruption in Haiti before his car was bombed; Monica Peterson and Klaus Eberwein also could have testified about Clinton-Haiti misdeeds but died suspiciously.

A statistician declares an anomaly.

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