Sunday, April 1, 2018

Black Panther Abomination

I’m sure there was a Hillary voter in the audience when I saw Black Panther. What do you bet s/he was thinking, “This movie is SO empowering to people who are African American!” Here’s why that apocryphal Hillary voter is wrong.

The Black Panther’s mythical monarchy is concealed from the rest of the world with advanced technology (well, it looks like Tokyo with a Jetsons twist). Joining the effort to protect the kingdom from an interloper, the CIA is represented by a shleppy actor from Hobbit movies. He humanizes the CIA’s tendency to rape children for MKUltra programming, assassinate elected officials and commit other atrocities.

Yes, CIA may install monarchs in Africa, but that’s only good for their fellow profiteers. Monarchy is degenerate. Democracy empowers everyone, you and me. CIA has overthrown dozens of democracies. Now they’re attempting to depose our own elected president using their favorite underhanded method: fomenting differences among citizens to keep us at each other’s throats and divert attention from We the People’s real enemies. It’s not just racial division; notice the fight scene in the film where sides depend on gender.
CIA distorts information to control us.
Obama made gov't propaganda legal: see Smith Mundt
I’m a color-blind feminist and I’m sick of deep state using identity politics to undermine our social bonds. United we stand.

Another red flag is mining in Africa. The film pretends there’s an otherworldly asteroid that powers the Black Panther’s secret civilization and enables its spectacular technology. Africa’s mineral wealth has been plundered by the same elite cabal that masterminds the CIA. “This uranium mine will make you a Black Panther king… with our help”? This propaganda is doubtless aimed at maintaining exploitation of Africa's resources.

CIA is also known as the Cocaine Import Agency. Don’t overlook the glorification of drug use in this film.

Mainstream media is designed to manipulate viewers to subvert our own country. Convincing henchmen that they’re secretly dethroned royalty is a trademark trick of the CIA, to pump them up with delusions of grandeur while amplifying the offense of supposed enemies. Add this propaganda to “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and the bizarre drumbeat that Trump’s a racist...
... and you’ll find the subtext: black Americans are robbed of nobility by Trump.

Missed it? Yet you’re certain that you couldn’t be fooled by the most ruthless mind-control experts in history?

Look at my non-profit Fanged Wilds to know that I’m ordinarily a fan of panthers of any sort. But panthers aligned with the CIA are an abomination.

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