Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"Loose End" Killed Last Weekend

Last weekend saw a spate of shootings in DC.

Jim Gibson
Known for $5-20 Million mansions, luxury builder James Edward Gibson was apparently suicided Saturday at his office beside Classic Motors DC, according to the coroner. Five people were apprehended with ten police cars including a "Crime Scene" van that indicates HOMICIDE.

Gibson's obituary was immediately scrubbed from the internet. Fox and other media went to Classic Motors to report the murder but lack police cooperation so issued no details.

What was the time of death? Exactly where did he die? How did he die? Who are the five arrested people? All we know: bullet holes are in the basement.

George Webb says he spoke to friends of Jim Gibson who attest he was happily married and not depressed. But maybe he became depressed from being shot by multiple gang members. /sarcasm

Social media says more than M$M

Jim Gibson Obit Scrubbed

The next day in Woodbridge VA, the Fairfax County DA's brother died in a house fire.

Inquiring minds and Webbs want to know: is the Fairfax County prosecutor Ray Morrogh working on a crime ring in which Mr. Gibson may have been unwittingly buying stolen cars that were shipped to Africa in "diplomatic pouches"? Any hints in local car thefts involving car dealers from Africa?

In related news, the "Awan Brothers" are linked to suspicious car dealerships, suspicious exporting, and immunity to the law. Their registered agent was found guilty of murdering a car dealer.

Auto theft is an industry funding terrorism.

Six embassies surround Classic Motors DC.
"Diplomatic pouches" can hide export of stolen vehicles

Incidentally the main owner of Classic Motors, Robert Peacock, died there in February, age 52.

July 29/30:
Nine random shootings may be a cover for a targeted murder

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Four days late; no mention of five arrests at Classic Motors DC
at discovery of dead body
Four days late; no mention of five people arrested at Classic Motors DC.
Innuendos suggest mental illness/suicide... because WaPo is CIA


IN RELATED NEWS: Prosecutor Beranton Whisenant's death was caused by a gunshot to the head. The weapon has not been found, but the death has been ruled a suicide. His body was found in the district of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Clinton-election-fraud fame.