Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Dirty Bombs are a Joke"

Another unthinkable crime was thrust into the public eye by George Webb and his crowd-sourced research. This time, he spearheaded an investigation into dirty bombs aimed at American citizens.

Networks of saboteurs are poised to cause mayhem in USA. Their deep-state handlers aim to overthrow our top elected official, using chaos to justify a police state. Bombs that disperse carcinogenic radioactivity are a relatively easy tool for creating panic. Besides causing cancer, Gulf War Syndrome and birth defects, radiation scorches and cooks organisms such as humans. Uranium's half life is 4.4 billion years.

Uranium235 is about $140K per ounce; after it's reduced or "highly enriched," uranium fetches $3M-10M per gram. Mid-range depleted uranium is lucrative in the munitions industry: at the tip of a projectile, the hot, unstable element can bore through tanks and ships. Smugglers can sell DU to unregulated arms dealers.

In a shocking compromise of national security, a United Arab Emirates subsidiary Gulftainer USA was awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container operations at Port Canaveral, Florida. Their parent company, Crescent Group, is integral to Iraq’s illicit nuclear program.

In 2002, ABC News arranged for fifteen pounds of undetected uranium to enter the Port of Los Angeles aboard the Maersk Charlotte. Despite the success of that test, USA scans about 4% of incoming cargo and our vulnerability remains. For instance, a former Maersk oil tanker showed up for decommissioning in Bangladesh in 2016 with radioactive levels far above those normally detected.

Duct tape makes you a diplomatic courier

[Update: Cyberattack has caused havoc at Maersk;
Ports worldwide are hacked]

On June 15, 2017, tips from retired intelligence officers guided George Webb’s volunteer researchers: that “CrowdSource The Truth” community identified a threat hidden in four freight containers that were ordinarily ineligible for search due to their “diplomatic pouch” status. The Maersk Memphis was just off-shore from Charleston, S.C. The regional head of Maersk Lines shipping company was listed as Ali Imran Awan. Imran Awan is also the name of a Pakistani spy employed by noted Democrat election fraudster Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The #AwanBrothers is a hashtag synonymous with treason. Top-level lawlessness in our government demands that ordinary citizens must monitor national security.

[Awans are Pakistani Crooks infiltrating US Congress]

["Diplomatic" Flights Transport Terrorist Weapons]
A couple of our citizen-researchers notified the Coast Guard to take note of the radiation risk on Maersk Memphis.
The Coast Guard tweeted that it was searching four containers with Diplomatic Pouch status. Protocol would not have allowed a search without some indication of significant risk, like a high reading on a radioactivity scan. A FOIA request made by a Crowdsource researcher (for the radioactivity levels the scan revealed) was refused due to the 'sensitive' nature of the information. Information that there was no radiation detected could not reasonably be considered 'sensitive.'
[South Carolina ports give Podesta Group $180k a year]

Sen. Lindsey Graham (9/6/13): "If we get Syria wrong..... it won’t come to America on top of a missile[a bomb] will come in the belly of a ship" to Charleston or NY
FOIA reveals risk

A pack of hyenas (including CNN and NY Times) descended on the Crowdsource team, defaming all of us as "conspiracy theorists" and, of course, attacking our spokesperson George Webb in particular with the libel that he had personally called the Coast Guard. (The Coast Guard actually called him!) Webb soon announced his intention to sue for $100 Million, but not before he was wrongfully arrested in an FBI set-up designed to entrap him with a fake "source." Though there was no law against sleeping there, he was imprisoned for two days for napping in his car on private property and charged with a type of DUI: Depleted Uranium Intel. It's unconstitutional search and seizure without probable cause, violating our 4th amendment.
FBI pinged GW's phone to sic police

Independent journalists-- like Wikileaks -- trying to protect everyday Americans from the incompetence or racketeering of our government are the problem, don't you see?
Dirty bombs are fine.

Ship Cargo Needs More Security

Webb has consulted with an attorney well-known to those of us who were defrauded by the Democrat National Committee when we attempted to nominate Bernie Sanders for President: Cliff Arnebeck decries 2016 Democrat Primary voting machine hacks, assassinations, and other election fraud tactics. A close associate of Arnebeck is Bob Fitrakis whose lawsuit against Edison Media Research aims to prove their Exit Polling was adjusted to disguise Hillary's election fraud. Fitrakis reminded us that murder victim Seth Rich was slated as witness for his lawsuit. Fitrakis had called Seth Rich's boss: "Seth's ready to depose."
"Seth's dead."
How many whistleblowers will die before we stop the criminals in our government from profiting off endangering ordinary people?

"Deep State is not going to let me go on & on....That's why I don't need any money..... I'm going to keep reporting until death" -- George Webb

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[Update: US smuggling Uranium out of Afghanistan?]

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