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Angelina Jolie's Drugged Slave used for 1981 Reagan Shooting

Truth is far stranger than fiction so let's ease you into this.


The sixteen-year-old boy was glad the CIA men acted friendly. The barrel-chested one told him to sit on the toilet lid. Then the agent put a striped plastic cape on Randy and, holding a bottle, brushed dye into the boy’s hair. The smell was unpleasant like floor cleaner. “Sit still while it soaks in,” the man said. “Don’t get any in your eyes. This stuff can blind you.”

Though his scalp started to sting, Randy waited obediently, his mind repeating instructions. Finally the agent signaled him to go lean over the bathroom sink, admonishing, “Keep your eyes shut!” The flood of warm water was a relief as it rinsed the black dye in a swirl down the drain. Randy stayed bent forward at the waist as the man turned off the water and rubbed some cream on Randy’s head. Then he washed the cream out too, his strong fingers rubbing roughly but not cruelly. Randy sighed: part of him remembered being tortured and so was grateful to the stocky man for causing no pain.

The second man laid a military uniform on the bed then casually polished some black dress shoes with a white handkerchief. He didn’t talk to Randy but was gentle as he helped the boy get dressed, fastening the brass buttons from Randy’s chest to his groin, straightening the gold braid, and nodding with a smirk of satisfaction at the results.

The thick-set agent beside him looked pleased as well. Randy felt as if the black dye in his hair made people treat him better. Some time later, he was owned by a six-year-old girl whom he loved. The mother, on the other hand, hated the beautiful child for resembling her blond father who’d been unfaithful. “Dye Angie’s hair black,” Randy suggested to the older woman. Black hair might protect the little girl the way it had briefly shielded him from harm.

No-one punched or gagged him for several hours after his hair was dyed; they just handcuffed a briefcase to his wrist and told him to stay at President Reagan’s side. Others in the President's entourage even greeted him with respect. No-one asked, "Who are you? Where's Lieutenant Colonel Muratti?" They just said, "Good afternoon."

Of course, that’s not how it happened

Randy S. Turner says,
Sorry VC, I don't want my story to be told in a fictional account.

1st off I was sold to [Angelina Jolie’s] mother prior to being used for the shooting. I was a slave to Angie before I was MKUltra by the CIA.

You just have everything wrong. I wasn't dressed by anybody. I was given a military uniform and put it on myself. The hair might have been a spray used not a hair dye, I still need to recall the memories so it's accurate.

I know hair spray was used on me in the photo of me and Angie on the bed so they may have used a hair spray instead of hair dye. Like I said, I need to recoup my memories.

Not sure where you are going with protecting a little girl by dying her hair to protect her? I helped [her mother] Marcheline dye Angie's hair dark so when Marcheline looked at Angie she didn't remind her of [Jon]Voight.

Remove the “16 year old was glad they were being friendly,” they weren't friendly they were cold and commanding, programming me while my hair was dyed. The old lady dying my hair was cold like she was doing a job she didn't enjoy. A bathroom sink wasn't used, they had a barbershop inside or salon type setting in the whitehouse, they had a sink they placed my head under like in a barbershop. Again it was a women who did the hair dying and cutting, she was cold and must have been a military woman as she seemed unhappy about being forced to do it. 

Most of those in the group knew what was going to happen, they told me to not get to close to Reagan just stay behind him. Reagan noticed I wasn't his regular aide and started to ask me something but one of the men there drew his attention away and after that he didn't bother with me or ask anything.

I am not sure what makes you think you can start making up a story surrounding what I went though? I wasn't punched by men before I was sent to pose as Reagan's aide. Iwas MKUltra. My alternate [personality] went along with whatever they told him to do. The drug used also made this easy for them as you do not question what you are told to do. Please do not make some story up based on my life and the trauma and horrors I went through. My story will be told but it will be told the way it happened and not in a fictional story.

I apologized to Randy.

We are trying to sort out his memories and gather more evidence that his allegations are true. The most solid proof we have is the fact that, even decades later, Randy Turner is still the spitting image of whoever carried the nuclear codes for Reagan when the president was shot. Randy says he was disguised (with dyed hair) to look like the regular aide, Lt. Col. Jose A. Muratti, who normally carried the “atomic football” when Reagan was outside the Oval Office.

One can easily see in video from the 1981 event that whoever was pretending to be Muratti did not have the build or bearing of the thirty-nine year-old military professional who towered over the 6’1’’ Reagan in a formal photo. Unless someone has now tampered with them, the 1981 videos show a slim teenager panicking when Randy ran away from the shooting scene. News media claimed the patrol car door “wasn’t working” when police tried to put Hinckley in the back seat; Randy alerts us to what, for decades, almost no-one considered an essential detail: you can see someone in the cruiser’s back seat reach over and lock the door.

The video showing me in the back seat of the patrol car, that was covered up completely…… was one of the main things that helped me win the [court]case. The mainstream media said the door lock was broken, they never said anybody was in the back seat yet you can clearly see somebody was and that was me.

Randy had been told to stick by the president. So, when he realized what had happened, he asked the police to take him to the hospital. Instead he was taken to the local precinct. In interrogation, they tried to force the boy to hand over the nuclear codes. An officer there who roughed Randy up was possibly killed when the boy grabbed the man’s gun: Randy’s memory is that the death was covered up and the cop’s wife “paid off [with a pension] to say he was transferred to Texas where he joined the Marshal service or something like that and got killed on the job. This was to cover up me shooting him because at the time I was MKUltra mind controlled.” Randy also said,

My problem is all those people at the scene when Reagan was shot at were paid off to cover up what was done to me. Those were all the major broadcast stations in the US at the time.

Mainstream media has not become less corrupt over time. In August 2017, we had a hard time getting any coverage when Randy publicly disclosed his involvement in the Reagan shooting. Of course his story was so sensational, at first even I scoffed. Still, I supported him. I’d blogged about victims similar to him. As soon as I stumbled on him in a Facebook forum, I forwarded his information to “Crowdsource the Truth” but felt resigned when that reporter showed no interest. Many of us at that point were hanging all our hopes on “AwanGate” – the foreign spy ring in Congress – to topple the massive crime syndicate that had a stranglehold on our country.
A few weeks later, Randy commented on a Facebook post of mine. I’d been complaining about a specific politician and Randy said, “I know him.” His point was that top power brokers are all guilty of the same crimes and depravity. But what stopped me in my tracks was Randy’s assertion that he’d met Donald Trump. Suddenly I woke up. Who was Randal Turner? He’d just posted reasonably professional videos that explained his bizarre situation and substantiated his most basic claim. How was this possible? Why were the irregularities around the shooting of President Reagan not yet public knowledge?
Online activists shared Randy’s videos to little fanfare. Though a few nobodies like me blogged or vlogged about the new allegations, even alternative media mostly ignored the topic. If they acknowledged our tweets, emails and other messages exhorting them to address the Reagan shooting, some media “revolutionaries” claimed the information was too dangerous for them to possess. “That sort of stuff gets people killed!”
Yeah, I know.

Randy himself admitted the challenges:

VC, do you have any idea who runs this operation of pedophiles and criminals? You realize when I name names and go on video telling the whole story that my life will be over? They are all around us, law enforcement, lawyers, doctors, mainstream media, Hollywood, the US Gov etc. I need to think of how I can survive when I do go public with everything.

All I knew was that Randy had no choice but to go public. Sunlight is more than a disinfectant. Now that he’d “broken his programming” and was no longer an MKUltra slave, Randy was in the most peril; while his history was secret, his testimony – and he – could easily be obliterated. We had to act quickly.
If not now, when? If not me, who? Feigning bravado, I made confident-sounding assertions that my friends and I might be able to keep Randy safe till he disappeared into a sort of grassroots witness protection program. I felt morally obliged to plant that scenario in his mind. Although I admitted I’m just an old cat lady, I didn’t mention that I’d spent the past eight years consciously expending my social capital in service to crusades like, for instance, my ecology non-profit. I’d alienated a lot of Hillary-Clinton supporters by reviling her 2016 felony election fraud. I’d offended many (snowflake) defenders of the status quo who had once been my friends. Idealism drove me. Why let reality stop me now? I just couldn’t let the worst destroyers of democracy get away with all their crimes. By this point, I’d grown appalled at Randy’s situation. I expressed the will to do anything within my capability to help him. He grumbled,

I know you say you and your posse will take care of me but I'm not interested in sleeping on somebody’s couch the rest of my life.

My vision dimmed of him holed up in a trailer somewhere in the Oregon rainforest, tending goats or bunnies while Oath Keepers and hippies brought him food and magazines and video games. My charming fantasy of a Randy Underground Railroad was derailed.

Maybe we can get some of the celebrities I helped in the past to come out and testify that my story is true.

It would only take one celebrity to make Randy's testimony go viral so that vital support would be more of a flood than the current drip-drip. I argued, “I understand the complexity of the situation.” Could he afford to be choosy? I didn't understand why he wasn't afraid of the criminal syndicate who'd tortured him. “The issue is that you have one person with resources who will help you in any way possible, versus some hoped-for media personality who has lots of money to give you but probably will sell out to the cabal scum and bury your story. I know I'm risking my life for you. Your days may be numbered. Let's get you in the safest situation right now, instead of catastrophizing that you'll be on a couch the rest of your life!”

I started begging him to come to my house. For seventeen years, I’d lived on a rural dead end where unsavory characters would probably be noticed. The neighbors knew me as a good citizen; at least one of them might protest if my house were attacked even by seemingly legitimate law enforcement.

I envisioned Randy safe in my guest room while some real writer wrote a book about him.
Yet my supplications to published authors bore no fruit. Was the task up to me? I’d written extensively on behalf of ecofeminism (I know, right?) but surely wasn’t qualified or disciplined enough to tackle this project, with its sensitive subjects and legal repercussions. My blogs about Randy did get about ten thousand views in August and September. We sent the links to everyone we could think of. Nonetheless, we’d had no luck convincing anyone with a reputation to gamble that precious currency – prestige – on the story of the century.

Randy kept cajoling alt-media reporters to interview him:

Everybody who is anybody in Hollywood knows who I am and the same goes for politics. My story is much more outrageous than just what you have seen in my videos. There are people in Hollywood who are not pedophiles by choice which I would be glad to explain if you are interested in my full story and putting your skills to the test. I have more evidence but can't publicize it for good reason which I will explain if you want to know the truth.

He referred to what is known as the Franklin Scandal and Cover-Up. In a book and his public speaking, Nebraska Senator John DeCamp championed the victims to decry a crime ring that involved at least one satanic ritual murder of a child. Former FBI Regional Director from Los Angeles, Ted Gunderson, corroborated the horrors. In a 1994 documentary that was successfully suppressed for years, Conspiracy of Silence, a witness, Paul Bonacci, exposed the violent elite pedophilia that riddles our government. Bonacci’svideotaped testimony described an incident in a cabin.

Randy Turner said,
I was one of the teens they used when Paul Bonacci was there. I met Paul and was one of the kids with him when the event he is talking about happened, they sodomized me and tossed me around like a sack of potatoes then threw me to the ground and fired a gun at me.

Randy had some doubts about Paul Bonacci that inadvertently reinforced the credibility of Randy’s own memories: in videos, Bonacci seemed to summon an alternate personality voluntarily, while Randy insisted such an act was beyond the control of an MKUltra slave. “Bonacci is only pretending to be MKUltra.”
Given what Randy himself had endured, it wasn’t my place to defend Bonacci as another brutalized victim who could be forgiven any possible dissembling.

The CIA mind-control techniques are specifically designed to drive enslaved children past the limits of desperation, using torture to cause dissociation and fragment their minds into alternate personalities. These “alternates” the CIA agents then program to perform specialized tasks like sex, memorization, or murder. Each activity may be controlled by an individual handler who’s imprinted on the child. For instance, some researchers believe that Barack Obama’s main handler is Valerie Jarrett. 

Randy says, "Obama was one of the teenagers used at the White House like me. His Grandfather was part of their secret society."

Needless to say, the brainwashing process can be baroque. Though torture has been used to enslave people since time immemorial, the CIA’s program owes details of its science to the Nazi maniac Dr. Josef Mengele. MK-Ultra,a name first used in 1953, is reportedly an abbreviation of the German “Mind Kontrolle.” Mengele may have been intimate with the architects of the CIA program and was possibly even spirited into America under their “Operation Paperclip” program to incorporate seven hundred and sixty-five Nazi scientists into our “intelligence community.” Any atrocity at that time was rationalized by the Cold War: a communist threat took priority over the laws of the United States Constitution. At any rate, Mengele’s victims usually died but the CIA couldn’t be quite so prodigal. CIA at least needed a veneer of respectability.
The 1975 Church Committee; the 1977 Senate hearing on MKUltra experiments; and the 1995 SenateAdvisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments produced a list of medical professionals who helped the CIA force vulnerable young humans to obey. Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University bragged about creating hypno-programmed couriers and worse: “I can hypnotize a man — without his knowledge or consent — into committing treason against the United States.” British psychiatrist William Sargant at St Thomas' Hospital in London performed similar experiments. However McGill University’s Donald Ewen Cameron, a psychiatrist, is the most infamous culprit for his use of powerful drugs and electroshock on unwilling “patients” who were intentionally rendered comatose to bypass their conscious awareness with brainwashing.

Randy added to that pageant of villainy:
This is a list of the medical establishments and doctors involved in drugging and torturing children in the MkUltra program:
  • [To Be Released]

Unfortunately for them, I have photos and a video that proves I am not crazy and the memories I was having did happen. Note: These are but a few I know of. There are probably 1000s throughout the United States who took part in barbaric sadistic acts upon teens and children.

I was drugged and tortured to the point I was begging for them to kill me so I didn't have to suffer from the pain any longer. I was used as a sex slave, drug mule and worse. I was sodomized and framed for crimes I didn't commit. Years later I proved my case and was supposed to get a 10 million dollar settlement but my family with the help of the FBI and local law enforcement drugged me and took my settlement money then split it between them. My Mother, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncle, cousins, brother-in-law and his family took part of the money. Two FBI Agents helped them along with some Snohomish Co. Sheriff's deputy's all of which were paid off using portions of my settlement money. Evil does not begin to describe the people involved. They have done things to me over the years to keep me quiet via threats to my life and framing me for crimes I didn't commit.

In one of the media reports, they say the rear door lock was broken but you can clearly see I re-locked the door to stop them from placing Hinckley inside the car. I had the nuclear codes and needed to get them to Reagan.

Bush Sr. being behind the assassination attempt on Reagan is no longer a conspiracy [theory]. I am the proof that these events occurred just as I said they did.

Hinckley's family were going to lose their home and business because of taxes owed, Bush made them a deal to use their son as the patsy for the assassination attempt. He took all the blame and didn't tell anybody why he shot Reagan, he didn't spend his time in a cell or hospital he lived at home the entire time and only went back for interviews.

I need to be honest with you VC. I am going to have to find a group of people who don't mind getting their hands dirty and taking big risks. Not risk like you think you are taking because to be honest you aren't a risk to them. Without me you're just another conspiracy theorist to the public.

They are the ones who did this to me then made everybody in law enforcement believe lies to cover up their pedophile ring. They framed me for sex crimes against kids when I was the one trying to protect them. The crap they did stuck so well they ended up all joining in and groups would drug me and try to get me to sleep with kids then claim I did because they knew they would get money to keep it quiet so it didn't go to court. People have done this shit to me using that drug over and over then leaving me with nothing but memories of being traumatized.

One of the most appalling memories he described to me was also key to the rest of his experiences in Hollywood. Producer Bill Day used drugs like "Devil's Breath" and adenochrome on children in order to program and control them. He fed them the drugs to control Randy as well as a movie star Jon Voight's little daughter Angie for whom Randy was "nanny" and slave. 
At some point, Randy confronted Day to try to stop him from abusing the kids. Day apparently decided to make sure Randy was accused of crimes that would strangle Randy's credibility. For starters, according to Randy, Bill Day drugged the child Angelina Jolie and instructed the small girl to make "Anton" (Randy's MKUltra alternate personality assigned to protect her) kill her dog, a little dog Randy recalls looked like a spotty, squatty Dachshund.
The little girl Angie commanded her slave but "Anton" couldn't bring himself to harm the dog. Probably Bill Day pressured her till she grew frustrated. As Anton/Randy was facing the dog, Angie grabbed a gardening hoe and, as the fifteen-year-old boy turned around, the girl swung the hoe and hit the dog in the skull, killing it. 

Randy adds,

"Angie may not recall this but if she reads it she may start recalling the truth of what really happened when she was a child."

Does Angelina Jolie remember that the teenage "Anton" ended up taking the blame to protect her from punishment?

Bill Day was the adult actually responsible.

Angie killed the dog by hitting it with a gardening hoe. I had my back turned and she had grabbed it and as I turned she had swung it and hit the dog in the head. I recall crying when I'd seen what she did, I was on that drug when she did it, she tried to make Anton [Randy's alternate MKUltra personality] kill the dog but he couldn't do it so she grabbed the gardening hoe and hit her in the head with it. It was fucking sad and I knew she was very messed up in the head and I had to do something to try and help her. I can still remember the moment I turned around and saw her swing it and hit the dog in the head. It died quickly thankfully and didn't suffer long.
THIS IS NOT THE DOG. I just want you
to realize how appalling all this is!

Celebrities in Hollywood were told that Randy (AKA "Anton") had killed the dog. Randy was also accused of raping Angelina as a child. Those accusations were enough to cause several famous actors to abuse Randy in unspeakable ways. 

It's time to set the record straight.
Randy proposed dramatic methods to get into the public eye. It was September 2017 and he was losing patience. I responded with a nonchalance I didn’t feel, “Well, whatever you do, wait for a lull in the news cycle! Of course they'll just create a false flag to distract from anything you do though.”

Although Randy remained relatively nonchalant, the situation looked increasingly desperate to me as the months passed. So I exaggerated my optimism: “There are lots of Oath Keepers here who would also be a resource to you. I think we should plan things very carefully. Write down exactly whom you can trust, and exactly what they offer, and then ...look at that.” Secretly I was terrified that Randy really did need my help. I hid my panic. Despite my shortcomings, it seemed a viable option that he’d come to my house and write this book with an established author, maybe even me.

I assured him, “Folks in this town know I'm not just a Conspiracy Theorist.” Of course there were plenty of people in my community who wouldn’t hesitate to think ill of me. But why sabotage ourselves with defeatism? We had enough obstacles! CIA snipers may have us in their sights as I write this. Or even worse dastardly plots may target us. “I don't trust anyone either, I know anyone can be a satanist… And satanists of course will do the bidding of the cabal scum.” 

Randy had grown up in that toxic milieu. It felt absurd to offer what little resources I had to stand up to that criminal syndicate. I had no real clout or influence. But if we were doomed to be murdered, I wanted Randy to meet one genuinely good person before he died. I only fibbed to him a little. Other than that, I was a good person!

Finally Randy agreed to come visit me.

End of Chapter One 
from the upcoming NON-FICTION book by

VC Bestor, 
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

"Find the meat of the matter"
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You may ask, "How can he still be alive? Why didn't the cabal murder Turner?" One possibility is that he's being used by the (pro-Nazi) cabal to scapegoat Jews for the world's problems.

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