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Pedogate is Atomic

The establishment now uses "pizzagate" as a code word to imply "conspiracy theory." If you paid attention when the story broke (before the pizza place in question scrubbed its incriminating evidence), you know that a true conspiracy exists: mainstream media does cover up pedophiles in DC government and worldwide.

One of the kids who was used in DC has grown up and made videos to prove what the most powerful perverts in the world did to him. Of course his story is dismissed by anyone squeamish or brainwashed by mainstream media.

Randal Turner deserves a moment of your time. He was a child. Politicians used him.

And I believe he was carrying the nuclear codes beside Reagan when the President was shot in 1981.

But YOU decide.

The briefcase with the codes is nicknamed the "atomic football" and functions as a mobile hub for our "strategic defense systems." The aide-de-camp who would have carried it normally for Reagan was on vacation that day, or perhaps whoever staged the shooting considered young Randal Turner more dispensible.

Several sources besides Randal Turner claim George H.W. Bush was behind the assassination attempt. President Reagan was shot by a "stray" secret-service bullet apparently but I digress.

Agents evidently altered the original but that chin is unmistakable
Randal Turner later filed a successful $10M lawsuit against the government for being used in the Reagan shooting incident.

But in 1980, a year before the shooting, his mom sold him to a pedophile. (As reference: on September 19, 1982, Michael Aquino was said to purchase Johnny Gosch for $35K.The man made videos for the CIA to entrap politicians having sex with children. They drugged the fifteen-year old apparently with a plant-based "devil's breath" probably including scopolamine from the borrachero plant. The pedophile grew the plants at his house. Young Randal used the drug on the man who enslaved him and regained some measure of freedom but remained entangled with the elite pedophile ring. Once again they drugged him and he was attacked by then-Vice President George H.W. Bush.

Bush Sr. has been fingered as a pedophile by other victims and witnesses. Pedophilia is almost impossible to comprehend for most people; what's essential is to see it as a tool for CIA (Deep State) to blackmail and control powerbrokers.

CIA programming of mind-controlled slaves -- MKUltra and other styles of programming -- is publicly documented by the CIA themselves. Randal Turner describes techniques in detail that they used to crush his will (and testicles).

It's horrible just to know about their crimes. Those of us who haven't been crippled by the perpetrators have a moral responsibility to speak out against them. Too many of the victims are silenced, one way or another.

Why is Randal Turner still alive? I don't know. One reason may be that he says "some people who claim they were victims were in fact not victims but part of" the "Franklin Scandal" and similar Pedogate crimes. I imagine that the perpetrators like having victims discredit one another. Another possibility is that Turner's being used by the (pro-Nazi) cabal to scapegoat Jews for the world's problems:
More victims are coming forward

The criminals in question may implant lies and memories that sound outlandish. The general scenario in question however has been amply documented.

[1982: Prostitution rings are providing young boys to male customers in Washington and are reportedly selling information about their clients' sexual preferences to foreign intelligence services: New York Times]

Time to "drain the swamp" of these predators.

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit, 

a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.
"Find the meat of the matter"
V.C Bestor on Twitter

My Text Chat with Randal Turner:

Message Fiona [Barnett] and ask her why she doesn't reply to my messages. Kind of weird she claims to be a victim yet doesn't reply to a fellow victim with a story like mine.

Another few more things about the videos you posted in your links. The girl who was on Dr Phil made a statement to other victims: don't leave! If you watch the whole video you will see she makes that statement. Dr. Phil may have met people who are involved in the group and not even know it. Whoever set up the interview may have staged it as a message to those who are still captive. 
The girl said in the interview if she had a choice she never would have left

Did you know Clinton and Bush Sr. were buddies way back in the 80s?

they are all in the same party, the pedoparty

Fiona went dark for many months & I don't think she trusts many folks!
Trust is a rare, precious and much abused trait... so it's a very difficult situation even if the people involved aren't MKUltra.
At any rate, I do hope you get some satisfaction from knowing the truth and speaking it! (((Hugs)))

Thanks VC, I sure hope I get justice for what was done to me somehow soon too.

Well, there's no compensation big enough to make up for what they put you through. I keep fighting for justice but secretly look at my own (small) victimhood as the membership card into the "club" of the bravest, strongest and deepest people on the planet. My soul wound is like a graft and we victims are like a multi-color tree of human resilience. Sorry to get poetic 😉

Thanks VC I like the poetic part 🙂

I'll try to blog about you but as you know, I'm an amateur so will mess it up!

Thanks, Nothing could hurt me anymore than I have already been hurt, just get the word out and hope people start taking notice and realize how important this is to the future of the country. They are still running things.

Ok! Hey, do you have any link or documents to prove your court case existed? I'm lazy about searching for it 😉
No they covered it all up. If the nation knew the shit they did to me people would be up in arms.
They claimed they had to seal the case due to national security then they paid everybody off and destroyed the case files is what I figure
The last case was rigged, they told me they would place me on a pension while everybody paid back the money then gave me that drug

The things that came out on court would shock people.
[One thing they do] is
called doubling.
As an example, these celebrities did some crap to me but before I met with them my friends and a few family members drugged me at a bar and did the same type of thing to me. [Redacted, celebrity #1] told them what to do and they did it. Then when it was over I had no memory of what they did and a week or so later I meet some guys at a bar who invite me to a party, that is when all the celebrities showed up, they did something very similar to what was done to me at the bar. This confused the MkUltra victim but somehow I recalled and made sence of it all in court, I recall [celebrity #2] saying how the fuck did he remember that?

Wow, fascinating. They really are as devious as their Nazi mentors! I've just been reading about operation Paperclip
The CIA did that to us MkUltra victims if they were going to use us for a mission, they would have actors play out a scene close to what we were supposed to do on the mission, so if we were caught and interrogated it would make no sense etc.

Randal Turner makes plenty of sense to me!

The author VC Bestor is
Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

"Find the meat of the matter"
V.C Bestor on Twitter

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