Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Journalists in Hillary's Crosshairs

Like Operation Chaos (the CIA's Vietnam-era sabotage of war protesters), Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney developed special teams who illegally targeted journalists on our soil. Hillary's original aim was apparently to stifle information about her husband Bill's girl problem. A euphemism for her project is "Hillary's Hit List."

One of Cheney's secret forces was Joint Special Operations Command. Of its assassinations abroad, one of its leaders, Admiral McRaven, admitted many collateral deaths in addition to lethal torture.

Torture of the American journalist Gary Webb was more covert, involving destruction of his livelihood, gaslighting, and ultimately "suicide" via two (2) bullets to the head.

Launched in 1998, "The Program" (as these "private security" squads are nicknamed) amounts to Gladio C, an American-fragging version of the covert army in CIA's Gladio B.

The Program's targets include political opponents and enemies of political donors as well as inconvenient reporters. That may explain why USA's domestic "terrorism watch list" now numbers into millions. Ironically, Hillary Clinton seems to have hired actual Muslim terrorists' allies, including Imran Awan, as her operatives. Obedience is key in henchmen: they can be manipulated with the narrative of targeting families of our military who killed their countrymen.

War Criminal Dick Cheney
Journalist George Webb believes the Awan Brothers are helping run Hillary's cabal's drug ratline and program of D&D (disrupt and diffuse). D&D of "Deplorables" for instance could insert intruders into the White House and into other Trump family sanctuaries.

Obedient media shills (including at Rolling Stone Magazine) write hit pieces on citizen journalists -- especially George Webb -- painting courageous exposés of criminal syndicates in the alphabet agencies as... wait for it... "Islamophobia." Alt-media disinformation is more progressive: though he's targeted by FBI harassment, simple minds revile Webb for getting some protection from Israel's Mossad. (It's trendy to blame all ills in the world on Rothschilds AKA The Jews.)

[CIA's blog (WaPoo) whitewashes Awans in hit piece on George Webb]

Bernie Sanders' supporters may remember, in 2016 primaries, how "Million Dollar Trolls" would disrupt and diffuse our campaign and how Seth Rich was shot twice in the back, murdered less than 48 hours before Bernie endorsed Hillary's already proven election fraud.

[Unrecused: FBI's Andrew McCabe (right-hand to Comey) wife took $675K UNDECLARED from Hillary intimate]

Hillary Clinton "joked" about drone-killing Wikileaks' Julian Assange for revelations that incriminated her. Trump's flip flop toward Assange -- the most famous journalist in the world -- could be due to covert menacing of the top elected official of the United States.

George Webb reveals the extent of #HRCratline

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