Monday, August 14, 2017

Inside the Enemy

A new whistleblower just came forward to expose the most depraved people running our government. I think now is the moment in history when we're ready to listen to him.

Randal Turner was in Washington DC when Reagan was shot. He may be shot himself for knowing who arranged that 1981 assassination attempt. Even more shocking: he was only sixteen and carrying the nuclear codes beside the President when Hinckley became what many of us now suspect to be a patsy.

[At the Reagan shooting] "you can see me reach over and stop them from opening the door of the police car to place Hinckley inside the car. I had the nuclear codes inside the briefcase. I was taken to the police station where they took the codes from me. They used the codes to force Reagan to give Bush Sr. control over the US-China trade agreement. Bush wanted to sell arms to China.
"Nobody but those who covered it up knew or mentioned anything about me being in the back seat relocking the door after that officer unlocked it. Think about that if you question my claims of what happened that day..... it was actually covered up by the mainstream media claiming the lock on the door was broken." -- Randal Turner
Randal Turner in 1981

In 1982, New York Times published proof that teenage boys were trafficked in DC as part of espionage rings. In 1989, "call boys" took tours of the White House at midnight. What those articles fail to mention was the extent of domestic intelligence agencies exploiting children with the aim of blackmailing powerbrokers, a scheme the CIA has used in the overthrow of democracies worldwide for decades.

Randal Turner could have been involved in a similar blackmail scenario. But it appears that at the Reagan shooting he was staged to be one of the patsies. From the age of fifteen, he was under the control of a DC-linked crime ring; he reports that they used MK-Ultra techniques to mold him into a Manchurian candidate. One piece of substantiating evidence: audio of the Reagan shooting includes a first shot that sounds different from the rest.
Original photo retouched
but still unmistakable

Turner says he sued the government for exoneration and was indeed awarded $10 Million in compensation. It's credible that the case was sealed for "national security" reasons and that the crime ring then incapacitated him to steal the cash:

"I was drugged and tortured to the point I was begging for them to kill me so I didn't have to suffer from the pain any longer. I was used as a sex slave, drug mule and worse. I was sodomized.... Years later I proved my case and was supposed to get a 10 million dollar settlement but my family with the help of the FBI and local law enforcement drugged me and took my settlement money then split it between them. My Mother, Sisters, Brothers, Aunts, Uncle, cousins, brother-in-law and his family took part of the money. Two FBI Agents helped them along with some Snohomish Co. Sheriff's deputy's all of which were paid off using portions of my settlement money. Evil does not begin to describe the people involved. They have done things to me over the years to keep me quiet via threats to my life and framing me for crimes I didn't commit.

"I was one of the teens they used when [Franklin Scandal victim] Paul Bonacci was there. I met Paul and was one of the kids with him when .... they sodomized me and tossed me around like a sack of potatoes then threw me to the ground and fired a gun at me." -- R. Turner

How does it feel to have your own family and government complicit in criminal abuse of you and other children?
Randal Turner wrote a  song with the lyrics, "Follow the blind into the dark.... Don't let the past tear you apart.... You.... me.... inside the enemy..." 

The enemy can be an alternate personality created by torture-based MK-Ultra mind control.

Yet we're all "inside the enemy," paying our taxes to people who ensure we have perpetual war and pointless suffering instead of thriving communities.

You may ask, "How can he still be alive? Why didn't the cabal murder Turner?" One possibility is that he's being used by the (pro-Nazi) cabal to scapegoat Jews for the world's problems.

If not for the children, let's do it for ourselves:
Let's stop the cabal's crimes.

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