Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Awan Spies Still in USA

[Update 5/22: Spy Imran Awan's Wife has Fled to Pakistan]

A U.S. Marine rented house from a man calling himself "Alex" who turns out to be the spy Imran Awan. The rental contract names Awan's wife Hina Alvi. She may still be in the country since the Marine said her van has been moved at the end of the street. A different renter in Virginia says they saw Imran Awan two weeks ago. He may be hiding behind other aliases besides "Alex." Awans own twelve houses in Virginia alone.

Suspected of stealing computer hardware and data from Congress, the Awan brothers left four to five government-issued laptops and several Blackberries in the Marine's home. The Marine said Awan claimed no ownership of the items.

Recall that FBI claimed not to recover all Hillary's infamous mobile devices.

Possible accomplice with Imran Awan
Marine Andre Taggart at Awan House
FBI, NCIS as well as Capitol Police have contacted the renting Marine. FBI has the computers and devices. No law enforcement has made any public report on the Awan crimes.

Police notified top Democrats on Feb. 2 that their Awan employees are suspected of espionage. Affected members of Congress have aided a cover-up of the crimes on the pretense that the investigation is "Islamophobia" despite criminal complaints against Awans by their Muslim relatives.

George Webb breaks the story

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