Monday, May 1, 2017

Then the Somali Pirate said, "I'm the Captain Now"

Omar/Abid and Jamal Awan?
Investigative journalist George Webb has declared, "I have tried for 190 days to have Andrew McCabe of the FBI to look into the Awan Brothers affair. I am acting for National Security. Now."

Webb just published identifying data of the spies harbored in Congress by top Democrats who participated in the 2016 Primary election fraud disenfranchising voters who supported candidate Bernie Sanders.

With shifting identities, the Awan spies may have used their expert hacking skills to facilitate the election fraud as well as other serious crimes.

[May 24 Update: DNC Leader D.W.Schultz Threatened Police for Investigating Her Treason]

Who is Jamal Awan

Imran Awan 

Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police again, [he] will … kidnap my family members back in Pakistan,” Awan’s stepmother, Samina Gilani, claimed in the documents filed April 14 in Fairfax County, VA

Shahid Imran
Webb goes on to ask, "Who is Shahid Imran, powerful White House employee?

Webb believes him to be Imran Awan (seen above with Bill Clinton).

While flaunting his influence in Washington DC, "Shahid Imran" was involved in a USAID swindle of many Pakistani farmers, robbing them of their land in order to grow opium poppies. He's also implicated in the murder of Ashraf Awan's partner, possibly forcing the widow to put assets in his name.

Webb's next question: "Is Mahmood Ashraf, killer of a Richmond car dealer.... really Ashraf Awan?" And is Ashraf the father of Democrats' classified employee and spy Imran Awan?

"Shahid Imran"
Multiple false identities are used to confuse justice-seekers and to hide crimes like money laundering and worse, hence the need to publish as specific data as possible. For instance, Tahira Ali Awan, who lived with the Awan brothers, shares a SSN with "Ruth Fielder" in several states. Webb suspects the many Awan-linked houses nationwide serve as gang safe-houses for enforcers in this criminal ring. The gang in this case is MS13 which was created in 1984 by the CIA for use in the Iran-Contra conspiracy.
Abid Awan

Ashraf Awan alias purchases with same 7375 SSN.
"Can you say MS-13 safe house?"

Webb believes Ashraf Awan
to be Imran Awan's father

Tahira Ali Awan lived with #AwanBrothers
& shares an SSN with ""Ruth Fielder""
in several states

وداعا جميلة

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Director of the non-profit
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators.

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Webb reports that one of Hillary's drug-smuggling accomplices is Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed, a major contributor and fundraiser (about $500,000) for Hillary Clinton's campaign.
"I have multiple dates of Issuance for Tahir Javed's SSN#.
 "I have no choice but to publish. Misprision of Treason - Nat Sec" - Webb

Arshad Mahmood, registered agent for Awan Brothers Inc,
owns multiple houses that Webb suspects harbor MS13 Gang

Maawia Ibrahim, owner of the home of the three-man murdered
Somali team in Fort Wayne, IN
is using a 77 year old's SSN from CA

"After 200 days of reaching out to Director McCabe with no response,
I have to publish the SSN# of Raza,
the backbone of Awan Brothers United "--Webb

"After 200 days of reaching out to Director McCabe with no response,
I have to publish the SSN# of Raza,
the backbone of Awan Brothers United" -- Webb

Raza the backbone of Awan Brothers United

Raza the backbone of Awan Brothers United :
"Notice consistency in phone numbers 1995 to date.
They are listed as landlines,
but considering the dates alone,
they cannot be. Then there is the fact that the
same numbers are for all 23 locations."
--Pastor Kathy

To avoid Misprision, "After 200 days of reaching out to
Director McCabe with no response,
I have to publish the SSN# of Raza,
the backbone of Awan Brothers United"--Webb