Saturday, April 1, 2017

You may be Republican if you Belly Dance

Watching a video of military suspected of brutal corruption, there was a problem: I started dancing. I couldn't stop myself. I've been a belly-dancer since I was eighteen and even got an award for it in Egypt. (Okay, it was a hokey tourist award, but still.) The Pakistani army video's music was wired into my nervous system: Muslim culture is a part of me.

So I feel exempt when officials say exposing crimes is Islamophobia, as top Democrats did when Muslim women appealed to law enforcement for their Muslim relatives attempting kidnapping and extortion. The guilty ones are the famous Awan Brothers, staff for the Democrats mentioned above.
Dem.Rep. Lewis protects Awans

Capital Police haven't put out any information about the investigation into the Awan kidnapping, extortion, espionage, robbery, and possible murder. The Awan gang fled back to Pakistan apparently using a dual-passport scheme including White House Diplomatic Passports they were issued under Obama. The FBI isn't investigating because that would be Islamophobic.

And why is Muslim Brotherhood not on the terrorist list?

If only more Russians were Muslim, maybe the "Russiagate" hoax wouldn't be clogging deep-state propaganda channels. The shadow government would have to use some other identity-politics ruse to push their endless war agenda.

Pakistani businessman Muhammad Tahir Javed is one of the top fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, to the tune of about $400,000. It's Islamophobic to mention he's suspected not just of murder but terrorist ties. It's just racism. Oh, and it's sexist to criticize Hillary.

Speaking of sex, I love dressing up and belly dancing. Why do rights for Muslims to oppress women trump the rights of those women? Why do I see women in burqas in America... or, I should say, I don't see them because they're concealed in plain sight. I find it abhorrent and the antithesis of American humanist values.

Fkck yeah, I'm a patriot!

Patriotism isn't always just a ploy to sell wars. The most cynical, violent people in the world also exploit ideas like feminism and tolerance to hide their crimes. I was a lifelong Democrat till Hillary destroyed the votes of "sexist Bernie Bros" like me. Now Democrats are using identity politics to cover up a crime even more craven than election fraud: treason.

Progressive candidates who think our democracy can be saved are resorting to a counter-intuitive gambit: they're beginning to run as Republicans.

The Democrats have proven they will not reform. I feel I'd sanction the obliteration of our votes and treasonous betrayal of the citizens of my country if I now back any Democrat. I have no illusions about GOP but I'm casting my support for "Anybody But DNC." Certainly anyone who pushes the ridiculous Russia narrative will never get my vote again, including my former hero Bernie Sanders.

Unelected officials are attempting to overthrow our President. As long as this "silent" coup is underway, I'll oppose anything that undermines the foundation of ALL our rights: our democracy.

I'd personally run for office as a Republican... but I'm too prone -- at any minute, under any circumstance -- to break out into a belly dance.

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