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Secrets of Awan Spies

One thing spies do is have sex with powerful people. The woman whom Bernie voters like me know as the face of election fraud, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, kept the ISI spy Imran Awan on her payroll long after he was implicated in robbing Congressional offices of computer equipment. Why did she do it?

I thought it was silly when Gateway Pundit suggested that [former DNC head] Debbie Wasserman Shultz is in love with Imran Awan.

But her son, 17, is tall like Awan (Awan is over 6') and has identical structure around the eyes.
They are all Semitic.
Imran Awan, ISI spy

Son of D.Wasserman Schultz
Imran Awan shared a horse Dexter with Wasserman Schultz's daughter:

George Webb suggests that having a child with an American was used to get Awan US citizenship, not necessarily an actual child, but claims of a child.

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DWS son is taller than her husband
As investigative journalist George Webb says, the story that Awan had a "love child" with someone else in Florida could have been a "throw" or counter-rumor to "muddy the waters" (a tactic we Bernie voters know the DNC loves.)

It would make sense that Debbie Wasserman Schultz commits treason for some greater reason than just money and power.

Or maybe it's just this easy: her brother Steve Wasserman is part of the prosecution protecting Imran Awan under the guise of trying the foreign spy in court for relatively minor counts of bank fraud.

Awan ostensibly came to USA in 1997 and the kid was born after that, so the dates are feasible. One intimate fact remains indisputable: Debbie Wasserman Schultz fucked democracy.

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[Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had Hezbollah spies working for her.]
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Imran Awan may use the name Abid Awan as an alias.

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Imran Awan and Hina Alvi

One of Imran's wives, Hina Alvi, bought a house as 4809 Sprayer from Ken Janiak in Nov 2014 but he'd died in 2009

Hina Alvi just found out about Imran's other wife.

[Awan illegally took a second wife]

Exempted from background checks. WHY?

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Another mystery is the true identity of the eighth Awan spy, Rao Abbas, who still works in Congress or at least has access. There is not even a photo of him despite a request by Sen. Grassley to DHS.

Abid Awan's car dealership owed money to Rao Abbas. Not long after, the Awans got Abbas onto Congress' IT payroll for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This member of the Awan spy ring has evaded attention. He was hired in December 2012, even "working" for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Who is Abbas?

A renter in a house owned by Imran Awan's wife said Rao Abbas, 37, rented the basement; she added that he appeared to be home most days despite ostensibly doing IT work for eight Congress members. Imran Awan told her Abbas had been fired from McDonald's. Abbas was supposedly born 1979 and apparently graduated from Annandale High School in 1999. He remains at large.
"Rao Abbas" aka Nankana Shahib Rao
or  Abbas Rao? Rizwan Rao?

Abbas lived at the same Awan house
as Marine Andre Taggart
Rao Abbas taxpayer burden
Omar or Abid Awan? Is "Abid" Imran?
Other members of the spy ring are apparently Abid Awan, Omar AwanNataliia Sova, Jamal Awan, Haseeb Rana, and Imran's wife Hina Alvi. Abid and Jamal may just be names on the payroll, not actual people, and/or placeholders for other spies.

Omar Awan has a DEA license but no one seems to have a photo of him.

Spy Jamal Awan now has access to the Dep't of Defense.


"Natalia Sova" may also be a code name for tracking contraband and spying with satellites and selling that information... or planting nurses to traffic drugs.

[Update: Pakistani Bank in US Strips Identifiers off Payments]

Jamal on right? "Brother/nephew" Jamal may be Imran's son

[Why does spy Natalia Sova use Omar Awan's email address?] 

[Possible Awan Charity Fraud]

[Eleven Pakistani Spies Caught in India]

[CIA whitewash of Awan spies via WaPo]
Imran Awan and Hina Alvi

Haseeb Rana: on his resume he lists DEFENSE & SPACE

AwanGate echoes the Mirza case of Nov 20th, 2001

Awan businesses

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Latest Awan Lawsuit:
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