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Awan Spy from Ukraine

Nataliia Sova is one of the "Awan Brothers" spy ring who hasn't received any mainstream attention. Why is mainstream media so SEXIST?
One hallmark of spies is the difficulty of
nailing down their bonafide identity

Ha ha, I'm joking: of course "news" like NY Times is just a mouthpiece/diversion of the same criminal masterminds who created the top Democrats' spy ring. CNN and other MSM only tell the truth to maintain the illusion that everything is fine, just fine: don't worry, they're looking into... 9/11, or JFK, or whatever.

Meanwhile, foreign spies like Nataliia Sova endanger our national security. The "Awan Brothers" even ensure the arming of ISIS on our soil. Just think of it as JTTF job security.

By the way, it's not Islamophobic to decry Jihad, mass murder or treason. If you want to feel patriotic, consider that Awans may have started off as Pakistani spies but then been flipped by CIA to blackmail/control our Congress members.

Is this Ms. Sova?

Designated as a Ukrainian, Nataliia Sova was ostensibly the wife of Abid Awan (who may also be Imran, Omar or Ayasha Awan.) There are no public photos so "she" may be a name for a function in the crime syndicate.

You may notice the weird double "i" in Nataliia's name; I think it's just a Ukrainian quirk.

Yet another Nataliia Sova in USA

Omar/Abid (?) Awan

Slightly off topic: Hillary Clinton profited from organ harvesting in the Ukraine.

Deep-state/Clinton's Awan spy ring was known for Imran Awan reportedly doing the actual IT tasks while the others just collected the huge paychecks of taxpayer money.

Sova was paid in 2011 as a temporary hire for neolib Ted Deutch of Florida.

[Two new addresses for Imran Awan are connected with "sister in law" Nataliia Sova]
[Timeline of Awan Bank Fraud]

Sova was apparently only in USA for six months. So how does Nataliia Sova spend her time? George Webb links her as an Awan contact to the NADRA Pakistani surveillance system and 11th largest bank in Ukraine. NADRA launders funds as well as monitors opium/weapons/uranium trafficking via satellite.
Possible Sova with an Awan

[Wikileaks just exposed CIA's backdoor into NADRA-style Databases]

Nataliia Sova is also associated with three businesses in Canada near the port of Montreal. She's named as a principle in Awans' car companies ("Cars International A," referred to as "CIA" in court documents; "Regional Car Centers" and "EZ Car Buying") that may be involved in an auto-theft ring exporting Bentleys and other luxury vehicles avoiding scrutiny under "Diplomatic Pouch" status. Stolen cars do fund terrorism.

Why the port of Montreal? Any port in a storm of stolen car smuggling!

[Update: Uranium in Stolen Car in Baltimore]

George Webb thinks the Awan smuggling/spy ring was
masterminded and installed by General 
David Petraeus.

[Update: Debbie Wasserman Schultz pressured officials at Congressional Federal Credit Union to write a loan to Awans, according to federal law enforcement sources.]

Another stray spy in the ring is Rao Abbas. One of Abid Awan’s creditors, unqualified Rao Abbas, 37, began working on Capitol Hill in 2012 after Abid Awan declared bankruptcy.

Where is Rao Abbas now? Where is Omar and/or Abid Awan? Where is Jamal Awan? Is Nataliia Sova in Ukraine?

But enough about these creeps.
Ciao Scrunchies!

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