Friday, August 25, 2017

Eyewitness to Elite Murder: Ronald Bernard

Over 18 Million people saw the first interview with the groundbreaking whistleblower Ronald Bernard. He confirmed rumors of satanic billionaires who solidify their allegiances by ritually murdering children. Shocking as his allegations were, his bona fides in high finance established his credibility.
He confirms elite organ trafficking of children
In his latest interview, Ronald Bernard exposes organ trafficking of children.

Bernard kept a low profile with an alias for years but risks his life now to speak out on behalf of tortured children worldwide.

He also speaks of the difficulty of overcoming the trauma experienced by anyone in that cannibal cabal. He struggled to find a trauma therapist equal to the task, enduring unhelpful psychology specialists who at first didn't believe his true accounts of elite depravity.

I believe him. 

Bernard describes the intensity and relief of ridding himself of evil from inside out.
Now his financial acumen is directed toward creating a banking system that helps people instead of oppressing us.

Bernard mentions the Protocols of Zion. They're clearly a hoax and reek of counterfeit propaganda on behalf of "Christian" aristocracies. Full disclosure: I'm of Lithuanian Jewish extraction and was obsessed for years with learning about the Holocaust, progroms and other manifestations of anti-Semitism and genocide. My relatives were killed. I'm new at "conspiracy theories" so don't know whether Rothschilds are really Jesuits, etc.

People who are devious enough to rule the world probably figured out how to deflect suspicion. Some citizen researchers even look to the Pharoahs! Maybe Ronald Bernard is allowed to 'whistleblow' because he's laying the blame in the wrong direction to cover for the Vatican.

It's understandable that Ronald Bernard, Fiona Barnett, and other terrorized victims of the satanic elites have a bias for one religion over another. I personally find dogma repugnant but might be more rigid if I'd been tortured by murderous Luciferians.

As for the claim in the Protocols of Zion that "The mob is savage": I bonded with literally hundreds of people who could "Feel the Bern" before we fell victim to the depths of criminality controlling the anti-democratic Democrat Party. Until we were betrayed by our leader, our "mob" was a blissfully functioning one-for-all. For months, I lived the vision (like Bernard's) of humans uniting as one family.

Don't ignore the obvious
Maybe the elite cabal is allowing Bernard to speak out as a "limited hangout" to misdirect us to the hoax "Protocols of Zion" so the mob's anger is channeled into hatred of Jews. Bigots make a fad of anti-Semitism, especially (lately) leftists who loathe Israel and ignore Jihad. (To acknowledge Jihad is "Islamophobia.")

Frustration drives us all to seek scapegoats. Casting blame perpetuates a victim mentality. My life is joyful, I feel, because I focus on being the architect of my own destiny. Oh, and I do all I can to help others and to expose the truth.

Thank you for joining me!

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