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"Awan Spy Ring run by Gen. Petraeus"

Most folks know Petraeus as the general who leaked classified information to his biographer-slash-girlfriend and lied to the FBI and CIA about how he had handled the secret files including binders of "regime change" plans for taking over countries. He was sentenced to a $100,000 fine and two years of probation. Adultery alone is a crime for active duty officers.
Petraeus extramarital frd Broadwell

Former CIA Director (2011-12) David H. Petraeus is a retired general called by CIA mouthpiece Washington Post "one of the greatest military minds of his generation" for heading the surge of 20,000 US troops into Iraq for WMDs that didn't exist.

That does make him the greatest... something. He's perpetrated our military-industrial blood-for-profit. So let's not dismiss George Webb's theory that Petraeus masterminded the Awan spy ring that has read all Congressional emails and documents for twelve years as blackmail leverage to ensure our tax money going toward perpetual wars.

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Petraeus' sex scandal was first exposed when Jill Kelley (née Gilberte Khawam of Lebanese extraction) told FBI she was being cyberstalked by someone she later discovered to be Petraeus' girlfriend Paula Broadwell. Kelley apparently didn't realize she herself would fall under suspicion: why did she send 30,000 emails to a CENTCOM general?
Petraeus and Kelley

30,000 emails is a LOT.
Petraeus and Kelley

Kelley's identical twin sister Natalie Khawam runs a strange "whistleblower" law office, is rumored to be a spy, and had a relationship with a major fundraiser for Democrats who we know commit felony election fraud. Yeah, I'll tar y'all with that brush. You negated my vote for Bernie Sanders and poison democracy to death!


Petraeus and girlfriend Broadwell exchanged messages without encryption tools: they shared an email account, with one person saving a message in the drafts folder and the partner deleting after reading. Everyone thinks that's cool, except for the unencrypted part. It reminds us of how Hillary Clinton and her accomplices sell state secrets using unsecured servers that automatically sync to doped Blackberries of the Awan spy ring.

Independent journalist George Webb is spearheading a crowdsourced investigation into the implications of that modus operandi. 

Remember those 30,000 pages of emails from Jill Kelley? They point to an ostensible entertainment agency using women from war-torn countries like Lebanon to control the world's powerbrokers, much like the CIA's Brownstone operations but possibly with a twist. Kelley's sister Khawam is a principal in Fullproof LLC in TampaFullproof is apparently a HRC ratline cut-out company that Petraeus and other CIA created to entertain, spy on and compromise top military with "laced love letters" using phishing malware in, for instance, the 30,000 emails that Kelley sent to General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is ground zero of the heroin smuggling that fuels our country's opiate crisis.

But back to those splashy high-society parties with top brass in Tampa. Frequent hostess Jill Kelley was an "honorary Consul General" of South Korea and was reportedly an unpaid social liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), a secretive counter-terrorism unit tied to JTTF.

When Gen. Allen lost his job because of the Kelley scandal, Petraeus became the head of CENTCOM.

Despite her connections, the Kelleys were foreclosed on a $1.8 million mortgage in 2010 and defaulted another $2.1 million loan. Her doctor husband and she had a non-profit with dubious finances:

30,000 emails......
that's a smoking gun.

George Webb believes Petraeus uses Jill Kelley's house for Brownstone operations to blackmail and control other military brass. 

The entire paradigm of CIA foreign spies in DC started in 1995 by George HW Bush via InterAmerica, according to Webb.

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