Friday, December 15, 2017

FBI uses Under-Age Prostitutes to Entrap Whistleblower

Top levels of our "law enforcement" use children to compromise powerbrokers: recording an act of pedophilia is a classic method of blackmailing and controling government officials and celebrities. It's called Brownstoning because an invitation to an unremarkable, respectable-looking New York Brownstone building tricked a target into feeling at ease. They may then be drugged and filmed with a child sex-abuse victim.
This human trafficking is the lifeblood of corruption in America.

A new whistleblower named Alex has come to the attention of investigative journalist George Webb. Alex worked at Space and Naval Warfare Systems (SPAWAR) and says there's corruption "to the rafters!" When he tried to report it, he became a target to be silenced via Brownstone ops. 

Before that, Alex's superiors and NCIS accused him of being involved in a terrorist attack and being a Russian spy because he visited Russia twenty years ago. Finally, they referred him to a mental hospital. Other SPAWAR engineers approached him secretly and confirmed Alex's corruption findings. The other engineers are too cowardly to come forward because they too may become targets and set up with child prostitutes or suffer child porn implanted on their computers.

Twice, Alex met DC police chief NewSham to report children being used and assaulted in Brownstone ops. Top Cop NewSham "destroyed the police report I made about what happened in DC."

DC Top Cop NewSham with Pizzagate suspect
Police Chief NewSham's cover-up of FBI/CIA Brownstone operations are one explanation for #DCmissingGirls -- girls who go missing in DC. NewSham is notorious for helping cover up the child porn found in a password-protected section of the website of Pizzagate's Comet Pizza, a restaurant owned by a man named one of the "fifty most powerful people in DC." Power is often acquired by blackmailing with proof of pedophilia.

Alex also reported to members of Congress like Feinstein and Grassley who now "run" when they see him. Many whistleblowers are turning to citizens like you and me to get the word out. Thanks for your help!

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She taught sex-abuse awareness to kids in Portland, Oregon area schools for five years.
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Video of George Webb interview with whistleblower Alex

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