Saturday, January 6, 2018

"Tic Tac" UFO needs Mouthwash with Soap

John Lear created Lear jets. In an interview, the famous pilot analyzes the video that New York Times published as proof of a UFO (unidentified flying object): Lear says it's a hoax. "The first thing I notice is there's background noise inside of the cockpit." The recording would have been made from the microphone inside the pilots' oxygen masks so there would have been no ambient sound; the audio however has noise to suggest wind against the aircraft.

Lear says they use language no pilot would use. "Bro... Dude.... It's [expletive] going on, bro." Real pilots use clipped sentences without extraneous babble.

The fake video pilots say, "The wind is going 120 knots to the west..... The wind is 120 miles to the west." Pilots would have no reason to mention the wind, according to Lear, and would never say "miles" or "knots," they'd say, "120 at [compass degrees]" indicating the wind's origin. 

And they'd want to chase what they're tracking, so Lear asks, "Why are they only going at 238 knots?" Even at that slow speed, the F18 should appear to get closer to the "Tic Tac UFO" yet does not.

Lear speculates that the hoax aims to lend legitimacy to the trillions of tax dollars squandered by politicians and the Pentagon. This "Tic Tac" UFO seems intended to freshen the fetid breath of the worst criminals on this planet. 

Deep-state mouthpiece CNN raises our suspicions. The involvement of DNC election-fraudster John Podesta -- intimate of Hillary Clinton -- also suggests that the hoax hides nefarious intent.
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Video Interview of John Lear with Grant Cameron

An Illuminati-bloodline whistleblower recently contacted me and described some of the cabal's crimes in which the person participated or was victim. This person (out of fear) remains in the bosom of their depraved family. I wondered why the cabal let that person speak to a big-mouthed blogger like me. There's a chance that I was targeted to further a deep-state whisper campaign preparing ordinary citizens for a UFO false flag to which 9/11 wouldn't hold a candle: The whistleblower insisted that they had visited Mars. They described a Martian colony and genetic experiments with "half human" extraterrestrials. 

I'm not saying it's a lie but... Earth's Van Allen Belt probably would kill any human who tried to pass through it. It's possible that a NASA hoax disguised a secret manned mission to Mars but... it's more likely that MKUltra victims have false memories implanted via torture to undermine the credibility of their genuine disclosures. That's a conclusion of my friend, MKUltra survivor Randal Turner; he confirms that he was drugged, hypnotised and exposed to convincing but probably Earth-origin ETs and a hovering space saucer. 

Deep state's false flags are designed to control us via terror. While it's statistically likely that life exists elsewhere in our universe, if ETs help make our populace miserable on Earth, to hell with 'em!

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