Monday, January 15, 2018

Hillary's Dominoes are Teetering

    It's hard to keep up with Hillary's crimes; I won't even attempt to gauge her current body count. But here's a brief update (with thanks to Chris Neglia) of why Clinton's an enemy of our States and guilty of treason.

  1. Primary election fraud that included stealing Bernie Sanders' money with a phishing scheme 

  2. [DOJ Finally Restarts #UraniumOne Clinton Investigation]
  3. 2016 General Election illegal voters, multivoting, and rigging the tally (unsuccessfully): timeline here
  4. Installed FBI agents to exonerate Hillary for selling state secrets and 'mishandling classified documents'; those agents may comprise a "secret society" for sedition
  5. Ex-POTUS husband colluded with DoJ AG Loretta Lynch on the tarmac over Hillary's email scandal (investigation newly re-opened)
  6. Created a fraudulent dossier to get a FISA warrant to surveille Trump's team
  7. That FISA warrant and a Russian spy misrepresenting herself to Trump Jr. (ie: entrapment) was a pretext for the Mueller witch hunt
That Trump-Russia hoax was devised to distract from the Uranium One scandal.

And the Uranium One scandal is misdirection from the Awan spies.
Bill Clinton with Imran Awan

The Awan spy ring in Congress is tied to deep-state/CIA/Obama's Hezbollah and Haqqani drug trafficking network.

The manufactured opioid crisis in America positions the Clinton Foundation to sell Naloxone to every police, hospital, and school in America. Hillary also profits from the Gulen network that distributes counterfeit pharmaceuticals to convenience stores, pain clinics, and the Veterans' Administration.

Clintons are also linked to child trafficking, a crime on which there's a crackdown under the new administration.
Clinton links to child trafficking

[And don't forget Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play Corruption]

Let's restore the rule of law to USA and end this massive crime syndicate... if necessary, one criminal at a time.

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