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Deep State's dirty deeds: Parkland version

I'm an eco-feminist, not a "right-wing nutjob" or a "Russian bot." Why do educated folks like me think the Parkland school mass murder is an orchestrated event? Odd happenstances.

No matter how righteous it feels to parrot the mainstream story, people are actually killed in false flags like 9/11: we do no-one a favor by ignoring warning signs that our rulers are using terror to control us citizens.

Police say Nikolas Cruz arrived via Uber at 2:19 p.m. and began shooting in one minute. How could he suit up into full body armor, helmet and face mask, while assembling an AR-15 rifle which was purportedly packed in a duffel bag with heavy ammo magazines?

[Update: Presciently, Parkland Survivors visited Christchurch, New Zealand]

The Sheriff blocked medics from treating injured students. Why? He won't let the public see video of the event. Why? Why did Sheriff Israel lie about "Shots fired"?

Anything to maintain the narrative:
absolve the Dem sheriff, blame the
GOP governor for sheriff giving
stand-down order

Older Doppleganger
with same name: pre-event trolling?

Another doppleganger was
witness to Kentucky shooting

The spokes-kid for this event, David Hogg, supposedly interviewed students about gun control DURING the active shooting: "It's time to take a stand on gun control"... DURING THE SHOOTING? No, he was lying. Hogg originally said that closet interview wasn't filmed during a "drill": he clearly states he filmed it during the active shooting.  (He says it's 9:30am but the shooting didn't happen until 2:21pm.) 

Hogg is the child of ex-FBI agents, one a "VIP at CNN." His dad may now work for a special ops company.

He's not the only spokeskid who has a dad from the FBI.

Hogg parents worked for FBI

David Hogg's later interviews seem scripted as he fumbles his lines.

Dispatch audio from 2:32 PM confirms that the armed guard and three sheriff's deputies waited outside during the shooting.

Dispatch knows there are 17 fatalities BEFORE responders enter the building, although we're told two of the seventeen didn't die until later in the hospital.

There may be a cover-up of more than one shooter. One student said she was walking with the shooter when she heard gunshots from the other side of the building (multiple shooters aren't the official story).

There was a drill earlier that day ("They told us they were going to have, like people being taken away screaming.") Staged attacks usually have concurrent drills (9/11 had several.)
Between 2:53 PM and 3:50 PM, not a single medical first responder unit enters the school's parking lot and not a single casualty is seen being removed. 

A massacre just took place
The kids' delight during interviews is strange; how quickly the event became an organized mass movement is an even stranger thing. This "grassroots kids'" protest is funded by Big Money... and there's little accountability for the millions of dollars raised.

Corrupt CIA link

Can deep state afford a facelift?

Although gun control seems sane, the same folks who shriek, "Trump is Hitler" also say, "Give him all our guns!"
This Parkland shooting brings to light political corruption particular (we can only hope) to Broward County law enforcement. (Broward is home to felony election fraudster Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.)
Broward Sheriff's MKUltra gaze

  • Broward Schools & Police change student-arrest rules to improve school stats for increased funding 
  • Shooter Nikolas Cruz commits real crimes without being arrested 
  • Cruz has no arrest record so he is able to buy a gun

Police Department suspended two SWAT officers who raced to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the February 14 shooting because they did not have permission to respond.

Hero Teacher says Shooter was in Full SWAT Gear: he allegedly got into all that gear, took the rifle out of the duffle bag and assembled it, pulled down helmet's face mask, and then began shooting.... only one minute after getting out of the Uber car.

The shooter was known as a danger and had even been reported to the FBI twice; FBI did nothing. Was he under their protection? (Deep State uses people with mental illness who can be easily programmed as patsies). 

“The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.” ~ William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse (1991)

Besides undermining the second amendment, an orchestrated event like this serves to distract from our illegal war against Syria and escalating military engagement with Russia on false pretenses.

Yet the media spin makes this all about US citizens' guns.

Remember when mainstream media used a Syrian girl Bana al-Abed to spout propaganda for our illegal war against Syria? Once again, a child's opinion is suspiciously set on a pedestal; we are "heartless" to question them or their handlers' motivations.

One Florida student hero was censored by CNN because he didn't parrot their anti-gun agenda. A second survivor agrees that CNN would only give airtime to students who spout their script to disarm America. Students who support the second amendment lack media attention.
How DARE you question a CHILD!

[False Flag, Real VICTIMS]
CNN is #FakeNews at best

Youtube censors and deletes videos on the topic, to ensure that Deep State is controlling the discourse. They just deleted many conservatives and activists from Twitter and Medium.

People like me don't buy the official story. Why should we? If Democrats wanted gun control, they'd have legislated it when they had control of Senate and House under Obama. More likely they promote emotional issues that keep Americans arguing with each other instead of focussing on politicians' corruption like, for instance, proven 2016 primary election fraud

Our votes were the foundation of ALL our rights. Would it help to think of our votes as bullets? They've been like deep state's magic bullets for too long.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the 

"Find the meat of the matter"
V.C Bestor on Twitter
and GAB

...Oh, but I'm just a Russian bot, right?


"Poor Samantha Fuentes was shot 4 times. Look at the devastating injuries
she has on her legs from the bullet wounds. The swelling and bruising
are tremendous. It took no less than 4 band aids to cover up her gruesome
 injuries. At least she is able to walk only a couple days after taking two
AR15 shots to each thigh. Since she has what appear to be bruises on her face,
we must believe her entire story. As a matter of fact, the CNN reporter
 even tells us we can't question the legitimacy of her injuries.
 After all, CNN would never lie or mislead us."~ Kurt Haskell 

Kurt Haskell says, "I carefully scrutinized the video of this "victim" 
laying injured in a hospital bed. It appeared to me that in one screenshot
 (photo 1), the boy's leg didn't look real but looked rubbery and lacked toenails. 
However, I missed the most important split second of the video. 
At the 1:55-1:56 mark the camera pans back and you get a decent 
look at the boy's leg. In this screenshot (photo 2), you can clearly see 
that it's impossible that the boy's injured leg is his right leg. As a 
matter of fact, it appears to be the left leg (although the foot 
can't be seen). However, earlier in the video, the boy's injured 
leg can clearly be seen to be his right leg (photo 3). Note that this 
isn't a case of an image being reversed as the other objects in
 all the photos appear in the same location.Thus, we 
are only left with two possibilities:
1. This injured boy from Parkland has three legs, two of which
have toes as a right foot would.
2. This boy's actual legs are obscured under the hospital bed
 blanket. My initial thought that this boy had a fake foot
was not entirely correct. This boy actually has an entirely fake leg
that the boy can somehow move as he moves his body. The fake leg
 is between his two other legs which are crouched back under the
blanket in photo 2. In photo 3 the boy's actual right leg is under the
white blanket. The fake leg is being portrayed as his right
leg with his actual left leg being visible.
Note that this kid supposedly ran down three flights of stairs on 
this shattered ankle. Also, not only did this kid identify the shooter 
(who supposedly was wearing full body armor and a gas mask), 
but during all of the chaos and while he was 
shot and running, he was also able to identify the weapon."
{How did he run with a shattered ankle?]

"The outline of the bent right leg can be seen under the blanket. The position
of the body makes it impossible that the injured leg is the right leg."~Kurt Haskell
"The outline of the right leg can be seen under the white blanket.
The injured leg is being pictured as the real right leg."
~Kurt Haskell

Suspicions mount

Mockingbird media is CIA propaganda to brainwash taxpayers into submission
Undisclosed family relationship
Is she another undisclosed professional actress?
Do contact lenses & hair change your identity?

David Hogg is the perfect propaganda tool at the perfect time.
What are the chances?

Pretend TwitterBots are real, or else you
don't care about the children....?

Pretend Bots are real, or else you
don't care about the children....?

Nothing wrong with being an actor
till M$M keeps saying there were no actors

Corrupt sheriff told deputies to stand down

Paid to censor truth



Transparent Gov't is not
See-Through Backpacks

[Popular media propaganda encourages hysterical response to false-flag shootings]


Kinda funny but there is an underlying authenticity to the archetype.

How many real kids die for their mafia's agenda?
Ohio, USA:

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