Sunday, March 4, 2018

Censor THIS

Shield your eyes! I'm going to disrobe my online persona. Taking my actual clothes off wouldn't get me censored much in today's America; revealing my patriotism, however, can get me deleted from Youtube. Twitter has already shadow-banned me: it unLikes my tweets right before my eyes. Facebook declares this ad-free blog to be spam so I can't share it in comments to friends. This is the modern equivalent of book burning.

The censored Me is naked, stripped of the ability to communicate. Thus I stand before you, my feeble protests barely reaching your ears. Or perhaps you've huddled with other refugees like me on newer platforms where our voices echo in the dawn. Have you found our scattered campfires on MeWe,, or elsewhere? Gather round! We can share warmth.

Nothing fires me up like the crimes of the cabal who put us in this precarious state. Let's share tales of beating Hillary! Were you among the throng chanting, "Lock her up"? Or, like me, did you squirrel away your spare coins to send a local Bernie delegate to the rigged Demonrats Convention?

Google/Youtube is intensifying its effort to redirect advertising dollars from alt media back to establishment (cabal) publishers.
Trump tweet deleted exposes more than REM's #TDS!

POTUS is not spam!
Those with the power to silence us blithely skate away from justice... till now. We must erect a banner and never let it drop till those evil-doers are in prison. Each one of us is a standard bearer. Our flag can declare three crimes, one that's treason in spirit; another that's treason by law; and the last that's a crime against humanity:

If one of us falls (censored and deleted), another must raise our tattered banner even higher. Our votes were the foundation of all our rights. Our rulers have betrayed us to foreigners who would see us destroyed. The minds of our loved ones have been twisted by propaganda devised by the most bloodthirsty criminal syndicate in history.

I'm a nobody. But I have not yet begun to fight. Take my hand; we can DO this!

The author VC Bestor is Director of the
a project encouraging women to engage constructively with apex predators like Hillary.

"Find the meat of the matter"
VC Bestor on Twitter

Medium just deleted all my blog posts from their site

This was NOT censored by Twitter. WHY?

Why do sheeple sleep? Because the zombie apocalypse was planned

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