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A year ago, I might have been Antifa

Honestly I suspect our unelected "government" officials of many false flags. I do strive to gather data in an impartial manner. Of course that makes me a racist, or something.

[Update: Eyewitness Account]
"There's a chance that the driver didn't know there were other cars ahead of him in the street, as they were low profile vehicles, obscured by the thick crowd of pedestrians just behind them. In this scenario, he built up enough speed to 'run the gauntlet,' obviously a very reckless move. The presence of cars became known as they were revealed by fleeing pedestrians, who having only two directions of egress, parted like curtains behind the stationary vehicles. The stopping distance/impact velocity at 30 mph is quite significant."
Bike rack obstructs street
Bike rack obstructs street; driver backed up past it at high speed
"I attempted the same driving maneuver of hitting the gas on a down hill grade on a parallel street. The car takes off like a racehorse. The only way to maintain control on a 4 degree grade is to downshift, or work the gas and brake at the same time. I don't know the driver's transmission, assuming automatic. I feel he didn't know there were cars at the bottom and was at first, stupidly, accelerated to limit further damage to his car. After maiming Heather, which would have certainly resulted in him being torn to pieces by the crowd, he had enough military training to realize the pickle he was in, and enough aggressive instinct to react with brutal precision in 'evading capture'."
"Why on Earth was this street not barricaded to all traffic? Why were the other two cars parked at the intersection? .... There's evidence that the local authorities encouraged conditions that would lead to injury for political benefit!" 

Extremely steep four-degree grade of road;  six-foot-wide curbs
The collision was at 4th and Water but
the protest was at Emancipation Park.

Bottleneck alley site: death trap

"Reckless endangerment by authorities who decided to route all the counter-protesters down this street; they closed all the normal streets but opened this one on the protest day. It's is almost always closed during festivals."--Local

Extremely steep grade of road in this alley site

Extremely steep road: 4 degrees gradient at 4th and Water Street
C'ville was uncivil

Total width the alley is only 31 ft 6 in

This could have just been reckless driving combined with several unexpected factors in the way the scene was managed by emergency authorities. 

A CIA guy was on the spot to video the collision.

[Auto strikes crowd incidents worldwide]

[C'ville voted 80% to keep up the statues; the council rejected the vote]

A local said that the assailant's car looked like a police car with tinted windows, a type of car sometimes used for traffic enforcement.

I've never been paid squat for my activism so this is another odd detail: a 'Crowd Hire' Company recruiting $25/hour 'Political Activists'. in Charlotte:
"Charlotte NC was the location of organized riots in 2016 . The radicalized groups there are already trained, primed, indoctrinated against law and order and ready to go. I doubt you will find that anywhere else within 500 miles of Charlottesville and therefore it is absolutely logical to run ads there for paid protests ( riots ) participants in a neighboring state."
Yes, I personally would be happily bussed five hours to get $25/hr. But I will never resort to violence unless trapped in self-defense.
Why the riots, why now?

Obama put it into law: instate the emergency FEMA government if there are RIOTS in at least five cities SIMULTANEOUSLY: "deep state set it up so that they could seize power just by fomenting riots in five cities. They're still trying to illegally seize power in an ongoing coup d'etat."

Victim Heather Heyer (M$M version on Left; Actuality, Right)

"Occupy Democrats head Jason Kessler, who in Nov 2016 had a change of heart and became a neo nazi ( who does that?) and plans a freedom of speech march, but has Antifa and cops kick the protesters out and stages a white supremacy rally, airing it as though it is real. They bus in 6 charter buses with "KKK" members and BLM members on the same buses together. Yeah. And in the crowd, just happens to be ex-CIA operative and loyal democrat Brennan Gilmore, who just happens to be in the right place at just the right time and captures footage of the charger and puts out the first viral tweet about it and also gets the first interview. Shady, nah... The original protesters who were herded and kicked out didn't know Kessler was a plant. A cop came out corroborating the stories of them, and it is really looking staged."
 "The cops wouldnt help them leave and had them boxed in. [The witness] also said that almost everyone who was with her was hit to some degree. Curiously, she says that one of the ladies who was stuck with her struck the car and then threw herself down on the ground like she had been hit. So, IMO there were actors amongst them and they used these innocent bystanders and actually put them in harms way hoping one would get seriously injured."
The lucrative anti-Trump industry demonizes all Trump followers, my fellow Americans.

One thing I know is this: 9/11 was an inside job. What else is?

Quotes above are all from Facebook friends. 
Antifa arrested in C'ville;
just a year ago, it could have been me
Thank you everyone! 

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Lethal Free Speech

Could Charlottesville have been a set up? Why would anyone in our government want to convey protesting as lethal?

My dad explained the First Amendment to me like this when I was a kid:
"I may disagree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." 
He'd been a major in the army; we could hear munitions at Ford Ord from our house. Free speech was so precious that my own dad was willing to get blown up so that Nazis could insult my Jewish mom!


It makes more sense now that I personally have been censored by Twitter and Facebook and probably Google. I'm a keyboard warrior who clocked about a thousand hours trying to be represented in our government by Bernie Sanders; while I think of our votes as the foundation of all our rights, being silenced by pro-Hillary Clinton forces reminded me that free speech is the lifeblood of democracy.

I suspect that anti-democratic power-mongers use every means to control our opinions on the street as well as online. Will you stand on a corner with a sign (as I did for Bernie) if you think a car will ram you?

In Charlottesville on August 12, a State of Emergency was declared at Emancipation Park at 11:42 AM. In clearing the park, police pushed right-wing protesters into left-wing counterprotesters.
Did CIA mouthpiece WaPo throw local cops under the bus?

Around 1 PM, protesters gathered near Water Street and 1st. Why was the street not barricaded to traffic? A local says, "They closed all the normal streets but opened this one on the protest day. It's is almost always closed during festivals."

The street is narrow with a steep four-degree grade down which came a Dodge.

James Fields Jr. in the Dodge had reached the only through street in the area; according to one witness, 20-year-old Fields was warned that it was obstructed with pedestrians but the reported schizophrenic was determined. 

My question is this: can someone in government have set up a lethal situation on purpose? 

Did it matter to them how casualties accrued? 
"Coralled" in a narrow steep street

An eyewitness reports that six buses brought in people with Black Lives Matter shirts, and Confederate flags, and KKK emblems... all on the same bus. That "fascist/antifa" crowd reportedly burst into random violent acts as soon as they disembarked from their mass transport. The witness (interviewed by Charles Patrick) said that one woman seemed to hit Fields' car intentionally then throw herself onto the ground. 

But there was an even stranger thing: "When we were trying to leave, it wasn't just the people from the bus that were keeping us trapped. The police were lined up and would not let us get to safety. They would not let us out of the crowd. It was like being coralled.... We were black and white; we were not in riot gear, and we had no weapons in our hands; we had kids with us, we had old people.... I turned to an officer right behind me and said, 'Please, sir, let us out! We've got babies with us.' And they just stared right though us." 

That witness cried as she recounted, "I've seen a lot of bad things in my life. I've never seen people just have no regard for anybody's life. Nobody's life. It didn't matter whether you were young, old, black, white, tall, thin.... It's not all police, it's just those police who were there that day."

I think racism is now a tool for the unelected shadow government to obliterate free speech.

Call me a racist Bernie Bro. I defend your right to disagree with me, like my dad said: 
to the death.

The author VC Bestor is Director of the
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